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Scratch Bar & Kitchen
94/100 (735 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Invited to experience a different approach to a delicious 12 course dinner. Small to medium size portions of unique food combinations. Menu changes..."
Renee Ardon
"Amazing spot. It's like Disneyland (they bring you through an experience, like NoVacancy) for American Nouveau cuisine. The staff is incredibly..."
Benjamin Boehlke
"We had such a pleasant experience dining at the Scratch Bar & Kitchen on Sunday night. We sat at the counter and watched the talented and friendly..."
Shakeh Manoukian Simmons
"It was amazing! Each dish was bursting with flavors that would take up a lot of space trying to describe them. The ambience was nice. Cool bar where..."
Matt Grace
"There are no words for the experience at Scratch. It was my favorite meal ever, and I’m being completely truthful. The whole experience is unique..."
Nicole Pifko
"There are no words because I couldn't think of any. Amazing, ingenious, lovely, flavorful, intruguing? No, it was better. I couldn't stop laughing..."
Lisa Purvis
"Hands down the best food I have ever tasted! The chefs were all nice, fun,and they all seemed to genuinely enjoy being there and making this amazing,..."
Kerri Allen
"What a great experience! Each roll was hand crafted with a little bit of love and flare that you just won't experience (possibly) anywhere else. I'd..."
garrett bolton
"Wow... That was a real culinary experience. The chefs & entire staff are very passionate about their job and it shows. Every dish was beautifully..."
Eric Fitucci
"If you are looking for an exciting, unique and exquisite restaurant than this is it!the experience is like no other. You will enjoy carefully crafted..."
Garry Aizin
"My wife and I were able to dine here last night for our 7 year anniversary. We wanted to have a special dinner and we were not disappointed at all!..."
Michael Saechang
"Amazing. Pricey, but very well worth every penny. I ate here with my girlfriend during DineLA and we enjoyed every single dish. Since everything..."
Jason Kiesel
"The experience is worth trying, for once at least. They have a 21 course menu, crafted carefully from, literally, scratch! There are 2 rooms 1) the..."
Subhi Nahas
Desano Pizza Bakery
94/100 (925 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Ice Cream
"This place was excellent! Me and my husband and eight of our cousins all met up to eat there before we went to the Los Angeles haunted hayride! We..."
Nicole Cook
"Our bomb neighborhood Neapolitan pizza in Hollywood. If you want excellent pizza eat here. If you’re going to complain why it’s $20 above..."
Anto Atamian
"The best pizza in LA hands down. The people that run this place are awesome and it's huge inside so even though it's usually packed there's always..."
Greg Siebel
"Great pizza, excellent vibe. Love the communal seating and open kitchen to watch them make the pizza dough and pizzas. This is the real deal for..."
Jonathan Darr
"Hands down best pizza I have had outside of Italy! Amazing food and wonderful..."
Tara Ferry
"Authentic italian pizza.. excellent taste... made from scratch. .very good service and nice place ... i like their happy hour deal... good job..."
Leo Nobleza
"Hands down Best pizza ive ever had! Authentic food & very friendly staff! My family and I cant wait to be back in LA because we will definitely be..."
Kristy Uribe
"Excellentes pizzas traditionnelles cuites au feu de bois. Ambiance et concept très..."
Pascal Boisset
"Loved this pizza. 1st time here! I'll always go back. And the best authentic ice cream..."
Estrada Angelina
"Excellent Naples style pizza. Thin crust with top notch ingredients. Excllent..."
Jeff Cohen
"Love, love, their margharita pizza and spinach salad!! So goooood, perfect..."
Traci Zycha
"We go here every time... Always a treat for my kids whenever we eat here. Friendly staff and super accommodating owner. We love it. Five star +..."
Edward Acosta
"IF YOU LIKE WOOD OVEN PIZZA.... THEN WALK IN WITH CONFIDENCE. This Review is based solely on my experience and personal opinion. I went to the..."
Alessandro Moschetti
"They make one of the best Margherita pizza! Have tried their pizza in Austin too. Same taste and crust. We ordered the Margherita classic VPN. They..."
