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They took away the jelly filled minis!!! Those were the best with dozen coffee! I can make pretty good coffee at home. If I choose to spend money on a treat at your establishment, it just stinks when you take the treat part away!
It's usually a hit or miss on the donut quality here. But today was a big miss. I got a dozen donuts and they were all very soggy. Yep soggy. more dunkin for me.
This Dunkin' is on point!! The Starbucks down the street had this crazy long line, so my girlfriend settled for Dunkin' and was very glad we went there in the end. Not only were they so fast with her online order, but it was way cheaper, more fresh, and more tasty that the Starbucks! Hard to believe
I go to Dunkin every Friday and its been 3 weeks in a row where my iced caramel latte either tastes bitter or just like a heavy sugared iced coffee. Donuts are always great and the service is Awesome but just been disappointed with the drinks. For a few more dollars, think its time to get my drinks
Best dunkin place in 224. Always went through the drive through. Order is always right, and they are fast. It's a smaller parking lot so you have to be careful, but otherwise it's great. This time ordered: 2 power sandwich, 12 donuts, 1 carmal craze, mocha, and tea.
Pretty quick aside from waiting for someone at the counter for a second for someone to wait on me, drinks were good. Pretty standard, no complaints.
If you've been to a Dunkin, you are familiar with the experience. I don't go to Dunkin, I was picking up coffee for my mom, as you would expect I waited forever even though it was ordered ahead of time in the app. The drink was, of course, made completely wrong. Like I said, pretty standard for any
This is great great place to grab a cup of coffee. They have refreshers, iced coffee, tea and many trending drinks made to your liking! They also have fresh donuts and bagels as well as a small food selection. Never a complaint going here except for the long lines but they move fast!
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