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Krumb Snackerz
100/100 (19 ratings)
Late Night
"They are So yummy ! Definitely recommend for others to try them !..."
Chachris Unter Brand
"I had the chocolate chip & BBQ chips & 1- I love BBQ chips & chocolate so this combination was beyond perfect for my everyday cravings lol..."
Steph Martinez
"What an amazing way to satisfy my salty and sweet..."
Dominique Valentine
"Great variety and great for parties. 6..."
Louis Caraballo
"WOW.... Amazing! They are quick, easy and..."
Jonah Noah
"First time i tried it i honestly didnt think it would taste that good. The taste is so different. my favorite is the white chocolate and..."
Mr Goobe
"I tried the white chocolate and cheese. All I can say is wow. It was different and amazing. They have earned a new..."
Yajaira Caraballo
"the milk chocolate and the cheese were soooo good. before i ate it i was thinking how weird it would taste, until i actually tasted it and ate about..."
layla m
"Definitely a different way to snack. I tried two different chocolate and chip combos so far. Can't wait to try the other flavors and see what..."
Ali Morgan
"Great snack really loved the dark chocolate and plain. Great blend between sweet and salty. Highly recommended. So many favors to choose..."
Letty King
"White chocolate & cheese is my absolute fav! Im actually eating one as i write this..."
"I was recently given a milk chocolate and plain by a friend, I couldn't believe how good its was I had to give a..."
Zackary Fedorovich