Pho Bistro, Malden

Pho Bistro

Pho Bistro, Malden 8 Pleasant St - Malden

• Vietnamese
• Soups

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Menu Pho Bistro

  • Khai Vi/Appetizers.
    • 1. Cha Gio/Fried egg rolls
    • 2. Goi Cuon Tom/Shrimp spring roll
    • 3. Goi Cuon Thit Nuong/Grilled pork spring rolls
    • 4. Goi Cuon Nem Nuong/Pork meatball spring rolls
    • 5. Bi Cuon/Shredded pork skin spring roll
  • Goi/Salads.
    • 15. Goi Tom/Shrimp salad.
    • 16. Goi Ga/Chicken salad.
    • 17. Goi Tom Thit/Shrimp and pork salad.
    • 18. Goi Bo/Beef salad.
    • 19. Goi Chay/Vegetable salad.
  • Bun bo Hue/ Specialty soup
    • 60. Bun Bo Hue Dac Biet/Hue special soup
    • 61. Bun Bo Cha
    • 62. Bun Bo Gan
    • 64. Mi Hoanh Thanh/Wonton (shrimp and pork) egg noodle soup
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  • Monday: 11–22
  • Tuesday: Chiuso
  • Wednesday: 11–22
  • Thursday: 11–22
  • Friday: 11–22
  • Saturday: 11–22
  • Sunday: 11–22

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Pho Bistro

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Welcome to Pho Bistro.
You can appreciate and loosen up for your dinner.
Visit this restaurant to try perfectly cooked noodle
this place is notable for its incredible assistance and cordial staff, that is consistently prepared to help you. Costs at this spot are worth consideration as they're reasonable. The lovely stylistic layout and charming air let visitors feel loose here.
You will totally see the worth in the tranquil air and superb expressive format. Sluurpy rates it with a 84.
If you are in Malden it is more intelligent to not leave behind an extraordinary chance to come here.
Sitting outside, you will see the value in a superb view. The high assessments of this restaurant wouldn't be possible without the master waitstaff. Fair help is something that guests include in their comments. Flavorful meals at palatable expenses are offered here. You will see the worth in the glorious style and agreeable energy. Kick back and see the menu online for this spot.
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