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Off The Griddle
100/100 (18 ratings)
Fast Food
"Had Greg and his team for my sons grad party last night they were on time, very friendly and made sure everyone was fed. I think the favorite was..."
Cathy Razzante
"Amazing food truck! Just had them for my daughter’s grad party- Efficient, friendly, delicious food! Will definitely use them again and recommend..."
Shelly Slaby Grady
"Enjoyed all the food at Midwest Vapor Expo! The Cuban, Wilbur, and What the Cluck were awesome! By far the best food at the entire expo! Hope to..."
Thad Bergquist
"Amazing food! Tried the Acapulco chicken at the Fabulous Food Show and it was one of the best things I have ever..."
Alissa DiNarda
"I literally just had the Cubano flatbread. This was divine! Tender, juicy, full of flavor and satisfied the craving that I've been..."
Leah Santovin
"The best food I ever have had at the Cleveland Auto Show..."
Randy Stovsky
"Chicken bacon club! Amazing. So good, the wait time wasn't extreme definitely a stalk worthy food..."
Michaela Mickey Amos
"Had the Cuban and aeoli fries! Amazing! Packed full of..."
Eric Murray
"Had the "top of the mornin" and was probably the best breakfast I've ever had for an amazing..."
Geoff St. Peter
"Amazing food, great people... what more can you ask..."
Anthony Taddeo
"What a nice group of people, but even better than that the food was fantastic. Glad to see you at the Piston Power..."
Karen Warmuth
"Had the pork tacos and a bite of someone's Acapulco pulled chicken. Both were great!..."
Kevin Polk
"Amazing pork tacos, can't wait to see you soon. So..."
Liz Klimczuk
Miguel A Lopez
"Had the Texan at Walnut Wednesday. It was fantastic, albeit a little messy. The flavors popped and were distinct. I am looking forward to trying..."
Scott Casto
100/100 (1 ratings)
"They were at our dealership today. I’m a dessert snob and very picky about the sweets I ingest. Ummm WOAH!!! Party in my mouth!!! They were so..."
Skylar Lippiatt
"OMG! The strawberry parfait is my absolute favorite! I give it a 20 out of 10!!!! Yes, I said a 20 out of 10! Lol! Five start, two thumbs up! The..."
Maya Smith
"Delicious!! I had the lemon sugar with raspberry dipping sauce it was..."
Nyota Uhura
"Great workers & awesome donuts!!! Need to at Bendix every morning!! Would make the..."
Becky Warriner Finnegan
"I happened to drive past the food truck one day and decided to try the cinnamon donuts with the glaze. They tasted amazing, so I took some home to..."
James Hux
"It was my first time ever having mini donuts and o...m...g MY DAY WAS MADE! I ordered my first round of donuts and had to stand in line again just so..."
Anyssah Johnson
"Donuts so good they..."
Kim Supermutt Goodman
"Strawberry shortcake parfait and the Cinnamon sugar bag of donuts were EXCELLENT today at the Flea. Soooo yummy, thank you!!!..."
Kaye Guerrero
"The limited time strawberry shortcake was one of the best desserts I've ever eaten. Otherwise, cinnamon donuts are..."
Jamal Mabra
"Ridiculously good. One of the best things I've ever eaten. Ever. I ate the whole container of powdered sugared donuts in about 1..."
Jenny Stanek
"Absolutely amazing! Our daughters love watching the donuts being made as they float along the "donut river". It is the highlight of their Shaker..."
Anthony R. Barchanowicz