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Sharetea Houston, Houston 9889 Bellaire Blvd - Houston

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  • Popular Items
    • Classic Milk Black Tea
    • Oreo Ice Blended with Pearls
    • Taro Pearl Milk Tea
    • Mango Green Tea
    • Mango Ice Blended with Ice Cream
  • Brewed Tea
    • Classic Black
    • Classic Green
    • Honey Black Tea
    • Honey Green Tea
    • Oolong Green Tea
  • Milk Tea
    • Classic Milk Black Tea
    • Classic Milk Green Tea
    • Classic Milk Oolong Tea
    • QQ Happy Family Milk Tea
    • Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea
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  • Monday: 11.00–23.00
  • Tuesday: 11.00–23.00
  • Wednesday: 11.00–23.00
  • Thursday: 11.00–23.00
  • Friday: 11.00–23.59
  • Saturday: 11.00–23.59
  • Sunday: 11.00–23.00

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David Li
One of the top boba spots, if not the best boba spot, in Houston. Unlike Gong Cha, they do not have a minimum charge to use a credit card which won me over. This place is right in the center of all the restaurants in Chinatown so it is perfect for dessert.
Jessica Havlir
On my week long visit to Houston, I visited the top 5 places on yelp for bubble tea. After spending a small fortune on these delicious drinks, I found sharetea to have the best tasting tea . I ordered the roasted brown sugar milk tea while I hung out and got some work done in my computer via their wifi. So, if you are in the China town area, be sure to check them out.
John Connor
Service was great had never been before and the lady helping me out was great
Chau Ha
This Sharetea stands out because of the strong tea flavor and consistency of the tapioca pearls (sweet, chewy, and cooked just right). If you really want good quality milk tea from Taiwan, then look no further! My current favorites: -Green milk tea at 80% sugar -Okinawa Pearl Milk tea If you prefer something more fruity, try: -Mango and Passion Fruit Tea -Wintermelon Lemonade (no sugar) -Mango Green Tea

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