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Michael Fieck
Wow and they Mess my order up once again for the umptenth1000th time the one time I go in and make them honor it they tell me to get out of their store and they won't serve me because I'm getting frustrated frustrated and they will Make me pay for everything that wasn't there because it wasn't on the receipt when it came back on the menu and they repeated it back to me wow lady Sam there pretty sure manager really not a nice lady not. Yes fast food sucks I get it but customers always right get that in your head Now every time I go to that store I will make sure they are held accountable for what they do and don't do
Shauna Toretto
This location sucks. No other way to put it. Employees are extremely rude and argumentative. Customer service and order accuracy are definitely not good descriptive words to use here. Insight. Ordered a large orange juice with my meal, screen wasn't working mind you, got to the window they handed me an apple juice. Great, but I ordered an orange juice. The lead with bad hair flew to the window and insisted I ordered a large apple juice, how that's even possible with a juice box is beyond me. I simply asked if I could purchase the orange juice and she told me I could take the apple juice and pull around and re order the orange juice in the back of the line. The kid at the window already had it made and ready to go. Garbage staffing. I know times are tuff in finding employees but if you're that desperate to find employees with no people skills I would rather wait in a long line due to staffing issues than have to deal with service like this. Food is what you would expect from McDonald's, if you happen to get what you ordered. Good luck foodies, pass this location though for better service elsewhere! đź‘Ť
Jason Blackford
I obviously ordered my Big Macs without lettuce and onions and they couldn't get that right, also ordered chicken nuggets with bbq sauce and got ranch are they even trying anymore?
Gideon Sayre
I really find the staff here endearing and hard working people, this is to more vent my frustration about how this place shouldn’t be advertised as 24 hr. I got off work and got in line at 11:35 and got to order at 12, which is fine they have a small crew so I’m used to waits but they just hard closed at 12. Again closing is fine but oh dear that was a waste of time and hard false advertisement. Normally they put a cone out and say that people past the cone don’t order but nah, instead I’ll wait while everywhere else closes only to get closed on. I know that it’s a struggle with workforce rn but this was a really sour experience.
Eugene Lin
Food and service was fine but the neighborhood seems sketchy. I feel bad for the people who have to work here. When we arrived at this McDonald’s, they were a bunch of people loitering out in the in the parking lot and some McDonald’s employees asking them to leave. One of their “associates“ was also inside with his dog. The outside of the McDonald’s had a big sign by the entrance prohibiting large backpacks, duffel bags, and other things inside the restaurant. Unusual. This is also the first McDonald’s I’ve seen with combination locks on the restrooms. All of it left me with the impression that this particular restaurant has been dealing with some troublemakers.
Celeste Carroll
Took my kids here to play on a rainy day. 2 boys were playing unsupervised, one pulling the other's pants down. I was watching to see who their parent was because no one sitting around seemed to be with them. As we ordered one last fry on our way out. The younger boy was sitting at a table alone. I asked him where his parents were. He stated they worked there. We were very uncomfortable with this situation and won't be returning. I've called corporate and made a report
David S
Updated review This location has shown improvements since my last review. The lobby is open again, but it does not seem as it says on doors, remains locked til 7am. (Assuming due to short staff) Employees are being nicer and friendly. The only thing I'm still ekkk about, is their fries. Still is a hit and miss. Sometimes it's crispy and well cooked, sometimes it is undercooked. Hopefully they can perfect it soon!
Ryan Laubach
I love the #1 big Mac meal.
Brenda Goods Neal
I went there uesterday evening had a small fry and mcdouble. I ate most of it and in about an hour and half was violently vomiting. Never ever again!
Steve Chisholm
Always short staffed and crew closes drive through early mornings. (4am)
Ashley Thompson
Worst McDonald's to go too. We rarely eat fast food but EVERY SINGLE TIME we go to this specific McDonald's they fuck up our order. How hard is it to read that it was a McChicken and a McDouble instead of 2 McChickens. Maybe hire people that want the job bc obviously none of the people that work there care enough about real customer service.
Cheyenne Allen-Hinds
Seriously one of the worst McDonald's. A Playland that you can't see around and has a door in a blind spot, forgotten cheeseburgers for our cheeseburger happy meals, and some sketchy tweaker pacing Playland, talking to himself, talking on the phone and checking the windows. It's always a great day when you have to tell your kids they can't play because it's not safe. I alerted an employee who said he would tell a manager but nothing was done. Not returning.
Kristal Gollihar
A bunch of teens work here and there are a lot of disrespectful teens that hang out around this Mcdonalds & are bad role models for young kids.
Sean Costello
My experience was horrible. Not only did you get my order wrong, but you were genuinely upset that we asked you to fix it. And then after you yelled at us for correcting our order, we came to find out after we left you got our drink wrong too. YOU HAVE ONE JOB. Please don't procreate.
Mary K Skay
Mary K Skay I had a terrible experience there today!! I will NEVER go back! I took my two toddler grandsons there, ordered them Happy Meals with chocolate milks, a diet coke for me, and then sat down at a table by the playground and let the boys play. My cell phone rang in my purse and I had to dig through my purse to find the phone, taking out most of the contents, which also included a partly eaten Jimmy John sandwich I had purchased earlier, dumping everything on the table. The call was from my older grandchild calling me from school to be picked up. While on the phone, a McDonald's worker came to my table with my two happy meals and chocolate milk on a tray, and after seeing the Jimmy John wrapper on the table, said "You can't eat that here!" I was on the phone, but said "What?' She repeated again, "You can't eat that here!" Pointing to my wrapper. I then asked her, pointing to my order, "Are those my Happy Meals I ordered?" She just said even louder, "YOU CAN'T EAT THAT HERE!" and walked briskly away! I sat there in awe...trying to talk to my older grandson on the phone who needed to be picked up and also keeping an eye on my other two little ones. I bit embarrassed, I quickly put the JimmyJohn item back in my purse. I figured my Happy Meals would soon be ready, when different McDonalds employee came to my table and told me my order was ready. I got up and there was my order out front at the pick up counter, but now no longer on a tray!...the same order the first RUDE employee had come to my table with, but did not leave with me because she saw I had a Jimmy John wrapper on the table!! That rude employee had rudely decided not to give me my Happy Meals, instead placing them back on the pick up counter but took away the tray....Because I had no tray, I had to put the chocolate milks in my coat pockets and carry the Happy Meals by hand. And why did this employee make me pick up my order without a tray!! And gave me dirty looks as I walked up to get them!! OMG!! I can not even imagine a worse experience in a fast food restaurant. She is a middle aged, slim, with dirty blonde hair. SHE SHOULD BE FIRED!! I am telling EVERYONE about this experience!! I am a 67 year old grandmother!! I have always come to this McDonald's as I live close by, and have known the owner operator of this store to be very kind. I am sorry but with staff like this I will not be back and neither will any of my family.
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