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The Camellia Grill
84/100 (2620 ratings)
Late Night
Red Beans and Rice
Po' Boys
Corned Beef
French Fries
Roast Beef
"I have been eating at camellia grill since I was a child. I know many of the employees and the manager from having friendly conversations with the..."
Kyle Penny
"Good Food Great Spot Awesome Experience Happy..."
Michael LeatherBizzcom Franklin
"I came here while visiting New Orleans in 1999. I had an omelette and a coffee and it was the greatest I've ever had. To this very day I order the..."
Sean Donnelly
"Great food! Good diner experience. Wish more sauce options, but still pretty good. Very close to Tulane, so great for students! Highly..."
Shahmeer Hashmat
"Old school diner style. Great for late night breakfast. The hangover hamburger is pretty good. Service is good! I can get crowded at times. Not..."
David Greene
"Good food prepared right there in front of you. Kind of an old school feel to the place. I like how they sometimes shout orders at each other, they..."
The Minista
"I had several people tell me that this was a place I needed to visit. However, I was not entirely sold on the decor, the place was rather small, and..."
Reece Freeman
"Next in my series of 18 Eats, I head uptown to Camellia Grill for a quick bite at its famed counter. If you ever find yourself nursing a hangover in..."
Chris Osburn
"Pictured: A delicious highlight of my trip to New Orleans: pecan pie and chocolate freeze from Camellia Grill. Ended up here later in the evening..."
Lammie Loves
"Hands down best hangover diner food ever. Great atmosphere. Very affordable and it's great that it's not cash only. FYI no alcohol and directly on..."
Caitlin Ensley
"People were friendly and fun. Breakfast was good but no salt or pepper was added by the cook. Would try again but another meal besides..."
"Un lugar sencillo y tradicional. Su especialidad son las omelettes y hamburguesas. El sabor de las hamburguesas es perfecto, el tocino crujiente..."
Que Rico!
"Been here countless times. Every time we go it's an experience. Food is excellent, staff is always fun. Good breakfast and lunch. Good..."
Sam Robbins
"The lines' usually out of the door and for a reason...this is classic New Orleans right here. The employees are 9/10 in a fantastic mood and are..."
Aldine Lockett IV
"Late night dining options (excluding all fast food establishments and supermarkets) outside of the French Quarter are few and far between in New..."
Wayne Stevens
"Classic breakfast place in Uptown. The service is lively and impeccable for a diner. It's the total experience that is definitely worth the..."
Jessica Kirk Drennan
"Breakfast at The Camellia Grill. If you find yourself in this part of the city at breakfast, do yourself a favor and hit up the Camellia Grill. It is..."
"Fun Experience & Good Food. Loved the staff - they were all so friendly! The place was spotless (but a bit crowded - seating is very limited) and the..."
Ashton Nichole Laurent
"Excellent. Ate here twice on vacation. I went to both locations uptown & french quarter, the service was excellent at both places in addition to the..."
"Stopped in after riding trolley thru garden district . Very good . Got a chocolate shake, hamburger , and fries. The oLet's looked great. Would..."
Big Don
"If you are a tourist looking for a place to have breakfast and an experience, this is the place to go. It's not all about the food, it's mostly about..."
Cooper Gros
"Amazing. If you are looking for a great time, great food and reasonable prices. Then this is the place to..."
"Throwback. Eating at Camellia takes you back to 1946. I'm never sure whether I should order a shake or slice of pecan pie, but the cheeseburger is a..."
"At the Riverbend and Cheeseburger heaven!. Again, one of those line places at times and then I get back on the road to less crowded climes BUT last..."
Pierre Le Beach
"So good! Really great drunk late night food. My friend lives really close and it was an easy walk. The staff was really friendly and my to go order..."
"Simple diner good, with the flair for the eclectic. The interior of this place simply doesn't match the exterior. The exterior is appears to be a..."
Howard Sublett
"I saw good reviews on urbanspoon and good prices so we decided to try it. It did not disappoint! Food was great! Had cheeseburger, chicken tenders..."