Payal Sanghavi
"Pizza is tasty and authentic. This is one of the first (if not the actual first) place I got pizza after moving to LA, introduced by my boyfriend,..."
Kat Matias
"Loved and frequented this location for years and it’s always been spectacular. However the pizza given to me today was another level. All of their..."
David Funk
"The dough was fresh and amazing! Usually I concentrate on toppings and cheese but I focused on the dough at this pizza restaurant. My friend..."
Millie Kang
"COVID REVIEW: Visited this place in August 2021 when masks are required again and I felt safe in this place since it was spacious overall. Layout was..."
"Take home dough balls! Super amazing Canoli! Would definitely recommend calling in advance as there can be a fairly long wait. Absolutely fantastic..."
John Parnell
"When you arrive at DeSano for the first time, it is hard to know what to expect. The building apparently has no windows, doesn’t have much signage..."
Michael Busse
94/100 (5792 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Foie gras
"WonderfulA great feast of sea bounty. Creative, interesting, fun. Service top without attitude. Sommelier particularly good. Very expensive..."
Shravya Choudhary
"Been @ Providence Few Times During Holiday Trips w Family & Friends Years Ago. 2019 L.A 🌟 🌟 Michelin. Exquisite Fine Dining & Classy Elegant..."
"The food is precious and artfully presented here. Some men might complain that they leave hungry, but it is a treasure of a restaurant, and if you..."
Top Foodie
"Best meal of my life! Its worth every penny. Food was astoundingly good, Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and ambience peaceful.Food:..."
Priyanka Naik
"I enjoyed one of the best meals of my life at Providence. It's the kind of place you save up for... and it is worth every penny. The food is..."
Romika Maheshwari
"Best occasion restaurant in Los Angeles unless you are wealthy enough to eat there everyday (in which case, go for it). Exquisite food and service,..."
Kavita Saroi
"Excellent foodIt's a wonderful place -- excellent food. But for me, it's just too expensive. I guess Michelin stars mean you can charge a..."
Sonali Sharma
"Great seafood restaurant! Attentive staff, good selection of wines, very elegant interior, and nice atmosphere overall. The salt prawn that they cook..."
Alisa Boysis
"“Let’s go to Pink’s after dinner, if we’re still hungry,” I told Catboy, knowing that there might be a possibility that we might have some..."
MissKim Behgopa
"One of L.A.'s bestUnparalleled seafood and more. Fantastic service as well. Naturally the cost is a bit more than average, but not..."
Shweta Bhalla
"We had a pleasant dinner at Providence. The menu has great selections of French and sea food. Tasty and fresh. Dressings are addictive. Staff are..."
Amal Foods
"By far the best seafood restaurant in So Cal! Execution on the most imaginative menu is punctuated by it's consistency. It is a very special..."
Jay Eagan
"Brilliant service & Superb food , very high standards that have set the bar to another level book in advance & very pleased to share this experience..."
"In my profession, they call it the "art of medicine", the "art of healing". Every profession has them, those masters who mix talent with tact,..."
Kelsey Chen
"We (and many others) think this is the best restaurant in Los Angeles. We go there for special occasions and enjoy the remarkably creative cuisine,..."
Shruti Verma
"We have been to many exquisite and high-end Chef's Table meals in the best restaurants and Inns across this country. While the unique dishes and..."
Shweta Khanna
"Synopsis: Few Agencies ranks Providence #1 in his top 100 restaurants, and I must agree. The food is presented in small courses, beautifully arranged..."
"Providence- Los Angeles Synopsis: Few Agencies ranks Providence #1 in his top 100 restaurants, and I must agree. The food is presented in..."
"The food here is so delicious, thoughtful and creative. The service is impeccable. The wine parings are spot on. If you haven't ever done a set menu,..."
Kangana Rituraj
"This has been my most memorable meal to date. I say one of the best meals I will probably have in my entire life! Everything was just completely..."
"An L.A. Foodie Must Do. And not just for special occasions either. Chef/Owner Michael Cimarusti is doing things over there with Culinary Gastronomy..."
