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Deanna Eguires
Nice place, always activities going on a little bit for everyone. Music,wine tastings, health &wellness, family, always dogs welcome this is a coffee cafe..needs better parking
Desiree Drake
Had a wonderful experience here. Such a little gem! I brought my dogs (of course). Welcomed by staff. Beautiful decor and ambiance. There was a guest with an off-leash dog, but the staff said something about it. Firm leash policy and I deeply appreciated that. Will be back!
Liz Rainbolt
Unique small business offering coffees, pastries, salads, wraps, snacks and beer/wine. My whole family including the dog loves this place! Great customer service, spacious seating areas (dog and non dog areas) and really tasty coffee. Try the pup cup treat for your dog (whipped cream and biscuits)!
nellie igoe
I absolutely LOVE the Miller Haus!!! The people are super nice and the whole concept of bringing your dog with you to hang out and have a delicious beverage and are so welcomed and accommodations made for your pups while you order you food or drink. Just Love it!!! A great addition to the Wildwood community. The have a great sense of community!
George Sackett
A very interacting space. Part of it is set up to be very dog friendly. Part of it is set up as a bar. Super engaging owners that are working very hard to make this location a success. They have a variety of activities including story hour and a variety of rescue animals each Friday including a python, lemurs, cats and dogs.
Manny Rodriguez
Great place! Love that dogs are welcome. Love that they have co-work space! Thank you for letting us hold our Social Media Networking Group at your Haus. People are getting lots of value and I appreciate you guys letting us do this.
Brandon Coplin
Love this place! Period! Amazing people! Warm and inviting with the feel of being at home with great friends. You can bring in your pup too! Great spaces for meetings or get togethers. Office parties and much more. With many locally sourced items and art for sale. Definately 5 stars. I'll be back very soon.
Kristen Paquette
Great, unique place! It's so fun to bring the pups and my laptop and knock out some work on the couches. Staff is super friendly and inviting. Thanks for bringing Miller Haus to Wildwood!
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