Misty Ramirez
"Don't miss it!. We love this place, yes the wait can be long sometimes, but it is well worth it. Everything is great! We have had the burgers, the..."
"Must visit. One of the best burgers in the Americas. If you're in the area I highly recommend it if you have the means. Great service with an old..."
Todd K.
"Wait your turn. The staff is a hoot. Good American diner food--no novelle cuisine, no organic mealy mouth fulls of brown stuff. Are you..."
Van Auld
"Great time. Kids had a blast. Food was good and the service is even better. Only a few other customers in so the staff was having a good time with..."
Andrew Muffly
"Oustanding Po Boys and a cool old world..."
"Grease for those who like it.. No health food nuts, please. This is an old-school diner. Grease, Chili, Cheese. Stick to those and you wont be..."
Cory Lynch
"Always Good. Food is always good. Be sure to leave room for the grilled pecan pie. With ice cream of..."
"Childhood Favorite!. I will always have a place in my heart for Camellia Grill! You cannot find a diner like this anywhere else in the country! The..."
Jessica Bee
Tammy Lynn
"Gumbo is best I've had in NOLA. (totally not expecting) Choc. Freezes homemade but taste even better. BLT is very good, super generous with the B...."
Kitchen Girl
"Omelets / burgers. Best omelets if you are looking for breakfast and best burger if you are looking for that juicy diner style hamburger. i love this..."
Cele Kelpsch
"You've never had a waffle until you've experienced camellias waffle w/real cane syrup (kept below the counter so remember to ask for it). Love the..."
"Perfect drunk food.. We stumbled in here after a couple stiff drinks and got ourselves a chili cheese omelet and a Mexican (chicken and cheese)..."
"Fun Mardi Gras Breakfast. You wouldn't pick Camellia Grill if you want a fine dining experience, but it's good for what it iis, a neighborhood diner..."
"Needs the Crowds. When I last lived in New Orleans, this was one of my semi-regular places. The food was good, even very good, the prices were low,..."
"Cute Diner. This is my go to place to take out of town guests for breakfast. It is a tourist stop as it is located at the end of the trolley line...."
"It was good. We like what we ordered, not fancy but like an old timey diner. The waiters joked around with us. Mom loved her omelet and I had the..."
"Amazing atmosphere and well worth the wait if there is a line! If you are not sure what you want let the server help you can't go..."
"I like it, but it just a diner. Don't expect real..."
Sherry Callaway
"Always a treat. You go for the service and the food is pretty good too. I always get a bacon cheese burger with two..."
Burt Reynolds
"*shrug*. I've been to camellia about three times now (with different people each time), so i'm convinced that everything they serve is...fine. the..."
"Best omelettes in town. Atmosphere is unique. I like..."
"A++. It's not a place where I'd dine in, due to the fact that I don't like elbowing my neighbors while eating. Getting food to-go solves that..."
Hannah Adrianna
"Great burgers & onion rings. Open late.. Cheeseburger and onion rings were so good, 5 of us enjoyed our meal before our uncomplaining friend received..."
Veronica C
"Limited Seating but Worth the Wait. Luckily we circled the block and spotted a small line so we decided to join the que. Already knew it was worth..."
"Greasy Delicious Diner!!. One of my all time fav places in the city...always get the double bacon cheese burger... i hear the omlets and pies are..."
"Likes, but with reservations.... I, once upon a time, would have voted "don't like it" for the Camellia. I've since changed my mind....a..."
Nick Caraway
"Food was great, prices were some of the most reasonable in the city, and the service was very entertaining, don't worry about the wait, they get you..."
"Everyone was happy!. Wife, kids, grand kids! Burgers and fries were delicious! Pecan pie is a..."
"Doc Brinkers Special. Order a Doc Brinker's Special (double meat cheeseburger with melted American & Swiss cheese, grilled onions on toasted Rye with..."
The Discriminating Palate
"Worth the wait. Limited seating makes Camellia Grill a challenge, but let me tell you, it's worth the wait. Those waiters are amazing with their..."
