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Menu Blue Adobe Sante Fe Grille

  • Appetizers
    • Four Corners Bean Con Queso
    • Green Chile Lobster Dip
    • Queso Blanco
    • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
    • Green Chile Corn Crab Cakes
  • Enchanted Garden
    • Adobe Salad
    • New Mexican Caesar Salad
    • Silver City Spinach
    • Chip Chop Salad
    • Green Chile Corn Chowder
  • A Handful
    • Blue Adobe Burger
    • Original Burger
    • Pulled Pork Adobo Sandwich
    • Salmon BLT Wrap
    • Pecan Grilled Chicken Sandwich
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Joanne Walen
I had the crab cake salad. What! You say? Crab cakes in the desert? But they were delicious, and the portion was large enough for me to take ½ the order home for another meal. I certainly recommend their menu and service.
Elaina Wotten
Currently eating a shredded beef chimichanga and drinking a margarita. Best I’ve had visiting Mesa/Phoenix... insanely flavourful and just the perfect amount of heat. Totally recommend and thank you trip advisor for putting it on the number one list. We are definitely coming back!!! My man friend is telling me to recommend the seafood enchiladas as well. Delicious!!
High Rise Phoenix
Very intimate! Make reservations! We waited an hour for a table and were able to get a seat at the bar. It was worth the wait! Our bartender was amazing and beautiful personality! The queso is warm and cheesy goodness! The Cruise Daddy is the perfect sweet/sour margarita to compliment any dish on the menu! The salsa has this flavorful chipotle with the right amount of heat.
Raymond Henson
We had a wonderful meal starting right off with a tasty salsa to go with their warm chips. My wife had the chorizo stuffed chicken. She loved the combination of the spicy chorizo and the sweet amaretto cream sauce. It was accompanied by delicious mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. I had the stacked enchiladas with an egg on top. The sauce had a very rich, earthy taste...DELICIOUS! It reminded me of my grandma's homemade stacked enchiladas when I was a child. The service was over the top good!
Christopher Bigelow
I was on my own for Dinner tonight so I found myself at The Original Blue Adobe Grille in Mesa. I tried a little of everything based on what they marked as "House Specialties" to give the meal the best chance. Here's what I had and my thoughts: - Chips and Salsa About the only average part of the meal. Standard cantina chips. The Salsa had an appropriate spice level. - Guacamole It was fine. I personally prefer more tomatoe chunks in my guac. But the spice mix they put on top made up for that. - Spooning Rellanos Great stuffed peppers. Mix of beef tenderloin and Chorizo which they didn't skimp on. Smothered in green Chile, which was perfect. - Pumpkin Crème Brûlée I personally love a good Crème Brûlée. I thought it was kind of odd to find this at a Mexican restaurant, and it was something I'd get again. My only criticism here is that the top didn't pass the crack test. It was soft and more the consistency of a Crème Caramel (Flan). Flavor was fantastic though. The place wasn't busy and had a family vibe. Overall I'd give the place 7.2/10.
Mrs. Anderson
I've been going here since it first opened, over 20 years ago. Never had a bad meal. I like the Santa Cafe where you choose 3 items. The only tiny complaint is that the lobster dip is a bit small. Otherwise, it's always great!
Kim Scott
Based on 1 visit: The food is excellent. I had the chimichilada. My companion loved their meal too. The red sauce is pretty spicy, so you may want to go for the green sauce if you are not of having spice.
Ernest Schroeder
This place has great ratings and I must say, the meal has been memorable. Lazo greeted me at the door and has worked here nine years. He recommended the three choice combo meal for me. Seafood enchilada (salmon, halibut, shrimp), tenderloin relleno, pork stewed enchilada topped with a fried egg. The plate was accompanied with a large homemade tortilla, rice, and pinto beans. Their killer margarita on the rocks is perfectly balanced. For dessert I had the October pumpkin creme brulee and black coffee. OMG, the pumpkin creme brulee is amazing. Put this place on your bucket list. Life is short.
The stacked enchiladas with beef and red sauce were delicious. My boyfriend ordered a shredded taco and the green pork chili. It was also very delicious. Everything tasted homemade.
Kerry H
This is my first experience. The place was really clean. The waitress was very nice. At the advice of a friend I ordered the seafood enchiladas. I’m sure it would have been delicious, but something happened to this batch, as it was extremely salty. My friend ordered the same thing and said they had never tasted it that salty before. It really ruined the meal. The salsa was not appealing aesthetically, but it wasn’t bad. It’s just not my type of salsa. The rice was pretty good, and the pinto beans were very average. The birthday treat was on the house, and the ice cream and cookie were off-the-charts delicious. The customer service was so exceptional, I gave this place four stars instead of three stars. I will probably go back and order something different.
Kevin Boor
We went here for Valentine's Day. We did have reservations and were seated just past 7. It was packed. The restaurant was decorated with balloons and Valentine's theme. Every table was given a rose to take home. Before dinner was ordered warm tortilla chips and an excellent house salsa was served. We ordered a couple of drinks and when our server returned ordered dinner. The Tucamcari and the crab cakes with salmon. Let me tell you the food was absolutely 100% delicious. Everything was cooked to perfection and the taste impeccable. They don't miss any detail and the presentation was fabulous. The service was incredibly good and efficient on this infamous Hallmark day and I can tell you the kitchen did well and our server was on top of it. I can't believe of all the years living here that I finally tried the Original Blue Adobe Grill and I left totally satisfied. I am in love with this restaurant. 😍
Barry Reber
The food here was interesting, unique and delicious. The server was attentive and quick. The entres did take a little longer to come out, but it was well worth the wait. I had the rellenos. So good! The chiles were stuffed with chorizo and beef as well as cheese, battered and fried just right. My date had the stacked enchiladas with an egg on top. The corn tortillas were tender and seemed homemade. All the ingredients were perfect together and made a wonderful dish. We've only been once, but I'm really excited about going back and trying out more of the dishes on the menu.


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