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Wink's Bar
100/100 (165 ratings)
"John Dale is great. The food is great and the atmosphere is great. Went to Wink’s after being invited by some friends, and have to say it is one of..."
Dion Coldiron
"A laid-back little (and I do mean little) place for a great sandwich and a cold beer. My bacon bleu was one of the best burgers I've had in a long..."
Jonathan Grefer
"This is definitely the place to go. The burgers are amazing and really all the food is awesome, but did I mention the burgers! Just a small diner..."
Linda Mihalec
"Thought I would never leave a review because I am not one for reviews. But Winks is a special place. It's a place where the cans are cold and the..."
Toribio Powell Salinas
"Winks is perfect. John Dale is the kindest business owner you'll ever meet and he genuinely seems to care for his patrons. The food is fantastic and..."
Lauren Stapleton
"Unbelievable. Best chilli slaw dogs I've ever..."
Justin Cobb
"Go for the food, stay for the experience. John Dale is the super friendly chef and sole proprietor of this gem. Sit at the bar if you can, soak it..."
Joey Durham
"Wink's is one of the main reasons why I love Richmond. EXCELLENT food, great energy and you just walk in and feel like you're home. We have become..."
Amy Rogers
"Hands down the greatest small dining in Richmond, Kentucky! I could leave a lengthy review but it’s as simple as that - the food, drinks, service,..."
Joseph Badgett
"This food is amazing! Generally, it's nothing fancy, but it is delicious. I've never been more excited about a grilled cheese sandwich with chili on..."
Harrison Levans
"Best food in town, feels like home. Stop by sometime. Great..."
"Stop reading this and go eat a winks..."
Austin Martin
"The only place you'll ever go and not get upset by limited seating. It actually makes your time there more fun. Everyone is always friendly and if..."