"Pretty good. Solid diner food in a pretty cool..."
Dragon Tamer Ray
"Always a treat. Just can't beat this old favorite. Usually a 30 minute wait but you won't know it. Lots of good conversation with the people in line...."
"Eat here!. This place makes the dining experience fun. We had a wonderful waiter, Bruno, who made the dining experience more like an adventure. The..."
Kat Anne Hargrove
"Fantastic. I have never had a bad meal here. Great burgers, shakes, omelets. They just put a new location in the French Quarter as well. You may have..."
"Good food, long wait..... I wouldn't dare wait in a long line to eat at the Camellia Grill. The food is good, but its not that good.The..."
Prop Joe Esq.
"A Classic. It gets crowded, but the crowds are a testament to the awesome food and waiters and I hope they never change. It is better to come for a..."
Jennifer Anderson
"OMG! Thee best hang over meal possible! Even when not drunk! Have you ever woken up and just wanted to eat? Have you ever wanted to go out and grab a..."
"Line me up. Never thought I would ever last long enough in the wait line. Luckily this time it was not busy. I had no idea it is diner style with an..."
"Try a "freeze". Passable burger, good fries, excellent onion rings and a chocolate-cherry freeze (pretty much like a milkshake) that was fabulous...."
"Delicious!!. There was a line but once we got inside the service and food was really fast. The grits were amazing, no need to add a single thing to..."
"Out late, grab a burger from Camellia Grill!. Camellia Grill is a great place to satisfy your late night hunger on the weekends. The staff is nice..."
"The best.. Highly recommend the Chef's Special Omlette, it's just fantastic. Marvin the waiter is basically the most awesome person in the entire..."
Derek Cosson
"Great Hangover Food. The omelets are great - they prepare the eggs in a blender, which makes them extra fluffy and light. The service is usually fast..."
"Best burger ever. Where else are you going to get a semi-raw double burger with bacon and a fried egg over the top? I'm tearing up just remembering..."
"The omlette I had was outstanding (potato, onion & cheese). The chili one looked awesome too. Ricky was great with the boys ( kids). Must..."
Odaly Victorio
"Great Place!. I love the Camellia Grill! I am so glad my friend brought me here to eat on my first visit to New Orleans. I have been back only one..."
"Best without a wait. Great when we want a cheap date, but we don't like the lines during peak hours. The best are the omelets. They are fluffy and..."
Shanna Hudson-Stowe
"Love it love it love it!. This is the best thing that has ever happened to NOLA - a trip down memory lane to a day where your server was a delight..."
EB Eats
"Best meal in town. This place has fantastic food, a great attitude and is by far the best meal I had in New Orleans. My wife and I were in town for a..."
"Wait for it.... Always a wait for lunch, but once you are sitting down, the wait service at the counter is fast and friendly. You are always able to..."
Eat Drink Be Merry
"Hang Over Special Place. This is the perfect spot to get some greasy comfort food..."
"Great food & great ppl! Love this..."
A Cherokee Barbie
"Cool place. Best burger in town by far!!!!!!!!!!! Large portions and a fun waitstaff.cant wait to go..."
"CG is where you should be. The Camellia Grill is an old favorite that still has its shine. The food is great, staff very entertaining, and they get..."
"Great. The food hits on so many..."
"The perfect dive. Great food, great staff, great price. Why did I wait so long to eat..."
Thomas Whidden
"Quintessential New Orleans. It doesn't get any more down home than this. Worth it just for the trolley ride from downtown, but the food is also very..."
Captain Napkin
"Plan to wait a bit. The food is so good there is usually a line, especially weekend breakfast times. I go a lot and take friends from out of town..."
"Late Night hit-the-spot place. Staff is prompt and efficient. Food is inexpensive and has been there for me late at night after other restaurants are..."
"Classic. This is a classic, greasy-spoon location. Serves good burgers and even better shakes ("Freezes"). There are no tables- diners sit at a long..."
