Cybelle's Pizza, Oakland

Cybelle's Pizza

Cybelle's Pizza, Oakland 1422 Broadway - Oakland

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Menu Cybelle's Pizza

  • Salads
    • Deluxe Anti-Pasto Salad
  • Pizzas
    • Cheese Pizza
  • House Special Pizzas
    • Hawaiian Pizza
    • Clambake Pizza
    • Spinning Chicken Pizza
    • Deluxe Omni Pizza
    • BBQ Chicken Pizza
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Cybelle's Pizza

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Welcome to Cybelle's Pizza.
this place is notable for its incredible assistance and cordial staff, that is consistently prepared to help you. Costs at this spot are worth consideration as they're reasonable. The lovely stylistic layout and charming air let visitors feel loose here.
You will totally see the worth in the tranquil air and superb expressive format. Sluurpy rates it with a 80.
If you are in Oakland it is better to not miss out the chance to come in this place.
Sitting outdoors, you will enjoy a beautiful view. The high ratings of this restaurant wouldn't be possible without the professional waitstaff. Nice service is something that guests highlight in their comments. Tasty meals at adequate prices are offered here. You will appreciate the divine decor and cozy ambiance of Cybelle's Pizza. Kick back and view the menu online for this place.
On this stage, you can peruse the computerized menus of this movement, which implies you can find out datas and information about the dishes, costs and bigotries before you take a seat at the table. Snap on the catch 'Browse menu' to consider your decisions and by and large spark your interest for delightful food! Begin murmuring about your decisions, examine with your companions and family members what to eat, question your accomplice about what to share this evening, however in general be prepared to have a hunger for scrumptious and flavorful food!
If you want to straightforwardly contact the restaurant owners and stop wondering about specific details and information about food, proces, offers and services, you can directly ask the provider of the menu: the restaurant owners! There are several dishes to try, but not always what the restaurant means is the same as you think. There might be ingredients that are not specified in the menu and you want to find out more. For example, you might wonder whether there are vegan alternatives that are not displayed in the official menu. Then, you can dial the contact number and start a conversation that will be helpful to make the best choice for your dinner, your takeaway order or your intimate dinner at-home

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