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The Coffee Roaster
99/100 (103 ratings)
"I went in thinking that this was going to be a normal coffee shop with lattes and frilly drinks but it turned out to be the best place I've ever..."
Katelyn Rose Bice
"The best beans in NE, dare I say the world! A gem of a business run by amazing people who truly care about their customers and providing the best..."
Sydney Chase
"The best beans in town by far, friendly staff, great prices, and the recent redesign of their space makes it a great place to hang or meet,..."
Scott Scholz
"My husband brought Coffee Roaster House Blend and Decaf home a few weeks ago, and we were instant fans. The coffee flavor really came through - I..."
Kristy Plander
"Fantastic coffee and very friendly staff & owner. They also sell pour overs and unbleached filters. Additionally, their first Friday events are..."
Sarah King
"This is what coffee should taste like, do yourself a favor & buy a bag or go to the Crescent Moon coffee shop in the..."
James Mullen
"The owners of the Coffee Roaster are amazing. I regularly get our coffee for work and home here. While our favorite coffee is never in short supply,..."
Megan McCollister
"Their espresso is THE BEST locally roasted espresso you're going to find in Lincoln. I know this is a huge thing to say when you have Cultiva..."
Jacob Fisher
"I wandered into this place today and had no clue what to expect. I walked out with a bag of some of the best ground coffee beans I've ever had! Will..."
Adora Rhoden
"A cup of pure awesomeness. I could say this is the best coffee I've had for a long time. I'm already excited for my next..."
Alex Leonida
"Great coffee. Friendly and knowledgable owners and staff. Enjoy going in each week to select a new coffee (whole bean or they will grind for you)...."
Carol Weinert Thomas
"Got my espresso from that it is air roasted. Haven't looked back since. Now have a couple of neighbors who have tasted my coffee going..."
Juliet Schultz
"Outstanding coffee, friendly and knowledgeable owners, great place. I hope they continue to grow and educate people on their air-roasted..."
Carl H Hanson
"I've been on the hunt for the world's greatest home brewed cuppa for a long time. Search over. Air roasted Sulawesi is it. You guys are amazing..."
Gregg Nelson
"Best coffee in the city! Small business owners that really care and want to give everyone exceptional service. If you haven't been out for a first..."
Alice Lau
"Best damn coffee in Lincoln. Great beans, great people. The perfect companion to my..."
Maggie Osterberg