Jack Bourdain
"Outstanding and Memorable. I wouldn't leave the States without trying this restaurant.I had the degustation menu and it was to die for...."
Bianca Jade
"Food is great! Creative subtle flavors that really stand out..."
"Walks the Walk. For me, it's rare to walk out of a high-end/fine-dining establishment truly feeling that I got my money's worth. Simply put,..."
"Excellent for Special Occasions. My wife and I went to Providence for our anniversary. We did not intend to try one of their tasting menus, but the..."
"5-Course Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing, NICE!!. Dinner starts with Amuse-Bouche, very refreshing. 5-Course Tasting Menu included, Kanpachi, Scallop,..."
"Overall...pretty impressive.. A good friend of mine took me here for my birthday. i've always heard great things and figured it was time to see for..."
"Elegant and tasty. Great food, and service, elegant but little..."
"A Cornucopia of Flavor Artistry. I took my boyfriend here last night for his birthday after a friend recommended it. We had the 9 course tasting..."
Claire Hawley
"B++. I like the desert selection the most. the service was good..."
"The place for fish in LA. We went for the tasting menu and were wowed by flavor and creativity. The service was exceptional. A great place to create..."
"An elegant dining experience. I went to Providence for dinner last night with two friends. This was a totally unplanned visit. My friends and I were..."
"The dictionary defines the word “providence” as divine guidance.  One meal here and you will see why it is such a fitting name for the..."
Food Porn Director
"The menu has a few options: you may choose to enjoy a three-course meal and choose your items from one side of the menu, or you may have the five- or..."
Cindy N
"...Providence is my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. The word "outstanding" doesn't do this restaurant justice. In my opinon, Providence is the..."
Please Add Bacon
"Providence is one of my favorite restaurants in L.A. - even though I'd only been there once before. You know how sometimes people say you meet the..."
One More Bite Blog
"Chef Michael Cimarusti has clearly made a name for himself working from the original Spago in Hollywood to his seven-year stay at Water Grill. Now,..."
Helen Kim
"What came out next was alive just minutes before hitting our..."
"here's a few facts about the number 40. it's an even number. if you double 20 then you will see 40 again. if you get your speedometer up to 40 on a..."
"So far, Providence gets 5 NOMs in my..."
Catty Critic
"For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I had a bit of a meltdown before I left for the US. Them and their tricksy immigration rules, combined..."
"I have ruined my short lived foodie career by going to Providence. There's no point in trying other places anymore, I'll come here..."
Kathy Lee
"I have to confess that I really wasn't in the mood for going to Providence. Several days of cruising around Los Angeles like a madwoman, plus the 10..."
"I knew I would love Chef Michael Cimarusti’s cooking long before I set foot into Providence. His appearance on season two of After Hours with..."
The Gastronomer
"Providence is a seafood restaurant run by chef, Michael Cimarusti. It has been top rated and focuses on seafood in its purest and simplest form...."
"Chef Michael is as talented as we had heard. We indulged in the lavish tasting menu and added on the caviar service, which was incredible. The..."
Emily G
"The finest dinner experience I've ever had. It offers the absolute best sea food anyone can find on the West Coast. The service is straight out of a..."
Kevin “Sirhaian” Leroy
""Great customer service! We get our order quickly and all dishes were extremely tasty. Love this Lazy Dig so much ❤. The staff is so welcoming and..."
Debra R. Colosimo
"Unarguably the best fine dining in LA. They are currently doing the 8-course menu for $250, with the option of additional items such as oysters, uni..."
Christine S
"Two Star Michelin fine dining restaurant by Michael Cimarusti. Situated on Melrose Avenue, Providence is reminiscent of fine French restaurants with..."
Andrew Lim
"This is my first time to dine in this Michelin 2 star restaurant. Chef Michael Cimarusti’s 8 course tasting menu is nothing but spectacular. My..."
Susanna SS
93/100 (5484 ratings)
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Late Night
Breakfast Sandwich
French Toast
Foie gras
Juice & Smoothies
Roast Chicken
Croque Madame
Steak Tartare
French Fries
"One of the better dining experiences I’ve had in LA - a must try. Enjoyable atmosphere that is both intimate and lively with good lighting. The..."
