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Shokudo, Honolulu 1585 Kapiolani Blvd - Honolulu

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• Asian
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Menu Shokudo

  • tempura bar‎
    • pumpkin tempura
    • vegetable tempura
    • calamari tempura
    • shrimp tempura
    • assorted tempura
  • sashimi bar‎
    • ahi (tuna
    • salmon
    • ika (squid)
    • hotate (scallop)
    • hamachi (yellowtail)
  • sushi bar‎
    • assorted sashimi
    • spicy tuna roll
    • spicy scallop roll
    • shrimp tempura roll
    • tempura roll
  • . . .
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  • Monday: PoistaLisää sivullesi tarjous tai alennus ja houkuttele ihmisiä yritykseesi
  • Tuesday: Maanantai: 11.30–20.00
  • Wednesday: Tiistai: 11.30–20.00
  • Thursday: Keskiviikko: 11.30–20.00
  • Friday: Torstai: 11.30–20.00
  • Saturday: Perjantai: 11.30–20.00
  • Sunday: Lauantai: 11.30–20.00

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Shyll Anteola Domingo
Our first time here. The food and the server did not disappoint us! The server was very attentive to our needs and was very polite! Food including the dessert are very palatable.
Vicki Anderson
Superb Japanese Restaurant in Honolulu. Please give it a try and you will love it as much as we do. They make their own tofu every hour. Sushi and sashimi are very high quality too. But, please don't miss the Homemade Tofu Salad. This dish is why I come back again and again. Sooooo good. Always recommended by diners is the Honey Toast. As you look around, every table is sharing this sweet treat. There is often a line. Don't let that deter you. It's 5 star restaurant in our eyes and worth it.
James Mabry
This is a very popular restaurant and the wait time reflected that. On this particular visit we had to wait 45 to be seated and than only had 10 minutes to order food since they were closing soon. The food was tasty and the staff was great.
Carlyle Handley
Returned to Shokudo after a long hiatus and happy to see that the food & service are still top notch! Known for their Honey Toast & fresh seafood offerings with a casual, welcoming atmosphere Shokudo restaurant does not disappoint. At my last visit our group was greeted at the front and seated almost immediately. Our server April was very sweet and while admitting that she was new, she already had some favorite items on the menu, the Homemade Tofu Salad & Red Eye Roll. We ordered both as well as a few other dishes on the menu. Both of her suggestions were fantastic! The tofu salad is not only delicious, it's also huge and was great to share for our party of three. The service was very attentive, April as well as another server, Alex, answered our questions on some unfamiliar items. Even though April didn't know the entire menu yet, she was happy to check with senior staff and came back with answers and a beaming smile :D When our meal was winding down one of the managers, Karlo, stopped by and suggested the famous Honey Toast for dessert. He joked that some meals both begin and end with Honey Toast, suffice to say, we were sold. I was especially happy to see that it was available with two of my favorite flavors of ice cream, Cookies n Cream, and Green Tea! We will definitely be back.

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Welcome to Shokudo. The activity is the sort of restaurant.
Do you have any issues a s regards your eating diets?This isn't an issue in this place. Without a doubt here people with some concerns of eating behaviour can consume without warning as there are gluten free options choices.
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