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Diabolo Beverages
100/100 (0 ratings)
"I must admit the tangerine pomegranate is my favorite flavor. it tastes so yummy when it is chilled on a hot day. I like this soda much better then..."
Chimmie Hernandez
"Easily one of the better (if not best) sodas around! A refreshing alternative to a bottle of Coke, Sprite, Fanta, or any other mainstream soda out..."
Timmy Cho
"I've tried all of the refreshing collection & they all taste really good for less sugar but the dragon passion fruit is my fave! Don't get the..."
Lavern Tuia Soelberg
"Love this product, better option than soda! It’s like a sparkling water with a bit of flavor and..."
Lauren Miolaro
"Fantastic drink!!! I purchased some at Albertson's and they were fantastic!!! I had the blueberry lemonade and the Dragon Fruit Plum and they were..."
Javier Noc Sanchez
"Really wonderful alternative to sodas or energy drinks. All the flavors are delicious!!!! Give'm a..."
Dave Thullen
"Delicious! Sweet but not too sweet, low in calories, with a great B Vitamin boost. I love mixing Dragon Fruit Plum with..."
Britany George
"Amazing beverage! Especially, low calories and sugars. My aunt who has diabetes, drinks Diabolo because its lightly carbonation and low and sugar...."
Alma Ruiz
"The perfect in between...less sugar but not less taste! My favorite as an adult beverage mixer is the Dragonfruit Plum w Titos Vodka. Also has just..."
Laura P Coleman
"Love Diabolo! The French Lemonade is my go to drink to get me through the day!..."
Keri Griffin
"I love Diablo beverages, it's my go to when I have a soda craving, the Blueberry Lemonade is my favorite! Currently enjoying a LOCO Acai Berry Guava..."
Jbo Hoff
"These drinks are super delicious! Big fan of the mint and lemonade..."
Jessica Bazan
"Perfect amount of sweetness to carbonation. Usually it's one or the other and that's no good! Mint Lemonade is..."
Christine Byrd
"My new favorite go to drink. I go to HEB every week to stock up. All the flavores are sooo good and its not overly sugary or does it make my teeth..."
Katharine Lobdell
"I found these delicious French sodas at our local HEB and love them! The mint lemonade and dragonfuit plum are both so light and refreshing. I look..."
Christine Kroog
"I love the mint lemonade, it's really refreshing and I love that it's only 60 calories per can. I must not be the only one who is obsessed with your..."
Wende Powell Dahlsten