"One of my favorite breakfast spots in Los Angeles. There is a variety of pastries freshly baked to choose from. You can order breakfast as well. We..."
"Delicious pastries and breakfast. Service was quick and attentive. The line was understandably long, but kept moving along. It is busy on Saturday..."
"Overall a wonderful experience! They were very accommodating from the beginning when we were running late to our dinner reservation and we were..."
"Overall experience was great, the interior lay out is pretty unique,a great place for photos. I ordered a Today’s quiche and a Croque Madame. The..."
Might Lee
"Love the food and atmosphere. I reached at around 11am and there was a long queue. However, the queue moved pretty fast, where orders were taken..."
Geraldine Loo
"The avocado toast was also very good and lighter than the mushroom toast. I love how it wasn’t just plain avocado, and the balance of the..."
John A. Ziegler
"Very nice food. Pricey but worthy. They use fresh fruit as part of the ingredients which makes the taste fresh and unique. Good for a hot summer..."
Ro Lo
La Bruschetta Ristorante
93/100 (901 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Ric and I went for our anniversary. We’d heard good things from friends and colleagues so we thought we’d go somewhere different for a change and..."
Seth Eskigian
"My boyfriend and I ate here last night for our anniversary, and had one of the best meals we had together. The atmosphere of La Bruschetta was..."
Grace Margaret
"Drove by this restaurant after picking up my son from the airport. The traffic was horrible so we popped in. Great service, atmosphere and the food..."
Sharmaine Schuler Pollock
"Food is delicious!!! The people there is so Good they always treat u!!! Like part of them!!¡ always remember what u eat, what u drink!!!! And they..."
Laura de la O
"Thank you Angelo for the GREAT service Steven and I where given. Food was delicious & just as we thought that we had been satisfied the tiramisu for..."
Xenia Priscilla
"Thank you Angelo. After driving for about two hours my daughter and I were starving from our spontaneous mother-daughter getaway she remembered this..."
Maria Elena Villarreal
"One of the best dining experiences and I loved the fact we felt like family! Thank you..."
Melissa Jarboe
"The food, atmosphere, and service at La Bruschetta is awesome! This is my favorite place to dine whenever I am in or near the LA area! I always..."
Stephanie Martin
"Very nice place to have a romantic dinner... The people are so nice and love how they make you feel like your in..."
Daphne Beard
"The best Italian food in LA. The owners Angelo, Suzanna, and Robb are a wonderful family. Highly..."
Tony Pinto
"Always a great time! Exceptional food and a warm inviting dining..."
Genevieve Burciaga
"I can't tell you the last time we had great service and great food! Angelo is great and took the time to talk to us about life and we enjoyed the..."
Suzane Bressner Shelden
"Amazing food and amazing..."
Marie George Joseph
"La cucina italiana trasferita in modo sublime a Los Angeles. Fantastico ristorante da non perdere..."
Eleonora Fiore
"I love the name I have sold my one 7 years a go ! La Bruschetta in South Yarra Vic .... :) One day I will came and visiting yours ::)) Keep up..."
Elvira Mazzeo
"E super super fine e speciale , da consigliare a tutti ......E poi e' tutta italiana..."
Maria Peloni
"Having a nice Dinner with my friend Linda. I am very happy to discover this Italian restaurant. The owners are very nice, the service is excellent...."
cloud tang
"Cozy and authentic! I really enjoyed La Bruschetta. Our waiter, Michele, was..."
Margot Calabrese
"I never share reviews, but my husband and I had such a great experience here that we said we’d have to leave one. We came to dinner with a large..."
Katherine Brodie
"We sat outside (due to COVID) and the outdoor seating is actually delightful. They have a little mini golf carpet in the alley. The service was..."
Geoffrey Holtsclaw
"First time visiting this quaint Italian restaurant. Food was delicious, I had the Insalada di Barbabietole e Buratta, and Rigatoni Bolognse with a..."
Christina Hernandez
"Absolutely delicious! Family owned restaurant. The food and ambiance was fantastic. Can't wait to go..."
