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South Shore Grill, Honolulu 3114 Monsarrat Ave - Honolulu

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Menu South Shore Grill

  • Salads
    • House Salad
    • Side Salad
    • Caprese Salad
    • Grilled Chicken Breast Salad
    • Grilled Fish Salad
  • 6oz Hand Pattied Burgers
    • Ssg Burger
    • Mansions Burger
    • Three's Cheese Burger
    • Blue Holes Burger
    • Cliffs Burger
  • Sandwiches
    • Grilled Fish (Ono)
    • Chicken Breast
    • Steak (Kal-Bi)
    • Grilled Salmon
    • Chicken Club
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David Iaquinta
Ok. So I'm not fish taco guy and we just flew in from Seattle where we ate amazing seafood. Our first day here we decided to walk 5 miles to Diamond Head only to find the climbing trail closed for repair. On the way back we saw this little place and thought fish tacos sounded fun. After one bite on the cagun ono fish taco I could've cared less about missing the view from Diamond Head. If you are on the island don't miss a chance to have a bit of heaven at this place. Back at the hotel I googled up reviews and found that our experience was not a fluke. The SSG folks do a fantastic job in a quirky little place with great attitude and food the will make your taste buds smile. I'm sorry we have to leave shortly. Great job guys! David from Lincoln
Pixie Picketts
This is our GO TO fish taco place after we watch the sunset. I've always loved the tacos but recently started ordering the SSG Salad with either chicken or kalbi beef. The dressing is the house aioli. Really, really yummy!
Max M
The tacos are indeed awesome! I had one Ono fish and one Steak taco with Cajun fries and tuna Mac. Loved it all. The staff was very friendly. It is a smaller place seating wise but definitely enough room. Worth visiting.
Melissa McInelly
I love this place! I’ll start at my hotel, do Diamond Head and get some tacos as a reward. These is just a great plate lunch place. Grab a Mexican coke and a plate lunch and enjoy. The best part: there’s a plate to try it all!! The tacos are my favorite but the chicken is also very good.
Tanya M.
Very good fish tacos ! The ono was very tender and seasoned perfectly. It was juicy and melted in your mouth . The place was very tiny with very few chairs / tables. The person who took our order was very friendly and nice. Prices average.
Vaclav Grym
Delicious food in an unassuming venue. The fish tacos were amazing and so were the pork and chicken plates. Not much dine-in space or anything approaching a view, but if you're looking for good food then this is the right stop.
Zoe Weaver
Super understated nook, but amazing plates. I ordered the Kalbi, it was so well-marinated and tender. I would be remiss if I did not mention the sides-- the coleslaw was crisp and vinegar-y (heads up if you prefer mayo-based!) And the macaroni salad was AMAZING. Service and vibe was low-key but friendly.
Amili Rodriguez
A must in Hawaii!!! I swear by the fish tacos! Hands down best taco in the world and I travel! We came back jus to eat the fish tacos!!!!! The aioli sauce hits!!!! And the best Mac salad ever!!!!!! I love it here, they treat us like family. Aloha, mahalo 🤙🏽
Mike Zucarelli
This place is great. My only suggestion would be to hire someone to make fresh tortillas. This was a taco with A+ filling on an F grade stale walmart tortilla. Still an amazing place so I'm giving 5 stars. Living in AZ, I'm spoiled with fresh handmade tortillas. That would really pair well with these already great insides.
Denis Acosta
One of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had the food was off the charts, staff was very friendly and helpful when it came to choosing what we wanted. Definitely worth making your way down to south shore grill you won’t regret it! Got 2 fish tacos, 2 shrimp tacos, and 2 Cajun chicken tacos, and chips and salsa that were WAAAYYYY better than expected!
Darren Hart
One of my favorite places to eat in Oahu! No frills surf shack style place with delicious food. Their fish tacos are amazing and the plate meals have generous portions at a decent price. Super fast service with very friendly staff. Enjoy!
David McCarthy
The fish taco is clearly a standout here. Wish there was something to give the fish some pop though. Shrimp taco was okay. Steak had nice flavour but was tough for my liking.


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