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Dream Dinners
100/100 (58 ratings)
"Dream dinners makes prep work a breeze and meal planning quick. I like the variety they offer and, I love that I get to skip the..."
Jessica Daniel Rowland
"I love this place for the convenience of creating meals for the month and then not worrying what's for dinner and making that daily trip to HEB. My..."
Barbara Browning Cowman
"This place sure makes dinner planning easy! The food is yummy and the staff is so..."
Josi Eason Bogdon
"This was my first experience and it was so easy! I made 6 meals in less than an hour. The staff were friendly and so very helpful! I can't wait to go..."
Leah McDaniel
"Busy moms.. if you haven't tried this place, you must! Delicious, fun, and a life-saver to get great family meals on the..."
Rachelle Kennedy Grossman
"I absolutely love Dream Dinners!! I was a bit skeptical at first but every medium dinner is enough to feed our family of 3 and we have left overs..."
Monica McKitterick-Smith
"Amazing Customer Service. Especially stepped up their game during..."
Robert Nicholson
"Dinner preparation with assorted meals was amazing. Atmosphere is relaxing & it's great for a group of people. Will definitely be..."
Tonja Or
"I've been coming here for monthly meal prep for almost 10 years, I can't say enough good things about them! Come once a month and prep meals to be..."
Valerie O'Neill
"Great way to prepare a month's worth of healthy meals for a lot less than eating out. Plus, I like how I can adjust the recipes to fit my family's..."
Christopher Adams
"Love it Stacey really helped me to decide that this has to be easier for..."
BeeZee Properties
"Great customer service and we have so much fun every time we..."
Alicia Green
"Great alternative to - and a much better deal than - all those "we'll ship it to you"..."
Tim Zenchenko