Shawn DePasquale
"At one of my all time favorites with some of the coolest people I know. At dinner with one of my first bosses from highschool and her family, we've..."
Frank Alonso
"Classy Italian restaurant. A place you would go to for a nice Italian meal. Don't forget to check in on Yelp for a free scoop of gelato. Only one..."
Andrew Wong
Kali Restaurant
93/100 (1268 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Ice Cream
"Loved the experience with lots of thanks and appreciations. We 2 girls arrived in LA with luggage and they helped take care of it so we can go for a..."
Hui Huang
"I am pleased and ecstatic writing this post while remembering our lovely evening moments at Kali. What an extraordinary culinary art, refreshing..."
"We got the $190 tasting menu. The food was great (except the white asparagus) but the service definitely didnt meet the expectation of the..."
"Chef/Owner Kevin Meehan has one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. I had the Chef's tasting menu and I have to say that every bite of every..."
Ricky Wood
"Amazingly, delicious, well prepared and beautifully presented chef’s tasting course menu. Also, Drew and his team were so fun to talk to. I had..."
April S
"The four of us had the chef's tasting menu (8-courses) which were all excellent. The portions were generous. Flavors were good, simple if nothing..."
Noah Walters
"Absolutely delicious. First time going to a restaurant of this level, my husband and I would go back without a doubt. Service was very nice and..."
Britney Sharp
"My overall opinion of my dining experience at Kali is a mild disappointment. I ordered the Seasonal Tasting Menu which is a five course dish at $140..."
Christian Lee
Bacari Playa Del Ray
93/100 (989 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Wine Bar
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
"Last October, my cousin brought my boyfriend and I here for brunch. Since then, we both had a craving for Bacari and I even had dreams about it (it's..."
Lisa Arroyo
"Amazing food, awesome service, and a super homey/warm atmosphere! My new favorite restaurant~ I've always wanted to try this place, and I was..."
Jessie Key
"Great menu and atmosphere! Happy hour drinks and discounts on tapas. Excellent variety on the menu for anyone to find something they love! I love..."
Erica Nicole McCall
"Amazing staff, exquisite food and most importantly wonderful..."
Vicky Marquez
"Oh yum ! A great menu guaranteed to have a few choices you haven’t had before. I will stop by every time I’m in the..."
Patience M. Fisher
"Cozy little place with a great vibe and amazing comfort food. Shared the pork belly, burrata and burger. Will definitely be back for..."
Karl Polverino
"Amazing food, kind staff, good views and great..."
Lauren Smith
"I love the food and drinks in this place!!! Never disappointed!..."
Jeanette Frontera
"What a great place!!!! Stopped in yesterday after work with a girlfriend and boy were we surprised! Great location, great food, amazing service and..."
Carol Mell
"Great food, great staff, great drinks, great happy hour...grateful for this neighborhood gem!!! Thanks to everyone that works there for making each..."
Maria Reyes
"I had a fantastic time with my girlfriend celebrating my engagement! Bacari PDR is FABULOUS - the wine and cocktails were excellent, as well as the..."
Kirsten Therese Leslie
"Awesome tapas style joint. Everything was great! Especially the pork..."
Larry Maloney
"Staff was super helpful with suggestions and recommendations. Food was amazing!!! They are generous with the..."
ShaDonna Chambers
"Excellent small plates and lovely space...will def go..."
Jan C Michaels
"Those Bacari Fries, tho �! I was most impresses with the twist on basic..."
Kinya Christian
"Its so pretty inside. The mine bottles all over and also the lamps. Wow what a bar. Bottles ive never seen in..."
Alejandro Antonio Rivas
"We rediscovered this spot during the pandemic and had an amazing dinner the first time we visited. This past weekend, we decided on a brunch, and I..."
Katie Dellegrotti
"Cute spot right near the beach! I went here with a couple friends yesterday, one who had recommended we all try it. The whole deal is they serve..."
Maggie Fox
"Perfect food. Comfortable atmosphere. But service must be better. Our waitress was that busy talking to a colleague all evening, so we had to go..."
