Burger King, Bedford

Burger King

Burger King, Bedford 2601 West 16th St - Bedford

Fast Food
• Sit down

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Menu Burger King

  • Salads & Wraps
    • Chicken, Apple & Cranberry Garden Fresh Salad
    • Chicken BLT Garden Fresh Salad
    • Chicken Caesar Garden Fresh Salad
    • Garden Side Salad
    • Ranch Crispy Chicken Wrap
  • Flame-Broiled Burgers
    • Whopper Sandwich
    • Double Whopper Sandwich
    • Triple Whopper Sandwich
    • Whopper Jr. Sandwich
    • BK Single Stacker
  • Chicken & Fish Sandwiches
    • Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich
    • Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich
    • Classic Chicken Crisp Sandwich
    • Spicy Chicken Crisp Sandwich
    • Original Chicken Sandwich
  • . . .
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  • Monday: 6.00–22.00
  • Tuesday: 6.00–22.00
  • Wednesday: 6.00–22.00
  • Thursday: 6.00–22.00
  • Friday: 6.00–22.00
  • Saturday: 6.00–22.00
  • Sunday: 6.00–22.00

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Misty Ashley-Andrews
Love working here with all wonderful crew couldn’t ask for better people to work with
kay binning
Great fresh food and most importantly brilliant customer service. All staff very friendly and always smiling
Tara Mansfield
Great tasting food. Kind service and Clean seating area!

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Welcome to Burger King. The activity is the sort of restaurant.
The condition for accomplishment of this place is its burger.
Burger King is well known for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. Prices at this place are worth attention as they're fair. The beautiful decor and pleasant atmosphere let guests feel relaxed here
Sluurpy rates it with a 70.
If you are in Bedford it is more intelligent to not leave behind an extraordinary chance to come here.
Sitting outside, you will see the value in a superb view. The high assessments of this restaurant wouldn't be possible without the master waitstaff. Fair help is something that guests include in their comments. Flavorful meals at palatable expenses are offered here. You will see the worth in the glorious style and agreeable energy. Kick back and see the menu online for this spot.
On this stage, you can peruse the computerized menus of this movement, which implies you can find out datas and information about the dishes, costs and bigotries before you take a seat at the table. Snap on the catch 'Browse menu' to consider your decisions and by and large spark your interest for delightful food! Begin murmuring about your decisions, examine with your companions and family members what to eat, question your accomplice about what to share this evening, however in general be prepared to have a hunger for scrumptious and flavorful food!
On the off chance that you need to clearly contact the eatery proprietors and quit pondering on explicit subtleties and data, you can straightforwardly request the supplier for assistance. There are a few dishes to attempt, yet not generally what restaurants implied is the same as you think. There may be fixings that are not determined in the menu and you need to discover more. At that point, you can dial the contact number and start a discussion that will be useful to settle on the most ideal decision for your dinner, your takeaway request or your cozy supper at-home

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If you need to contact by phone, call the number +1 812-275-0717