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Argentinean cuisine: the best places to taste it in Nampa

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Tango's Subs & Empanadas
93/100 (502 ratings)
"I must heartily recommend Tango's Subs and Empanadas on Orchard, south of Emerald. The dining area is clean and well-kept, the service is friendly,..."
Anita Moore
"Definitely one of my favorite restaurants in the valley! The owners are tremendously nice and happy people. It's a great experience every time. I've..."
Dustin Toasty Hughes
"Delicious! The Gaucho and Carmelo were fantastic. My spouse has severe dietary restrictions and was able to get a wonderful vegetarian and..."
John Chappell
"Every time we visit a location (either Boise or Nampa) we are always warmly greeted. The food is wonderful, yes, and a great value for the price, but..."
Brianne Chason
"Highly recommend Tango’s! Such a large variety of empanadas, we will have to return several times to eventually try everything and determine our..."
Linda Wallace
"Super nice owner always friendly. Empanadas are amazing and I'm trying the samba sub today pretty amazing as well love this place I would recommend..."
Caleb Brubaker
"Love this place! I took my boys and they were all able to get something they liked. Honestly think the mango empanada is the best thing I have ever..."
Brandy Newman Lopez
"Amazing food with fantastic service. Great little gem in the heart of Boise. Family owned restaurant that never disappoints. Love the Goucho..."
Melissa Bernier
"Affordable. I went here for the first time today and am really glad I did. I ordered a La Boca (Pretty much a pizza pocket) and a Caramelo (Filled..."
Andrew West
"LOCAL GEM!. I tend to travel a lot in my line of work and the first thing I do when getting to my destination is find local eateries, not food chains..."
"This place feels like a warm hug. Exceptional service and a great, affordable lunch. I always think I can eat 2 empanadas but 1 with fries is the..."
Vinny Vinegar
"Ah-mazing. We stopped in while in town from SLC and oh my gosh, I'll keep coming to Boise just for this. So many awesome flavors- we tried 7 kinds..."
"Can't be beat! So amazing and really nice people. Get the gaucho !! Cheap delicious unique amazing. One of boises..."
Abe Traven
"This place is a hidden treasure. I highly recommend the empanadas. They are amazing (have tired and enjoyed just about all of them). The sandwich was..."
"Go here, no questions asked.. I initially wandered into Tango's when looking for a new place to eat. The parking situation was a bit awkward and the..."
"Some of the friendliest service around. Wonderful establishment for the over populated corporate chain city of Boise. Delicious food at a great price..."
"Not Disappointed. I had been looking forward to eating there. I was not disappointed. I was warmly greeted by the man behind the counter. He was..."
"Awesome owners, very good subs, excellent empanadas, and the dessert ones are viciously awesome! Super super cheap "mate" (kinda like tea) as..."
Daniel Foster
"If you've never had an empanada you are missing out on one of life's best comfort foods. Every time I take a bite it takes me back to south america...."
"Hot little pockets of reasonably-priced goodness. Their subs are good too, but the empanadas are where it's at. Not the healthiest food ever, but if..."
"INCREDIBLE!. Hands down best empanadas that I have ever eaten. The variety of empanada available makes it impossible for me to eat less than four...."
Sao Paco
"¡Empanadas deliciosas!. Tango's empanadas are dangerously good. At $2.25 apiece, these flaky, filled and fried pastries are almost irresistible, and..."
"I’m ready for something different at lunch and Tango’s Subs and Empanadas certainly delivers on all fronts—originality, taste and..."
Bill Corbett
"I really loved Tango's, and will be eager to eat there again. Wife was slightly less impressed, giving more weight to the Moleh empanada we liked..."
John Barrie
"The Lomito is basically Argentina's version of a steak sandwich (though the same name will get you a different type of sandwich in Chile), and..."