Vladislava Kursheva
"Excellent customer service, the drinks are made with love, the food is decent; very small portions. The vegan pizza was ok, personal size, I think..."
Cachefa Bruce
"The outdoor seating was fantastic, depending on where you’re sitting there are gorgeous views of the beach. The service was very attentive and..."
Anushka McCreary
"Delicious drinks and food. The brussel sprouts are to die for along with the brie pizza. Absolutely worth every penny. The best cake you've ever had..."
Jay Hulett
"Beautiful presentation of our meals as well as top quality ingredients of flavors! I've worked fine dining personally and applaude the service we..."
Angela “Miss Priss” Gould
93/100 (1020 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Ice Cream
"I had the Grilled Mahi Mahi with gilled veggies and lime rice. I am telling you I never had this dish from anywhere as delicious as I had yesterday..."
Tammy Nunes
"Always great food. We've had many dishes from their menu, and have never been disappointed. For desert, their flan is the..."
George Paoli
"Great service,good food .Worth a visit Ate the whole grilled fish and the meat platter ,both were filling and..."
Vijay Patel
"The best Mexican food I’ve ever had, everything we put in our mouths was of the highest standards. The service was great, the staff were friendly,..."
GJ Livingstone
"Everything was great!!! That Jamaica ( hibiscus) margarita was a high point!! I loved the spicy, smokey salsa and house made chips..."
Joy May-Harris
"Great happy hour menu. Loved the margaritas and the food was very authentic and delicious. The service was top notch too. We will definitely come..."
Maria Mestas Hall
"Awesone place. Very clean and the service was on point!. I chose the perfect place for my birthday..."
Debra Hampton
"Comida y postres deliciosa, presentacion de platillos de lujo, bebidas originales , bar completo, elegante,moderno, original, limpio. Personal..."
Noelia Luevanos
"My husband took me here & since he works downtown has been going since it opened. Best guacamole & chips I've had in LA! Their ceviche & fish taco..."
Barbara Plowden
"The best Mexican food, drinks and ambiance! You have to experience it..."
Eli Cossio
"My husband and I were there for date night and loved it! The atmosphere was cool and the look and décor was fun and vibrant. To me nothing beats..."
Idalia Taylor
"Delicious food & drinks. The location isn't great, but it's easily forgotten once inside the restaurant. The patio area is really nice and secluded...."
Patty Bruzzone Romo
"Wonderful lunch service. The food was excellent. Very little beef on the menu. Think vege, chicken or pork. I'll be..."
Jeffrey Boxer
Emilia Molina
"Love the food here. The best handmade Blue Corn Tortillas. The chips and guacamole are very good. Very good service with friendly servers. When..."
Dora Arredondo
"The happy hr is just great , but I’m always here for the carnitas nachos and the yxta margarita , 10/10..."
Alexis Rico
"Hands down THE best Mexican food I've EVER eaten! I never realized Mexican food can be THIS exquisite, this refined, this delicious & yet still be..."
John Ueng (Uncle John)
"I recommend the chicken mole enchiladas 😋 soo fresh and..."
Daniel Garcia
"Atmosphere is spacious. Not feeling very close others at the next table. Very chill vibe. Great staff & was very friendly and attentive. My sweet..."
Ms. D
"One of the best pozoles I’ve ever had. With the most tender pork bits yet firm hominy, I ordered myself two bowls. Pozole is only available on..."
M Hernandez
"Excellent margaritas and tacos. The service was very friendly at the bar. The bartender was quick with refills, but not overbearing. It’s location..."
Nick Huddleston
Bestia Restaurant
93/100 (5841 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Late Night
Kale Salad
"Very delicious. Great place for those who value quality ingredients and exceptional service. Enjoyed their attention to detail and delicacy. Chicken..."
Jackiee Oro
"The servers and all the staff are super friendly, attentive, and courteous. Can't miss the bone marrow pasta appetizer. That is the most consistent..."
Matthew S. Houston
"Handmade pasta, house made ice cream, and freshly baked bread are some of the reasons why Bestia was an excellent dining experience. The flavors were..."
