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7 Stars Bar And Grill
89/100 (790 ratings)
"I am out here visting my best friends and they rave about this place to me constantly. So we went Saturday night and just has so much fun. The..."
Ashley Nicole Clamon
"I love this bar. Star wars themed place to the fullest and great drinks to match it. Trivia night is fun as well as karaoke. My kind of place and my..."
Nicolas Pagaling
"i love this place. Paul the owner was my bartender the last time i was in. I had a burger and a beverage at lunchtime. the service was fast enough..."
J.J. Vandongen
"I first went to 7 Stars a couple times in 2013, but have been going consistently since 2014. Why? The great drinks, tasty food, friendly staff, and..."
Matt Holt
"What's not to love? The atmosphere, trivia night, the constantly updating beers on tap, the pulled pork and sweet potato fries (the best!) All the..."
Kaitlyn Marie
"Super cool place to hang out! The owners and their staff are so nice, very friendly, and super attentive and helpful! I've only been there once but,..."
Felicia Renee Truitt
"No matter when I drop by here this place is fun, whether it's Bottomless Mimosa Sunday ($13 can't beat it) or Monday night trivia. The grilled cheese..."
Suni Rose
"They have blue milk here! Paul of 7 seven stars talked with me and my friend about the mandalorian mercs, 501st and rebel legion coming oftenly..."
Skye Radd
"We had a great bartender on a sunny Saturday afternoon yesterday. She was attentive, friendly, with great taste in music on the juke, and she put up..."
Cathy Hughes
"7 stars is my go to hangout. The owners are amazing and I feel like family there. Everyone I bring here love it. The atmosphere is perfect for movie..."
Kibs Kay Nik
"Buffy Trivia Night was awesome! Thanks for the great snacks too! Loved the chicken..."
Sabrina L. Nelson
"Great place, very impressed and well definitely..."
Adrian Moctezuma
"I've been to quite a few bars and lounges and really like the atmosphere here. The food is good and the drinks aren't overpriced. Always good at 7..."
David Grant
"Great place" food was also good and the wine was excellent, service was rolling..."
Yolie Hernandez
"We held an impromptu 50th Birthday party for my husband last night and had a blast. The food was yummy, the drinks were cold, Karaoke was a blast and..."
Jen LaBounty Johnson
"Always. ALWAYS a great time at 7 Stars. You can't go wrong with a Star Wars themed karaoke bar (not to mention trivia nights, rock band, events,..."
Jason Pittman
"This place makes you want to come back! The burger kicked ass, it had goat cheese and arugula on it. Atmosphere is electric and Argentina to detail..."
Monika Saiz
"Great place, very happy to have stumbled across..."
Elvis Cage
"Trivia night was a blast! Great food, nice atmosphere, kickin' trivia quizmaster. The bartender and waitstaff were friendly and helpful. I'd come..."
Vera Nazarov
"Cool theme. There were lots of movies with captions on while I was there. They often have fun..."
Mary O'Brien-McGourty
"Have always had good dinning experiences here. Waitresses and bar staff have always been attentive and meet needs of myself individually or for us as..."
John Bennett
"What's not to love? Star Wars theme, great food and drinks, and Doug the..."
Cotton Dobbs
"Amazing drinks and fun all around! I recommend this bar to anyone and everyone who is a fan of the..."
Paige Galvan
"Great place, friendly staff, genuine vibe. Loved..."
Tara Worley-Ryan
"Love it, my husband and I had a great time. Would definitely recommend..."
Stacy Buzbee-Lorenzen
"When living in the Bay Area this place was a second home! Love the owners and what they had created to make everyone feel welcome. Lots of fun! Happy..."
Maxine Rodriguez