Freddys Custard And Steakburger, Nampa

Freddys Custard And Steakburger

Freddys Custard And Steakburger, Nampa 1305 N Happy Valley Rd - Nampa

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Menu Freddys Custard And Steakburger

  • Popular Items
    • Double Bacon & Cheese Combo
    • Freddy's Original Double with Cheese Combo
    • Double California Combo
    • Freddy's Shoestring Fries (Large)
    • Cheese Curds (Regular)
  • Combo Meals
    • Freddy's Original Double with Cheese Combo
    • Freddy's Original Double Combo
    • Double California Combo
    • Double Bacon & Cheese Combo
    • Freddy's Original Patty Melt Combo
  • Savory Sandwiches
    • Freddy's Original Double with Cheese
    • Freddy's Original Double
    • Double California Burger
    • Double Bacon & Cheese Steakburger
    • Freddy's Original Patty Melt
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  • Monday: 10.30–22.00
  • Tuesday: 10.30–22.00
  • Wednesday: 10.30–22.00
  • Thursday: 10.30–22.00
  • Friday: 10.30–23.00
  • Saturday: 10.30–23.00
  • Sunday: 10.30–22.00

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Dakota Anselmo
My first time today. I love it! Great food, great service, and the custard is absolutely delicious! I recommend it.
Brian Hayn
I was visiting family in Idaho from CA , had never heard of this place and family insisted taking me there. The steak burger was excellent and so was the custard. I hope they expand into Ca !
Your Store is most welcoming and always stocked neatly making it easy to find what I need.The staff is always Friendly, but what I loved most was a Business that Honors and respected Individual Personal Choice & Responsibility for one's own Life & Health. Your business has Not enforced draconian edicts upon its guests which myself and many others have appreciated and supported your Business for that reason alone, among many other reasons. I encourage and would continue to support you as Business Owners to not cave into the pressure to strip people their right to chose, including your employed Staff. In speaking with many of the Staff, they would prefer the choice NOT to wear a Mask during their shifts.We as Patrons would prefer to see Joyful smiling faces.We want to connect with our local businesses making your store our Neighborhood Liberty Friendly place to shop. Please maintain this choice and always stand for Freedom in the face of tyranny edicts,maintaining the Right to Choose is Essential.Your Store Owners have somewhat caved instead of taking this stand, wearing Masks requiring it on their Staff. Not the Customers which I greatly appreciate. My Family eats here weekly if not more often as we choose to support Private Franchise ownership.Many people I know feel the same way. Your store is closest to my home but if anything were to negatively change further restricting my ability to make my own choices,I would have to shop elsewhere. I don't want to see you lose Business,but grow. I understand the pressure is high and its often easier to cave in to our principles to get that pressure off our back, but I guarantee it does more damage in the long run. I'm asking you to please hold Strong to values of Faith & Liberty. There is a large number of people ready to stand in support. I know your Business would greatly increase by carrying on a Reputation of respecting individual Liberty and freedom of Choice for everyone, staff & customer. Please give this thought. Thank you
Kameron Nicole
Very filling for a fast food burger! Way better than McDonald's because you're not hungry 20 minutes later. However they did forget to put pickles on one of the burgers. Everything was otherwise hot and tasty! Best cheese curds I've had not too greasy just crispy and cheesy, yummm also gotta get cheese on those fries too son. Also the cashier kept up with me rattling off three orders and got everything right on screen it's the cooks who maybe need to take it a tad slower since they get the food out so fast they probably forget small details often

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Freddys Custard and Steakburger is notable for its extraordinary assistance and agreeable staff, that is consistently prepared to help you. Costs at this spot are worth consideration as they're reasonable. The lovely stylistic layout and charming air let visitors feel loose here.
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Sitting outside, you will see the value in a superb view. The high assessments of this restaurant wouldn't be possible without the master waitstaff. Fair help is something that guests include in their comments. Flavorful meals at palatable expenses are offered here. You will see the worth in the glorious style and agreeable energy. Kick back and see the menu online for this spot.
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