Noora Shehab-Sehovic
"Fantastic! Deliciousio!! Italian eats of the highest order in LA. Everything we tried was delicious. Stand outs include the bone marrow (which our..."
Alexander Kontoleon
"Bestia is one of my favorite restaurants in LA. The food is amazing! Simple, but delicious recipes. It’s great if you go with 4+ people so that you..."
Tyler Colburn
"My friend and I went here for dinner after seeing a play in the area. The wait was very short even though the restaurant was very busy. There is..."
Nicole Embry
"Food was awesome with vibrant flavors!!! Great atmosphere and hip vibes at the restaurant. However, tables were very close proximity and noise level..."
Jung Rim Suh
"Great meal, every dish was full of flavors and nicely presented. Music was loud, but I quite liked what they were playing. The service was excellent,..."
Don Dresser
93/100 (1966 ratings)
Quick Bites
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Croque Madame
"came for breakfast, but since the breakfast menu is limited from what we are used to, we settled for some pastries and bagels. the ham and cheese..."
Alexis C
"Interesting and unique high class deli style food. Being from New York you get similar items at a great deli, but with the atmosphere and fresh..."
Elisa Tsang
"This place is a real gem. Baklava croissant is amazing. Pastrami Sandwich, salmon went eggs, banana cream pies are all great. Their outdoor seating..."
Ayşegül Yönet
"We visited Gjusta for breakfast and had a nice experience. When we entered, the guy inside was friendly and helped us understand the menu before we..."
Osama Malik
"Very cool place with delicious food. prices are above average, tips are included in the check. I tried a plate of rice, you pay extra for an..."
Elena L
"Line wasn’t too long. You can tell they have a massive following. Service was great and efficient. The spread of food is impressive. My egg and ham..."
Scott Wong
"Gjusta wouldn’t even need my review. This place is the legit place. It may be hard to find it if you haven’t been there since there is no big..."
Aeji Byun
"I don't like the service at the counter concept for the dining in, where you order, pay and go sit. It seems to be more and more the norm. But then..."
Justin Gallop
Nickel Diner
93/100 (433 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Late Night
Corned Beef
French Toast
"Great hash. Sweet spicy way to start a Saturday . I love that the servers come to your table with freshly made donuts that they made. REALLY? Yes Get..."
Jeffrey Rowlands
"It’s been about five years since I’ve eaten here and I’m so glad it hasn’t closed. The food continues to be delicious and well priced despite..."
Randi L Rubin
"The wait staff was great. Food was good, but I felt the corned beef I got was lacking a bit. Hard to say exactly what. Maybe both sides should have..."
Robert Roberts
"Took my mom for breakfast because she was in town and leaving right afterwards. It needed to be somewhere close and not packed as a lot of places get..."
Adam A. Z.
"This place is definitely a throwback (even the customer service). Oldies playing, old school retro feel, with hardy comfort breakfast choices. Best..."
Adam Ruiz
"Had a lovely experience at Nickel Diner. I ordered the chilaquiles plate with eggs over easy. Their tomatillo sauce was delicious, I wish the dish..."
Nicole Ridgely
"All I can say is FOOD IS AMAZING. I would eat there every Sunday if I wasn't so concerned about my summer body. Chilaquiles, Fivecent Bag, burrito..."
Carlos Valdez
"Definitely worth trying. I love this spot for breakfast and I have not been to anywhere cozier 👍🏽 I have taken my dog there and have sat..."
Anthony Seynos
The Edmon
93/100 (234 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"Really great vibe here, great setting, food & drinks were spot on, would def recommend this place & i for sure will be back..."
Owen Ingram
"I've had dinner here twice since they opened and all I can say is WOW! Fantastic food, yummy cocktails, and amazing atmosphere. These guys did it..."
Richard Agopian
"I try to eat here every time I come to L.A. The vibe is good, the drinks and food tasty, the service is top notch. It never..."
Ben Grawe
"Great hidden Gem; high end bar and restaurant. Great craft cocktails and mixologists - especially..."
Jim Allaire
"One of the best rooms in Los Angeles. The food is great and the staff is..."
