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The Roasted Granola Cafe
99/100 (151 ratings)
"If you haven't tried their granola yet, please do, its awesome and made by a couple fabtastic local families. (Goes best with Sofias yogurt from..."
Paul Lynch
"I never cared one way or another for granola until I started eating this granola! It's in a class of it's own—I love..."
Kathy Kemp
"lovely spot, delicious food, great people. This is just what we need in Arlington/Lexington. Can't wait to come..."
Leslie Wilcott-Henrie
"I love this granola. I eat granola alot and this is the BEST i have ever eaten. Thank you for sending me such a great homemade..."
Anne Metzler
"My family and extended family loves Roasted Granola. It is so yummy and enjoyable with a natural greek yogurt. It is hard to stop it!! Thank you so..."
Luchy Roa
"Excellent coffee, delicious granolas and baked goods with so many vegan/dairy-free options, in a delightfully cozy atmosphere. This is my go-to place..."
Lindsay Straw
"The granola bowls and coffee (espresso and drip) here are amazing! They have creative seasonal specials as well. I’ve come back two weekends in a..."
Urmilla Banerjee
"Beautiful little cafe with a great display of local artwork. Coffee and granola are fantastic and they offer a pretty wide selection of other food..."
Edward Wakefield
"Family Friendly Café Excellent home made goods n baked goods. Weekend arts n crafts dates posted on community wall. Quiet during the week for those..."
Nayda Aurora Cuevas
"Delicious granola options combined with fresh, sweet fruit and flavourful yogurt in a fun, eclectic space used at other times as an art studio. Good..."
V Parker
"I absolutely love The Roasted Granola. Every single menu item, drink and food, is high quality and consistently delicious. I love the options for..."
Alique Fisher
"Wow, I love this place. First of all its got a jammin' bowl of oatmeal...can top it with granola, nuts, nut-butter, fruit...truly satisfying and it..."
Cookie Time Bakery
98/100 (344 ratings)
"The best cookies! Great staff. A must whenever I'm..."
Ellen Ebacher
"My husband traveled up to Arlington for work and surprised my daughters and I with cookies from here. They are amazing!! Everything I've tried...the..."
Stephanie Lemonde
"We saw this cookie shop on Phantom Gourmet and ran right out to try it. Omg is it good! Best cookies I've ever..."
Tara Lettieri Capriotti
"Love, love, love Cookie Time! Incredible selection - all of which are..."
Meredith West
"All of have to say is YUMMY. Everything about this..."
Kimberly Biggs
"Thank Sweet Baby Jesus a rep brought these fabulous cookies into our office today!!!! They are all..."
Gadsby Gadsby
"Lakota has the most wonderful cookies (delicious cakes, too) and is run by talented and helpful people. Be sure to try Lenore's Butter Cookies and..."
Catherine David
"Brought a beautiful tray of cookies to my company's holiday lunch. They were all snapped up and eaten as soon as the tray was opened. In fact, I..."
Heather Fowles
"I've had 4 different cookies and u can't wait to go through the other..."
Liz Duncan McLean
"My daughter turned 5 today and I can't afford a cake so I had a dollar on me as we were walking by she asked if we could stop there, she chose a m&m..."
Elizabeth Marino
"Out of this world cookies! Amazing and so delicious'. Its cooookie time!..."
Alyssa C. Bastarache
"Today is my birthday, August 12, and I couldn't end the day any better. Thank you Lakota Bakery cookies. Thank you..."
Dan Jammal
"In need of gift worthy cookies? Cookie Time Bakery is the place to go. There's too many flavors to pick from, you'll buy a dozen, trust me. And you..."
Rick Knowles
"The cookies are always scrumptious!! The staff are sweet and helpful. You are in and out in minutes. The hardest thing is trying to decide which..."
Pamela Hallett
"Really what’s not to like? Cookie Time greets you with delightful, fresh cookies, mouthwatering smells, amicable and neighborly staff, a clean and..."
Alisha Gandhi
"Amazing cookies. In particular, the m&m cookies are crazy delicious. Not much else to..."
"The best place for fresh and delicious cookies that will have your guests asking did you make these and you wanting to go back for more cookies time..."
Elaine Jefferson
"Been an on and off regular at Cookie Time Bakery for over 15 years, and everyone in our family loves the..."
Rima Pande
"What a delight! I had a peanut butter, some thin crunchy wonder, and another unidentified but delicious treat from the store today, and each was..."
Alex Biagetti