"We just went for the second time, and it is nothing short of amazing. Great food only enhanced by the great..."
"Wait on Sat. night at 6pm was short. Inside is LOUD! Staff is friendly. Food is good for diner..."
"Chocolate cherry freeze, cheese fries and a judges..."
Alexander Neal
"Waffle house used to be my favorite late night spot until I was introduced to Camellia Grill! I love the waffles, the bacon cheeseburger, and let's..."
Symone' Gabrielle
"Cool environment, good diner fare. Housed in an imposing Georgian-style building, Camellia Grill is a surprise as soon as you enter, with a strong..."
"Not much not to like. This place takes a lot of short cuts--frozen french fries and onion rings (sacrilege for diner staples), doesn't give free..."
"The saving grace of Camellia Grill is the late night hours, otherwise I'd never eat here. Ladles of liquid butter slosh over the most basic and plain..."
"Loved the up close counter service. Great breakfast and lunch options. And don't forget your chocolate freeze or pecan pie. And after your done, hope..."
"Tradition. This restaurant is steep in tradition.from the old school nature of it to the fact that the cities residents love this..."
Mark Sidney Duplessis
"Love it.... Eggs, burgers, milkshakes all wonderful and all worth the..."
"Yum!. We heard this place got pretty packed for breakfast, so decided to go a little after lunch. No line, but still packed. The burger and onion..."
Bizarre Foodie
"Orgasmic Omelets. You MUST have one of their fabulous three egg omelets, whipped up in a milkshake blender and cooked on their ancient griddle. If..."
"Killer Hamburgers. Be sure to get the..."
Mike M.
"A great diner with good food and atmosphere. The staff was excellent, with a lot of interaction and joking with the customers. Simple menu with..."
"Great diner. Katrina shuttering Camellia Grill was a wound in the heart of the city. After the Storm, people wrote with markers all over the white..."
Ray Cannata
"A must see for any resident or tourist! The only place where going to the bathroom is a fun experience. Definately order a brownie a la..."
Peter Johnson
"Camellia Grill review. Talk about a place that had its ups and downs, one of the great eating instutions in New Orleans, it was taken over by new..."
Stan Big Daddy Strembicki
"It’s rare that in a city home to such a unique and revered cuisine, people would seek out a classic greasy-spoon diner, yet the Camellia Grill has..."
Burger Mary
"These miraculous grill masters somehow manage to make a slightly crispy crust on a medium rare burger. Not too pink on the inside, and never burnt on..."
"This place is an awesome 24/7 diner on Carrollton Ave. Everybody gets the sitting at the counter experience. So the food here is alright for what you..."
Julia Shin Lee
"The Camellia Grill is a classic comfort food institution in these parts, known for its crowded snaking single counter, fast friendly service and..."
"Walking inside feels like a step back into the 1950s. A long counter snakes its way across the entire room as waitstaff in crisp white coats and..."
Helen | Grab Your Fork
"Camellia Grill is as old school as they come - a twisty formica counter in front of an open kitchen slinging excellent diner standards. On the..."
"It looks like a big - even fancy - restaurant from the outside - but when you get in - its just 22 swivel stools around a curved marble counter -..."
HB Herr
Raw Republic
90/100 (235 ratings)
Juice & Smoothies
"Raw Republic is THE best place to get the highest quality, organic juice around. Their warm, friendly, compassionate, and health-inspiring..."
Amberleigh Carter
"Raw Republic is fantastic! My husband and I like to visit after we walk Audubon Park with our pup! What a great dog friendly place! The staff is..."
Alex Hazlaris Eakin
"Just so happened to stumble upon this gem today. I got the Acai It All bowl and it was so yummy. Best Acai bowl I've had in New Orleans so far! The..."
Demi Caple
"Great place to get some clean, organic, delicious food in New Orleans. I am very very picky when it comes to my organic foods and juices. This is the..."
Jon-Michael Buras
"I’m a frequent Uber driver, and I’m always trying new places to recommend to my riders...The Matcha iced beverage was delish!..."