Patrick Griffin
"Love this spot! Flavoring food, ambience & staff!! Rich nostalgic feel with a modern day twist pared with crafted spirits and a menu to satisfy the..."
Janel Martinez
"Went for a cocktail mixer. Excellent service. Fantastic cocktails. Elegant interior. Will definitely be back to check out the menu & the scotch..."
Rebecca Yoko Burnside
"Very nice design and space lay out. Loved everything about the this place especially the "Old..."
Angela Reich
"Good food and drinks! Loved the Pinot Noir! The staff were..."
Haze Fatale
"They make an awesome rye Manhattan. And the lamb ragu pasta was outstanding. Definitely recommend a stop to check it..."
Lewis Cline
"Beautiful, sophisticated and delicious. They made my milestone birthday party a night to remember. Thank..."
Meg Haworth
"The Best food around and wonderful cocktails! Beautiful atmosphere..."
Brian Mehlbrech
"Best place for amazing drinks. You must try it to believe..."
Jack Sky
"Great service, great atmosphere, and great..."
Kerry Moynahan
"Get the boar... That's all I have to say about..."
Bryce Averitt
"I really like to dine around, the food is always great and I like the atmosphere of the restaurant. It is also interesting to live in a bar for a..."
Emma Haley
"Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Food and drinks are good too , the star of the show was the olive oil cake with blueberry compote and vanilla..."
Ashlyn Harding
"Amazingly elevated, delicious food, but not pretentious! It has a classic neighborhood-haunt kinda feel, dressed up in old-school Hollywood glam...."
amy stoltenberg
"Stopped in for a quick beer which was great! A lot of empty space, could use a few more tables but the bar was beautiful. Out of a lot of beers in..."
Ann B
"We had a fantastic time at the Edmon. Had dinner there twice while staying at the Hollywood Historic - the food is great, the atmosphere extremely..."
charlotte gandon
"Great cocktails! The very attractive art deco interior design makes you feel like your in the Great Gatsby! The patio space out back is really..."
Tim O'Donnell
"Great vibes for outdoor happy hour..."
Smitha Mahesh
"Great service and ambiance. Outdoor dining available. Lots of parking. Food was pretty good. We tried 2-3 different dishes. They check for..."
andy tran
Fabrocini's Italian Restaurant
93/100 (239 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
"This is my Neighborhood secret ! A fabulous Italian Restaurant in the hills of Bel Air with fabulous authentic Italian food wines and desserts! My to..."
Nancy Fagan
"Best Italian restaurant in town. One meal and you will realize what great Italian cooking is all about. And the hosts and waiters spoil you like you..."
Ken Linzer
"Hidden in the hills of Bel Air, a place where people come by word of mouth. Excellent service, fresh deliciously cooked food! Thank you for spoiling..."
Andre Israel
"One of my favorite restaurants in the entire city. Vince and Vinny are the best. The food is to die..."
Allan Chalme
"This is my favorite Italian restaurant. The food is great and the service is fantastic. The entire staff is friendly and attentive and the owners..."
Angel Gonzalez
"Dinner at Fabriocini was delicious this evening. The heat lamps made dining outside comfortable. Must have the chocolate mousse..."
Karen Ivy
"The food and service hear are always good. Nice to dine outdoors too. Prices are reasonable and the portion sizes are very..."
"Great food. The place for a classic and authentic margartia pizza. The calamari is excellent as is the veal parm. You won't be..."
Rob M
"Highly recommend the Eggplant. Spaghetti and sauce was just ok. Huge portions!..."
"Went there on a Sunday for lunch Nice atmosphere inside and outside seating Plenty of menu choices and wine We ordered bolognese and a panini..."
Dave Chajlow
"I've been coming here for 10 years. The staff is wonderful, the food great, and they'll make changes to accommodate dietary..."
Chuck Nickerson
"We've eaten there for years. Wonderful food, great service, fabulous Italian..."
Nancy Daum
"An excellent modern American menu with a slight Italian bent. There are options for everyone! The cocktails were diverse, expertly mixed, and quite..."
James Fox