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Donut Time
98/100 (423 ratings)
"Very good & fresh donuts, along with great mochas and coffees! Excellent prices! I highly recommend!!!..."
Bianca Hamilton
"As always they went above and beyond to fulfill my large order for work. You are the best! Even when it’s my day off I drive past all other donut..."
Tiawanda Pierce-Barclay
"Yum yum & more yum ...Kim & Peter are very gracious, great selection of..."
Marianne Stricklett Crosby
"Bought my first dozen and a turkey cheese jalapeño croissant yummy! The donuts were delish..."
Brenna Garcia
"Best donuts and customer service in town. My grandkids love these..."
Karen Hines
"These guys have the BEST donuts! They are SO DELICIOUS---and EVERY SINGLE TIME my son, Erik Leon, and I go in there! The staff is very nice also. ..."
Debra Clarke
"Best damn donut around. Maple bacon bar is devilishly..."
Shane Carter
"My favorite donut shop! By far better than a nasty Krispy Kreme..."
Yukiko Sakaoka-Hanson
"I love this donut shop. They are very friendly. They pretty much know what you like each time you go..."
Davina D'nay Brown
"Its a great family owned business. And a wonderful place to start your morning and you will always get a..."
Michael Rey
"Grreat donuts. Staff is very friendly and..."
David Yoon
"Best in town!!!! I've know the owners for years and they always great you with a smile and offer an awesome product and outstanding..."
Brian Williams
"Yummy treats and great service. And they are open ..."
Stan Henry
"So delicious!!! And so..."
Kevin Nguy
"This place was great this was my first time visiting ever and the owners are so friendly. They let me know that around 6:00 6:30am on the weekends is..."
Anna Capps
"Fantastic selection. They have blueberry old fashioned and apple fritters! They have your standard donuts, cronutts, croissants, lemon and berry..."
"I don't eat donuts often and have only been to a few other donut shops in the Sacramento area, but I have to say that Donut Time's donuts beat out..."
Michael K
"Great selection of delicious donuts and coffee at a good price and the staff is really quick and..."
Tamara Franklin
"Fresh donuts in croissants all day very popular even if it's next to run down buildings. Definitely a popular place. Parking is not always easy to..."
Anna Huerta
"I had the donut with freshly made cream, and a cup of coffee ate Hawaiian blend. And the owners were great. I will add this to the list of the places..."
Brenda Mosley
"I always run into “Donut Time” across CA. From Los Angeles(riverside) to the Bay to Sacramento. You really don’t get better then the one in..."
"The customer service here is always amazing. I've been going here for at least 7 years now and never been disappointed. Bacon donuts are bomb..."
Mr. Flores