Christopher Joseph Bowles
"I'm beyond obsessed and I would be lying if I didn't say I compare EVERY other juice to never compares. Simply THE best around and..."
Margo Nicole Clark
"Wish i lived closer, love this place! Especially the Chia toast and ginger shots!..."
Mimi Holaday
"This is an absolute gem of a place. The quality and purity of the products is rare and..."
Tim Braithwaite
"The best place to go after a long night (or day...) of partying in..."
Cait Santos
"Had the carrot coco at Willa Jean. It was..."
Jessica Leonard
"Just a perfect place shop local and support this great concept. Organic fresh cold pressed yum!! The coconut water was the best I've ever had hope..."
Jen Bellau Baudier
"I'm so happy to finally have a place like this in New Orleans. The green juice with kale is my favorite and I also love the lemon tonic! So..."
Ashley Crook
"My favortie spot in New Orleans for healthy..."
Kate Gremillion Rosenow
"So amazing!! I feel so great after drinking one of their..."
Katie Najder
"I walked into Raw Republic today knowing NOTHING about juicing. Clare helped me by explaining the health benefits and describing each juice and..."
Lauren Bethancourt
"A very loving friendly restaurant! The beet juice and maca chocolates I got were spectacular! Also I was so happy to see vegan animal rights movies..."
Kimberley V Bird
"The best organic juice bar!!! Try the pop your..."
Paul Baudier
"Just started this month long fasting in Honor of Mens Health month. Thank you Sheena for juicing me up ,and Carla and Raw for helping me stay..."
Roy Farthing
"My favorite is the green juice with local, Siberian kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon and mint! DELISH! And makes you smile..."
Sheena Mannina
"If there was a love it click on I would hit it a bunch, being from #NewYorkCity #RawRepublic has saved me here in #NewOrleans. Thanks......"
Eric Weinstein
"Lovely people, delicious juices, and healthy, plant-centric edibles. #drinkdat #eatdat..."
Josh LaJaunie
"Wonderful juice, made with love and devotion by wonderful people! The..."
Susan Lucille Sleeman
"Way better than other juice places I've tried in the city along with top notch customer service! I am visiting you guys from now on. I look forward..."
Ariel Blanco
"Sheena is extremely helpful! She is definitely the person to go to if you want a jump start into a healthy..."
Emily Brauninger-Swan
"First ever juice, thanks Raw Republic! Claire was a great..."
Michael Finkelstein
""Live with purpose, find your..."
Matthew Weldon Showman
"I can honestly say I still have trouble picking out what I want every time I enter Raw because all juices, foods and snacks are seriously..."
Liz Ford
"The spouted almonds, dates, cinnamon, pink salt, and spices mini shake is EVERYTHING...."
Emma Pegues
"Organic and pressed Can't beat it!!! Great addition to..."
Denise Duncan Supkoff
"Love it. Good luck..."
Jeremy Juarez
"Love this..."
Rivers Spencer
Melissa Coleman
Melissa Morock Depp
Teddy Ward
The Company Burger
90/100 (1080 ratings)
Quick Bites
Grilled cheese
Tater tots
Turkey Burger
"The burger seemed to melt right into the bun. I was amazing. I'm not a condiment person. Ordered my burger plain with no cheese and that's the way I..."
Jeanne Fitzgerald
"Third time coming to Company Burger, and I really believe this is the best burger in the city. It doesn't try too hard. It's just freaking delicious...."
Bradley King
"The best by far. And the best chicken sandwich..."
Doug Ellin
"My fave burger spot in Nola now that camellia grill is no longer the..."
Evans Roberts III
"Always a delicious treat! Get in me! Make sure to always add bacon and egg!!! And if you should go back for a second round... you're not alone...."
Mitch Brown
"I loved the food and the atmosphere, the Cooks had great personalities but the lady at the counter and the waitress need to be trained on costumer..."
Teddi Carter Coleman
"Burgers were great! I never had pork rinds I liked until my visit. So..."
