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Rae's Place
100/100 (28 ratings)
"Holy chicken wings Batman! Tequila wings rocked! And Rae always has my favorite egg salad, the best in the world besides..."
Michael Lopez
"Everything is so fresh and delicious. I normally get a breakfast sandwich, and every time I do, it is fresh and tasty and they pack on the bacon! :) ..."
Christy Bustillos Rodriguez
"Great people and the best salad bar with the greatest chicken salad and Balsamic..."
Beth Grant
"Awsome breakfests and lunches for a cheap price! Robin and Rea are awsome..."
Earl C. Hedges Jr.
"I always stop by Rae's when I'm downtown. I could be hungry. Maybe just thirsty. And most definitely in need of a homemade cookie fix. But, whatever..."
Shandra Bailey
"They're always so nice and have exactly what i need. They really care about customers. I've probably only gone about 5 times total and they already..."
Joselyn Aguilar
"I’ve been in a few times and have been enjoying stoping by for a cold..."
Jacob Wilkinson
"I freaking love these guys. Not only does the shop have a myriad of products, ranging from fresh food to beard balm, but the owners Rae and Rob are..."
Brynmisk B
"Rae and Robin are exceptionally friendly, courteous, and inviting. Rae’s Place is an island of calm amidst an often chaotic, high-stress downtown..."
James “Jim” Carlson
"I go here on a daily basis. The owners are very friendly. The selection is good for all sorts of things, including hot food prepared in the back...."
Brett Steele
"Love this place. The people are so..."
Rebecca Lucero
"Love love love! Everyone is so kind, food is great, snacks are amazing. Owned by wonderful people. I choose to spend my money here above a lot of..."
Angelique Aubrahm
Urban Fresh
99/100 (315 ratings)
Quick Bites
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Juice & Smoothies
"Incredible! Well worth the drive downtown for this incredible gourmet food. I especially love their amazing raw vegan options. If you try the raw..."
Cori McGraw
"Delicious, satisfying, delightful, these are but a few words that may come to mind when experiencing the fine cuisine at Urban Freash! The only..."
Rudy Cortese
"The last two years, I've been trying to make the switch from animal based to plant base consumption of food simply because the health benefits..."
Esther McNair
"DEE-licious!! I am not vegetarian, just looking for some healthy food. Green Goddess wrap was great! Loved the hummus and pesto in there. Lrg enough..."
Karina Cole
"I may not be a vegetarian or vegan but I continually crave the fresh and innovative food here. The soups are always on point and the continually..."
Jonathan Brubaker Sr.
"Top-quality food, a great choice for breakfast or lunch when in downtown..."
Leonard Mason
"My favorite restaurant in Tucson! Innovative and always creative and delicious, I've never had a bad meal at Urban Fresh. Great whole foods prepared..."
Robert Oser
"Terrific fresh food, hospitable staff and owners.m dog friendly. I am wowed! The ancient roots... Ahhh. The..."
Cheryl Gelling
"This place is amazing! I have yet to order something I haven't loved. Can't recommend..."
Ali FX
"We loved our first visit to Urban Fresh for lunch. The salad ingredients were better than fresh -- they tasted like vegetables used to taste...."
Scott Krystyna Black
"It's wonderful to find a place that offers clean, fresh foods. The special with zucchini noodles, spinach and cashew balls with a wonderful dressing..."
Jackie Nelson Paunil
"Absolutely loved this place!!! I tried the weekly special, Fiesta Wrap, and it came with a small drink. Sooo delicious!!! Super..."
María José Mojardín López
"Delicious food prepared by lovely, knowledgeable people who welcome me like I'm in their home. A real jewel in downtown Tucson that never..."
Lisa Berkana Gervais
"I walked in with a special custom order request and he made it for me right on the spot. They use FRESH coconut water! I visit them for a delicious..."
Lourana Howard
"Within hours of getting to Tucson, the impeccably crafted food and warm-hearted people at Urban Fresh had us travelers feeling like we were at home!..."
Nicole Emanuel
"So far so great! I've been here four times now and keep getting impressed. From the BLT to the juices to the wraps.. this is a must try for anybody..."
Michael Status O'Hara Brown (NWCalisthenicsCollective)
"Had a wonderful lunch experience there today. Everything was vegan, and flavorful and fresh, paired well the amazing blueberry watermelon lemonade...."
Adriana Goyea
"This place is awesome! I was skeptical at first (I’m an Omnivore & this is the only place my very strict vegan cousin will go - I figured fairly..."
Mary Swan
"Sat down for a quick bite and was pleasantly surprised. They have a wide assortment of vegetarian & vegan options to choose from. It made narrowing..."
Avery Murray
"We had the BLT and Reuben plus the lemon cupcake and Chocolate Cranberry Scone!! I am blown away by how phenomenal this food is!! Probably the best..."
Elisha Greenleaf
"As a vegan it can be difficult to find vegan options sometimes. And even more difficult to find unique options that are also nutritionally dense!..."
Susan Quick
"First vegan restaurant and it was amazing. Even got some homemade sweet potato scones. The tea was also tasty and the service was impeccable. We..."
The Hidden Grill
99/100 (194 ratings)
"I was running late and knew my family was hungry and waiting at home. We typically avoid fast food as we try to eat a healthy diet. I was delighted..."
Cindin Carroll
"This restaurant is awesome! Great healthy, fresh food and tasty with just the right spices! We always get two meals out of the order as the..."
Glenda DeMoss
"New to the Sabino Canyon area and discovered this spot yesterday. This will be a regular stop!! Hubby had a burger that looked delicious. I had the..."
Susan Garth
"Went hiking to 7 Falls and was hungry after leaving. Searched for restaurants near by and this came up and it's close. Absolutely excellent food. Not..."
Carol Magnusson
"They're the best. Tasty food, all prepared from scratch, generous portions. Most dishes are gluten-free and dairy-free. Check whether their..."
Jim Perry
"Trying to think if there's a downside to giving these guys the six star review they deserve. Has to be one of the best, tastiest meals I've had in..."
Scott Holmberg
"This place has awesome fresh food. They have tons of healthy options. I recommend calling ahead to place your order. They also have meal plans if you..."
Sam Brandt
"I’d give 6 stars if I could. This was our first time getting take out from here for dinner. It was amazing!! I highly recommend it. We had more..."
Falon Anjel
"What an amazing find, with a lovely array of choices and prices that make me happy indeed. I do a lot of inventive cooking, and when I find a place..."
Suzanne Moore