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Anthony P
The fast food giant makes an appearance at the airport. Compared to the other offerings at Reagan, however, the service - at least when I was there - was great. The people were friendly and acted like they wanted to be there. I went with the market salad with strawberries, apples, walnuts and, of course, chicken - probably one of the better salads you can get here at this airport. There is a small eating area but you will likely be running to another area as it stays very busy.
karina k
DCA Reagan airport has its own Chick-fil-a. I always crave the dream cone. It’s rich but creamy and low fat and not too dairy cream tasting (not a heavy cream taste) that is a light custard type. So this is not full of fat. It wasn’t a long wait and they put enough ice cream in my cone that I was happy. My 5 stars is solely for the dream come bc it’s my favorite fast food cone bc it’s light and tasty.
Shelby Velazquez
This CFA is right inside Terminal 2 security. I know the ratings aren’t great, but I had a pleasant experience. Monique was nice and efficient to order from during the morning rush. Other workers were joking around, but no complaints from my order!
Joe Kim
Located after security between C & D gate Good option for early breakfast with plenty of seating all around. pretty friendly staff
Michael Horgen
A necessary setup in a super busy airport! It's probably the best fast food at the airport, so grab it! The other places are either way too expensive for what you get or have horrible food like El Centro!!!!
Jordan Peacock
Consistently cheery and friendly service (and fast) at the airport. A nice option I don’t find at all Chick-Fil-A locations would be the grilled nuggets for lunch. For breakfast I love either the grilled chicken with egg and cheese on a muffin, or the fried chicken on a fluffy buttery biscuit. Also, the iced tea is always good. Any time I am in DCA, I stop by here (unless of course it’s on a Sunday).
Armin Urban
We left. Fast food? Not really. The line way too long. I think the food is good but we got no chance to taste it. You gotta do better Chick-fil-A
Mrs. Lisa Romano
Well Chick-fil-A was in the airport, and of course it wasn't the most cozy little atmosphere but it was good and the food was delicious.
Sharon Harper
Loved it and they worked it out. Great service fast and the food was good 👍
Samual Evans
We were stuck at Regan National Airport in D.C. abd grabbed lunch. Prices are higher because they were in the airport. The place was packed that day. Still, the food was there fast.
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