Amy Francis
"The smells coming from this place reach down the block. I came here to eat and eat well I did. I got a single patty with cheese bacon and an egg. I..."
Reece Freeman
"Very good spot. We went their two times in two days. The burger is excellent, French fries and onion rings were outstanding. The have crushed ice..."
"Awesome burger! 20$ for drink/burger/fries. Cooked perfectly! Get bacon on your burger. The place is small but you get very fast service. Fire burger..."
Houston Webb
"Company Burger finally went there about a month ago, very simple no frills kind of place. Walk up which is fine, but just be prepared for a line..."
"Good fast burger, large, sloppy, well dressed, & many cold beers. Order at counter, they yell out for you when it's ready. Cooked perfectly, bun can..."
"Best burgers in the city! Blahhhhhh ..."
Fly Boy Baron
"Solid burger joint on Freret. The small pans they place your burger on are a really unique touch. It's been a while since I've been here but I still..."
Kaylan R
"Burgers here are pricey but WORTH IT. It was my first fried-egg burger, and having that option makes a huge difference. In addition, they have a..."
Madeleine Testa
"Awesome experience! Today was my first time visiting The Company Burger and it was well worth it! Reasonably priced and sensationally appetizing!..."
Vernon LeRoy Byrd
"There's always a lot of hype around this place....and it is well worth it. Quite was a delicious eat and I plan on going back..."
Aldine Lockett IV
"Great place for a burger. Always fresh and seasoned nicely. The fresh cut french fries are delicious too. Eat this meat! If I'm close by... I'll..."
"I was skeptical.The line was long...but moved incredibly fast.  The place was packed....but somehow tables just magically open up quickly and we..."
Katie Elise
"Wow. These burgers are on point. The meat is flavorful and juicy. The toppings are complimentary to the sandwich, not piled on in overkill. This is..."
Lindsay Taylor
"Great burgers. Everything is very flavorful and the staff is friendly. The house mayo selections are great, my favorite is the roasted garlic. ..."
Michael Berra
"Delicious burgers!!! The house made sauces are really good too. You can get either double or single burgers and they also have a full bar with some..."
"Thought it was a good burger, but found everything extremely salty! French fries had so much salt on them we could hardly eat them. Onion rings were..."
"Darn Good Burgers. Great burgers! Had no trouble parking, but had a little trouble finding a table to sit and eat! High-energy..."
Indigo Pearl
"My fav place.. Friendly, unfussy service. Excellent burgers. I go between the turkey and the regular cheeseburger. The fries are always excellent...."
"Great burger, great service. I stopped by for the first time today. I had a cheese burger and fries. Everything was good and the service was..."
"1st and foremost...., Five Guys who....? dem damn burgers melt in your mouth like a snowflake on your tongue.... and if you're not getting the fried..."
Desmond 'dnaprioritybullies' Taylor
"Best burger in town. I lived here ten years ago and liked port of call and poppy's grill but company b blows them out of the water. The magic is in..."
"Best Burger in The City. If you are in the mood for a great classic burger and fries this spot can't be..."
"Best burger your money can buy you, hands down! The buns are made special just for the company as well as all meat freshly ground in house. Don't..."
Aaron Mohler
"Awesome burgers. Good fries. I like the condiment bar. Kinda pricy but what ain't these days. Definitely one of the best burgers in the..."
Rickey Bobby
"Delicious. I consider myself a burger fanatic and I definitely put this one in the top 10 of my burger-loving-fiesta.Bacon and cheddar cheese,..."
"Awesomeness. Best burgers in NOLA. also, they are not known for their grilled cheese but it is very good. they have very good prices and a very..."
"Awesome burger! Best burger I've had a while, the service was awesome. It's a great place to stop by and eat or just get food togo. I will most..."
Cristia Square
"Hands-down the best burger in the state. Every time I come across a list of the best burger places in the country, critics always list Judice Inn in..."
"This burger certainly performs equal to its reputation. It's..."
Emmy Loop
"Hands down the best burger in the city, the meat is awesome, the buns are great, and the house-made bread & butter pickles really make the burger...."
