Park Cafe & Delicatessen

Park Cafe & Delicatessen, Hilo 475 Kinoole St - Hilo

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First time visiting this little cafe. We loved the homemade veggie lentil soup, chicken sandwich, potato salad and the chocolate scone. The combination of ingredients used in all the food we ordered were spot on. The staff is friendly and the ambiance is inviting and relaxing. Can’t wait to visit again, what a great find and a wonderful treat!
Donna Davis
Great service! Jonnelle was so personable and attentive. Amazing Foodie food menu! Was thinking about Hot Browns all weekend because of Kentucky Derby & they serve one here right in Hilo! Can't wait to try their Reuben & Shrimp and Grits, too!
Jayton Howard
YAY! So happy this place is in Hilo! So dang good! Everything we had was so delicious and the portions were very generous. I had the best soup of my life here and one of the best sandwiches right along with it. The setting is wonderful! They have a parking lot or is a very easy and short walk from the farmers market. You can sit outside right across the park or the ambiance inside is nice and comfortable. On top of all that the staff is incredibly nice! Beyond helpful, very considerate, and they just make it go from amazing to perfect.
Mona Livsey
OMG out of this world Smoked Brisket! I have to say, I love me some good Delicatessen Food and this little out of the way Cafe and Delicatessen is FABULOUS!! I did not expect such Greatness considering where they are located, but Damn their food is Fantastic! My son and I stopped in for a quick bite since we were in the neighborhood and were blown away. The staff is fun, friendly and absolutely helpful. My son ordered their French Dip sandwich, the Roll was Soft, Fresh and Tasty, the Beef for this French Dip was incredibly Tender and Delicious. My Mom loved it too! I had their House Smoked Brisket. I swear my taste buds had died an gone to heaven. It was melt in your mouth delight! I was evwn able to order it by the pound to take home the next time the Smoked up a batch. I totally recommend this Amazing Cafe & Delicatessen the nect time you are looking for an amazing Taste Journey and a Satisfied belly!!
Alicia Giampapa
Nifty little lunch spot! My sandwich was great, but my husband's hot brown knocked it out of the park. Be sure to try the ube crunch dessert. It really is a delicious treat.
Freida Cleverley
Great homemade soups and filling, delicious sandwiches. Didn't try the salad bar but everything looked fresh. Had lunch here twice. Very friendly staff. Highly recommend!
Pauline Duda
Got the French dip, so good! They home make some of their meats and you can definitely tell they put a lot of care and effort into their food and business. Definitely a place I’ll return.
Bryan Revell
Definitely a new favorite for us, the food is amazing and staff are friendly reasonably pricing a bonus. The soup and salad bars are worth the trip alone I highly recommend this fine establishment.
Vanda Moore
Hidden Gem...Going to tell Guy Feiri...visit Park Cafe in Hilo!! Delicious Homemade Hot Pastrami sandwhich and slaw! My server Vicki was AMAZING, friendly and articulate!! Can't wait to come back!! Perfect service and food 100%
Kathryn Stewart
My friend and I found this place by accident. It was delicious! My friend had the air fried polenta. I had the Shaksheka (sp?) eggs. Both were excellent.



  • Monday: 10:30–16
  • Tuesday: 10:30–16
  • Wednesday: 10:30–16
  • Thursday: 10:30–16
  • Friday: 10:30–16
  • Saturday: Chiuso
  • Sunday: Chiuso

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