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Peerless Coffee And Tea
90/100 (287 ratings)
Coffee & Tea
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
"So I tried something different in my French press today. I normally drink Peerless 80th Anniversary Organic Blend Italian blend. When I ordered this..."
Diane LeBlanc Leger
"My husband brought me here 2 years ago and I never forgot this place. You taste the coffee beyond the sweetness and that's what I..."
Yvonne Coronado
"By far thee best iced tea I've ever had . . So good I ordered in bulk 2..."
Linda Dunlap
"I enjoy coming to this coffee shop it seems like the people who take your order are always very friendly plus the coffe is great. I enjoy ice coffee..."
Jimmie Edwards
"In a world of coffee choices, Peerless really is "without..."
Tammy Albertsen
"Absolutely a great cup of Java and I also add a little hot chocolate to its heaven in a..."
John E Barkley
"Discovered these coffee beans about twenty years ago at the Daily Grind Coffee Shop in Santa Barbara, CA! Have been mail ordering their 80th..."
Jane Shea
"There are many good brands of Coffee out there, but Peerless is by far the finest! I absolutely love their coffees. Especially their Organic Italian..."
Joell Sepulveda
"Natural Ethiopian Mystic Lion. This coffee should be on your "must buy" list. So aromatic and the roasters bring out all the great qualities of this..."
Jon Kubar
"love this coffee house ,have shopped it for years since the days before it moved to Oak st. Loved the roasted peanuts..."
Essie Sloan
"I live for the Guatemala Antigua blend! I know a pound a week is a lot but at least it's not heroine keep up the amazing..."
Michael Mckinney
"Peerless Coffee Oakland California August 2017 In the interest of last minute Summer Professional teacher Development (plus I could not resist..."
Curt Hahn
"Hands down the best coffee at the food show! And trust me... I tried them all..."
Jill Bishop
Beauty's Bagel Shop
90/100 (1195 ratings)
Quick Bites
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"Beauty's Bagel's are by far the absolute best bagels I have ever eaten. I should mention I have been eating bagels for breakfast daily almost for 2..."
Joseph Skorman
"I had a great first time experience The staff was friendly and helpful The coffee excellent The bagel with the fried chicken and coleslaw was..."
Tom Greenberg
"Must go every time i'm in Oakland. Not only the best west coast bagels but the best bagel..."
Bibi Bielat
"This place reminds me of being unemployed and grabbing a cheap snack and a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper but it's a bit better than the..."
Nick Hayward
"If you like bagels, this is the spot. Really tasty, wood-fired oven, quick..."
Anthony Beron
"The best bagel I have ever eaten. Hands down. Not even a..."
Brandie Hannon
"Good crisp bagel I love plain bagels toast with butter and my mom mama b likes there cream cheese with smoked lox toasted lightly and I love there..."
Tiffany Lockett
"Always awesome! Little crowded but to be expected with such a good..."
Matthew Laycock
"Best Bagels around that I know of! Came on a Saturday and the line was out the..."
Randall Contreras
"Always a nice place to come and sit down and have something good and healthy to..."
Michael Engle
"I'm in disbelief. How good must the salt bagel be if I'm depressed that it is gone before the tasty fried chicken and beet slaw..."
Matt Woods
"Will you please open up a shop in Napa? If you say no we will still drive to Oakland... But you should come to Napa. We are having a water and bagel..."
Jenny Kruch
"You're attention to my Amazon problem exceeds my expectations! Obviously, Beauty's Bagel shop should expect some very thankful..."
Karla Quinn Alldredge