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Aki's Bread Haus
97/100 (55 ratings)
"What a great find! My son and I popped in here for a treat. We were not disappointed! We split a bread pudding muffin and walnut cinnamon roll, plus..."
Lindsay Hitch Leif
"Delicious baked goods, stellar service and all smiles! I can't decide whether I'm grateful to have found this place or dreading the extra cardio I'm..."
Brooke Nelson
"Love it. Aki’s is a great addition to the neighborhood! It’s tough for me to get there early enough for the full selection, but when I can make..."
Mike Etlicher
"Excellent breads. Heritage grains. Easy to digest even for gluten sensitive folks. Fantastic pastries... mildly sweet not saccharine, but light. ..."
Erik Jon
"Friendly people, good coffee, and simply FANTASTIC bread, the best pretzels this side of the Rhein..."
Richard Wright
"I love the pastries at Aki's. The people and the service are the real deal. Best bakery in..."
Dan Hanson
"Best bread I ever had in America! Everything was delicious and tastes really German .... SO GOOD! Thank you Aki we‘ll be there in a few..."
Jasmin Raap
"Thee is little Aki and staff have baked that I don't enjoy. I have my favorites, some that he makes every day now, others that he may not bring in..."
Tom Mings
"Great service, wonderful baked goods, best..."
Donna Carlson Mayer
"I love everything that I get here. Especially the..."
Liz Pearson
"It doesn't get better than this. Real German backing. I'm in heaven whenever I buy something to nibble on or dig into. In a few words - fabulous..."
Paul Cocoanto
"Thanks so much for delicious sweet and savory breads today. We'll definitely be..."
Shana Lynn
"Easily the highlight of the Minnetonka's farmers market. So excited to have amazing European bread so close to us every week! The pretzels and hard..."
Amy Siggelkow Duffing
"Yum!! I had the brotchen and bacon/cheese roll - so amazing. Also bought a rye sunflower seed bread, I haven't tried it yet ,but it looks..."
Laura Schorn