"Yum!. Great service, delicious burger, affordable. This is one of my favorite spots to get a..."
"Excellent Burgers. Excellent turkey burger & I'm not even a huge fan of turkey burgers. Sides are good as well. I think overall it is a bit expensive..."
Kimberly Robert
"The most flavorful burger in NOLA, very fresh and crispy around the outside but juicy on the inside in a soft, crispy-edged bun. Their special sauce..."
Ashley Evans
"Fantastic Burger. One of the best burgers I've ever eaten, and I've eaten a few burgers in my time. Not many options for additions but that was ok..."
K Howard
"Nom nom nom. I love a good burger and company burger has that for sure. Gotta get the fried egg on the burger. Great nom..."
Steven Jesse
"Great turkey burger!. The Company Burger makes THE best turkey burger in the Whole metro area. Their fries are also THE best. Very..."
Monashi Mio
"Minus the price, which I understand due to freshness, I love The Company Burger. The meat is fresh, not punished with over zealous toppings or trying..."
Robert Dean
"Nom Nom..."
"Makes Me Miss 5 Guys a Little Less. Fun, low key vibe. I loved watching them work the grill - they scoop the meat on the grill and form it right..."
Diane B
"Damn good burgers, though the flaver reminds me of Krystal burgers. I wouldn't go for the lamb as it is smothered in a sweet sauce. But one of the..."
"Love this place. Burgers are great with lots of condiment choices. Great sweet potato fries. Like the big open kitchen-like atomosphere, homey, busy,..."
Richard Bienvenu
"Big Surprise!. Last year I finally got to try a legendary Atlanta burger that people in the know were describing as "perfect", and totally worth the..."
"Dude! Man! Bro! Greatest burger in NOLA, no question. The fries are heavenly, the menu is wonderful, and the establishment is eco-friendly. Company..."
Jessica Lacobee Barfield
"Everything Company Burger makes is exceptionally great. You can tell they care about the food they make because it is consistent. Whatever they are..."
Cele Kelpsch
"Absolutely, hands down, the best burger I've ever had! No other burger compares to the Company Burger! Get the onion rings instead if fries, they're..."
"Love their burgers. One of the best in the..."
"I have tried all the new wave burger places in the city and the company burger is far & away the best. Flavor like no other burger I've tried. And..."
"The lamb burger, OMG, OMG, OMG. The lamb burger OMG. If you haven't tried it, OMG. If you like feta or even if you don't, I don't, but on this burger..."
Anthony Griffith
"Great turkey burger. I love the fried okra with spicy vinigar sauce. Cocktails are good also. Overall god eats. Only critique is it could be a little..."
Amber Griffith
"Great onion rings. Love their onion rings and their burgers. A little pricey but that's what you can expect at most places in..."
Patrick X
"Good burger that is overpriced. I like the idea of this joint. I like the burgers. I love the pickles. But it's overpriced. With a drink, fries, and..."
Urbanspoon Gimp
"Burger and Beer. This is what I find amazing about the restaurants on Freret: 1. Every one of them seems to sell quality beer2. Most are..."
John M.
"One of the best burgers I have had the pleasure of putting in my mouth . Was a little taking aback when I was told they don't do lettuce and tomatoes..."
Monica Williams
"Love a place that doesn't complicate a burger! Great beef, perfect onion rings I've had....definitely will be..."
"Excellent! I had the turkey burger and it was the juiciest, most amazing one I've ever..."
"Excellent food. I had the lamb burger, which was incredible. It is rather expensive, though. 2 burgers, 2 fries no drinks is $25. For the number of..."
"AWESOME! I had a turkey burger & my hubby the double cheese burger. We left feeling satisfied & lucky to have find such a delicious burger joint in..."
"Goodburger. One of the better burgers I've had. A bit pricey for an order-at-the-counter neighborhood place, but forgivable for the quality of food..."
"Nostalgia on a bun. The burger at this place is the quintessential american diner-style cheese burger. If you have any fond memories of eating..."
