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Da Portable Rican, Portage - Portage

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Veronica Hui-Rodriguez
We went as a group of 6 and the overall experience was a good one. If you go with a group of more than 4 adults, expect to have a couple of tables to be pushed together. We had 2 circle tables pushed together, which initially, was weird but worked out fine. The ambiance, walls of painting, music & coqui sounds were all wonderful and true to Puerto Rico. The service was good but a bit on a slow side so make time for this. The waitresses dress in traditional white dresses. My group had Puerto Ricans and they have been here before. They loved their food. Appetizers: Tostones and mini pastelillos. Entrees: We got the lechon asado (popular dish), carne guisada (way too salty), and pollo al ajillo (chicken w/garlic cream, very GOOD). Beverages: Pepsi products, Malta, and cafe con leche. Dessert: their tres leches cake dessert was very good. Sides:Their arroz con gandules and alcapurria were very good!! Yuca fries were just ok. Will go back. Check their food trucks out too! NOTE: ONLY OPENED Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.
Niiaaa JdeP
Best Puerto Rican food anywhere around!

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Da Portable Rican

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