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Poke Bar, Honolulu 226 Lewers Street #L106 - Honolulu

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Menu Poke Bar

  • Size
    • Two (2) Fish Bowl
    • Three (3) Fish Bowl
  • Step 1 - Base
    • Sushi Rice
    • Brown Rice
    • Greens (Spring Mix)
    • Sushi Rice & Greens
    • Brown Rice & Greens
  • Step 2 - Free Side
    • Miso Crab*
    • Seaweed Salad*
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Julie Taeko
Amazing attention to detail. I was flabbergasted. Once I mentioned that I had a sesame seed and sesame oil allergy, the staff was very specific about what I could choose and what I could not choose. They also double-checked items to make sure I could or could not eat it. I really appreciate the meticulous attention to detail, so rarely found anywhere. AND the food was delicious — fresh and tasty. We definitely want to come back here again.
Elsy Chow
😋 Delicious Poke. Don't get me wrong I love original Hawaiian Poke. But the Poke bar is the best of both worlds. Finally Poke with some rice and greens. Not traditional style but delicious with lots of options and toppings. Fresh fish. Tasty. Will return.
Mahalo iā 'oe !! Honest, down to earth and simple poké Bar dishing up super yummy grub at good value for money prices considering the location. I got a large box which had plentiful diversity, flavor and plenty of greens with fresh and vibrant tasting Spicy Ahi, Fresh Ahi and Octopus, tasted awesome and a rad dining experience. There is optimal seating outside for you to chow down underneath the beautiful tiki fire toches on an evening with a great vibe around this area. I wish they had some Gochujang or alternatives hot sauces without Mayo, also gave you the option for two premium toppings so you can get Wakame Seaweed and Miso Crab. My friend also got tofu which was so basic, no seasoning and relies on dressing, surely should be cheaper than if you were to get any of the fresh fish poke scoops. Support local businesses and Hang Low!!
Monica Cho
The first ahi poke bowl we tried, and it was delicious! Loved the crunchy toppings and how you can add so many things on top! I got the fresh ahi bowl and added all the free toppings, soooooo good... hub got the spicy ahi.
Andrea Ran
Definitely delicious! I'm from the northeast, and there are tons of poke bars in the city. None of them could beat this one over the freshness of the ingredients--you gotta eat the authentic poke!!
Cindy Fu (YUKIN3K0)
TL;DR: add pineapple, always add pineapple, come on, you're in Hawaii. Great food but a bit on the spendy side for the proportion you receive. Parking: resort/hotel garages or lots outside the shopping strip only. Minimal street parking if any. Atmosphere: small dining area abides to 6 foot distancing due to COVID. Like a Subway but for poké. Menu: straightforward step by step process. You have many topping options here but the price difference depends on the number of proteins you want. Service: start at the far left, choose your toppings, pay at the end, seat and water yourself. Utensils located to the right of the register and a self watering station with paper cups is on the far right. Bus your own table near the water dispenser. Start by choosing a base (brown rice, white rice, or salad. Then choose your protein(s) -- I choose 2 proteins (double salmon scoops). Then all toppings are a free for all unless marked otherwise. Below are each of the toppings I chose. White rice: typical sushi rice in my opinion. Tastes good. Salmon: not the best in my honest opinion -- it's not as tender as some other poké bars and wasn't really that cold. That being said, I did not get any digestive issues, which is a huge plus for a poké bar. Seaweed salad: really tasty and tangy! I really appreciate the fact that it was fresh and crunchy and not fishy or overly salty tasting. Totally refreshing to have with each bite. Ginger: typical pickled yellow sushi ginger. Edamame: fresh and shiny, not shriveled and dry. Furikake: total must add for that photo pizzazz and flavor! Pineapple: nice hunks that are super juicy and sweet!
Elena Poluboyarinova
Lucia Poke on the island. Be sure to visit. You will be absolutely delighted with poke. Lots of additives. If you are on a healthy diet, you can choose salad instead of rice.


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