Miss Melanie
"Good Company. Recently had the Company Burger and Fries. I thought it was good. No complaints. But Ive had better in this city and for the price it..."
Coco Zilla
"Expected better. Burgers were good but not outstanding. Two burgers, two soft drinks (served in a can) and a small onion ring will set you back $28..."
"Pricey but soooooo worth it. Food was hot, quick, and cooked to perfection. Cowbell has been a disappointment from the beginning and Juicy Lucy's..."
Morely Casual
"Nom nom nom. Can't decide whether it's the mayo bar, the fresh baked buns, the juicy beef or the combination of all of the above but this could very..."
Nola Kathy
"Really Good!. Perhaps not THE best burger in town, but definitely ONE of the best burgers in town. I love the bread and butter pickles on the burger,..."
Jennifer Anderson
"So good, what a great place to get a burger. Love the mayo bar, I only tried the plain, but it was homemade and deliciousand the other flavors..."
"YUMSTOFFERSON!. I don't like bread and butter pickles and I was a bit put off by the fact that only American cheese is offered, but I went ahead and..."
Courtney Berry
"I had the single and it was great full of flavor and you could tell it was fresh..."
Arthur Jr.
"Good, but overpriced. Went there today for lunch and it was good but expensive. A friend and I shared the Company Burger with Nueske's Bacon, fries,..."
Breesy NOLA
"So Amazing. I literally cannot fathom the reviews that say Tru Burger or Port o Call are better. Would I eat at those places? Sure. A better burger?..."
"Basil mayo goodness. Really good burger. I ordered the single with bacon. Perfectly cooked. Bun was soft, but not soggy. Sweet potato fries were..."
"Best in town. I am very picky and I have to say this place is great!! Best ever...I will go be going..."
"Awesome...awesome...awesome...a warm bun, juicy patty, season egg, delightful bacon! Loved the mayo!! Onion ring crazy good! I seem someones comment..."
""awesome burgers, even for someone that is not a burger person". Our family went for Sunday lunch. Busy, but they are very efficient and could tell..."
Teresa Kearney Gernon
"Fantastic burgers. I was very impressed with The Company Burger. The burger itself was perfectly cooked and their buns, wherever they get them from,..."
"Yum. I went one Saturday for lunch with my boyfriend and a friend. There is plenty of parking. You order at the counter. I got the single burger and..."
Brittany W.
"Great burger!. Excellent, quality burger (I got the Company Burger a double cheeseburger, and added bacon). The fries, sweet potato fries and onion..."
"This place is really clean and nice! I love that they serve your food on a brand new shiny quarter sheet pan. I had the burger, pork belly corn dog,..."
Bayou Bred
"Good burger. I was very impressed with the "single." The bun really makes the burger - it is slightly spongy and holds up well. They have a condiment..."
"Stupendous!. We had the double-stacked Company Burger fully decked out. It almost melts in your mouth! We also got the onion rings and the (homemade)..."
Donna C
"YUMMY!. We went there tonight for their first day. The group ahead of us snatched the last of the burger buns.. They must be good because they ran..."
Kate Burke
"Maybe Best Burger in NOLA. It is opening day, and it usually a bad idea to try a place before they work out the bugs. But I get so jazzed about..."
Ray Cannata
"All in all, great service and pretty tasty burgers. The Lamb Burger is a must try! I really enjoyed the toasty buttery buns…What can I say? I enjoy..."
"Their onion rings can convert even the most hard core dieter into a fried food lover. After taking one bite of these sweet crunchy red onions I..."
"There are many places in New Orleans where you can get your hamburger fix. Ranging from the peanut butter burger at Yo Mama's bar to wet and..."
The Hungry Nomad
"I came here on the second day that this place opened for business! I'm glad to see that Freret St. is really trying to clean up its act and invite..."
Julia Shin Lee
"When the owners of The Company Burger were choosing suppliers, they spared no effort to find the best, and ended up with Creekstone Farms from Kansas..."