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Bixby's Brooklyn Deli
88/100 (996 ratings)
Corned Beef
"I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to pastrami, and have sampled a vast number of inspired varieties all across the United States. Truthfully, I..."
Sander Roscoe Wolff
"The best pastrami & corned beef in Long Beach! Sandwichs are very fresh including the bread, sides, and produce. Great place. Highly recommend...."
Patty Eaton Bailey
"I love this place! The sign of a great restaurant- I have the most difficult time deciding what to eat! The people who work there are super friendly..."
Gerard Magbago
"First off, never go here without eating the 24 carat cake. It's the best carrot cake and best cheesecake you will ever eat and it's in one! The..."
Scott Ihrig
"Love the food, love the service! The house-made pickles are to die for! My husband and I have tried the Pastrami, Corned Beef, and Turkey pastrami..."
Maralah Clift
"I see some complaints here, but nobody's perfect and there are always those that like to complain. Disregard the complainers and check it out for..."
Debbie Quintard-Aldcroft
"Great pastrami and egg salad sandwiches! The menu is a bit sparse, but what they have is first..."
Mark Osborn
"� I love their... poached eggs w/rye & cottage cheese not on the menu but they make it for me, the Ruben of course, the meatloaf, the fries, the..."
Maria Suarez Geddes
"Best corned beef and cabbage, boiled potatoes and veggies, so tender! Meat melts in your mouth. The dinners are fabulous, meatloaf, lamb, you name..."
Cathy Padilla
"Bixby deli has the freshest and yummiest food. Their desserts are so good they keep you coming back for..."
Janet D Lugo
"We go to eat here every two weeks and I always get lox and bagel. It is so good, but the potatoe salad is best I've ever..."
Larry Rubin