La Griglia, Houston

La Griglia

La Griglia, Houston 2002 West Gray Street - Houston

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Menu La Griglia

  • Specialty Drinks‏‏
    • Lemon Drop
    • Cosmopolitan
    • Pomegranate Martini
    • Blood Orange Martini
    • Tuscan Sunset
  • Wines by the Glass
    • Querceto Chianti
    • Wisteria Cabernet
    • Principato Pinot Grigio
    • Jeio Prosecco
    • Daniel Gehrs Chardonnay
  • Beer Selections‏‏
    • Peroni
    • Moretti
    • Bud Light
    • Michelob Ultra
    • Heineken
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Now open
  • Monday: Sinisellä vahvistusmerkillä vahvistetaan, että sivu on todellinen julkisuuden hahmon, mediayrityksen tai brändin sivu. Lisätietoja sinisestä vahvistusmerkistä.Etsi tukea tai ilmianna merkki
  • Tuesday: Maanantai: 12.00–20.00
  • Wednesday: Tiistai: 12.00–20.00
  • Thursday: Keskiviikko: 12.00–20.00
  • Friday: Torstai: 12.00–20.00
  • Saturday: Perjantai: 12.00–20.00
  • Sunday: Lauantai: 15.00–20.00

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Thomas John
A good friend referred me to La Griglia, so I made a reservation for Friday, 4-21-17. First of all, La Griglia is lively inside. There are loads of people, and they are having fun. Second, the smell of the place impresses you right away. The smell of the wood-fired oven, and the various seasonings, just assaults your senses. Third, the breads are great. My wife is a huge fan of the bread basked, and what fun to have fresh tomato sauce over pizza crust, right out of the oven. Fourth, it's the little things that make a restaurant special. Our waiter was tied up with a large party, so the manager stopped by, took or order, and took care of us. He stopped and checked on us several times. Now, for the food. The diver scallops appetizer with asparagus risotto was perfect. Scallops are easy to over cook, but these were perfect. My wife had the beef spare rib with wild mushroom risotto, and raved about the wonderful flavor. I had the soft-shell crab special, and it was very good. For dessert, we split the chocolate cake, and it was wonderful. It was served slightly heated, with ice cream, and the center was a chocolate ganache. I always am impressed when the pastry chef doesn't over sweeten a dessert. This cake had the great bittersweet dark chocolate taste, and it was so rich the two of us couldn't finish it. So kudos to La Griglia. You made us very happy.
Troy Broussard
I'm a bit biased because La Griglia is my neighborhood spot! If you're not local, no matter, you will embrace the noise and reverie.
Evie Cory
Stopped here on a rainy day before going to see a movie at the River Oaks Movie Theatre. Good choice. Parked our car in front of the theatre (lucky us!) and walked over with umbrellas up. Sat up at the bar. Our bartender/server was Craig and he was great. Very, very hospitable and even reminded us at the end of our snacks that La Griglia is a Landry's restaurant, so we were able to get our points because of him. (I still always think this restaurant is owned by the Vallone family. Dates me, huh?) I had the bowl of the tomato and basil soup (hot and yummy) that I shared with my husband and he had the grilled marinated calamari (they make them fried, but Craig said they can sautee them). Both were excellent. Oh, remember, they serve you beforehand this magnificent basket of bread and pizza slices. I just love the soft, warm long breadsticks they serve in this basket. But, be careful. You can fill up on this basket alone, especially if you are by yourself.
Alton Tanner
Great spot for a dinner date or celebration. I took my lady here for a dinner date a few days before thanksgiving since were were spending it separately with our families. The food is amazing. The atmosphere is even better. The service is fine dining level. I honestly have no complaints. I had the lamb chops which weren’t on the menu but the server recommended. Flawless. My lady had the mushroom lasagna and it had a surprising yet wonderful flavor profile. The wine selection is broad and the tiramisu is on point. It is a little pricey, but this is one of those places you make a reservation and plan to spend $100+ for a nice dinner date.

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