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Bumsan Organic Milk Bar
86/100 (2092 ratings)
Ice Cream
"The ice cream there is very very refreshing, especially on a hot day like during summer. The milk flavored ice cream is what hits me like a hammer..."
Tzu-wan Will Tai
"Met the owner at a bbq spot in ktown. Coolest guy ever!!! Milk flavor icecream was amazing!!!!! I would buy a bucket to take home, if it was..."
Jackson Palert
"The staff was very friendly and accommodating to it being our first time. The ice cream and cone choices are unique and delicious. Definitely a place..."
Courtney Sloane Burrell
"Yesterday was our first visit. I’m in love with this place. It’s delicious & light feeling .we wanted seconds when we were done eating ours....."
Ramona Melton
"Just scrumptious,Savoury,delicious .. all the adjectives that can be added..worth a place to spend money to eat these unique ice-creams...."
Tasmeha Rumman
"This was the best soft serve I’ve ever experienced in my life, let alone..."
Matthew Sacks
"Salted caramel ice cream....was so good even with some crushed cereal on..."
A.O. Mendez
"It’s alright. There’s a better one across the street but they NEVER have the flavor I want so I come here from now on. Who the hell wants green..."
Raymond Lee
"Amazing taste and the rice crispy cone is life! Sheng is awesome too, great service..."
Shadya Lydia
"Matcha and milk swirl and dragon fruit lychee and taro swirl! Yum! So light but soooo..."
Hazel De la Cruz
"The lychee dragonfruit with fruity pebbles is..."
Dree Hollett
"The matcha ice cream is light and creamy and delicious. The cones are a thing of beauty, and the plain ones are simple and..."
Susie Comi
"So worth the trip from Long..."
Rasheeda N WadleyEsq
"Taro and dragon fruit lychee swirl with fruity pebbles. THE..."
Lili Nguyen
"I got free ice cream from Sunny of Girls..."
Geoffrey Miguel
"Luvd it!! Yumm yumm,wel b back for sure matcha swirl was my..."
Letty Regalado
"So good, lightly creamy, tasty! The cone with various flavors on the rim is a nice touch, oh yes, free lightly sprinkled topping is a bonus! Must..."
ac gelly
"the best ice cream! my favorite is pistachio, and it is amazing. but i tend to choose the saffron or lavender because where else can you find those?..."
Ida Woods
"I've been following Bumsan on IG and had been trying to go for a while. It was worth the wait!! The really nice guy behind the counter was super,..."
Ingrid Jui
"Amazing, Great tasting. My kids Certify this place as a Fancy Ice-cream. And that's how they ask for it, and I Deliver. You pay for what you get and..."
Daniel Munguia
"I'm an ice cream fanatic. Like I eat ice cream daily! All the way from Ohio, I am screaming this is the BEST ICE CREAM I've EVER had!! I'm not even..."
"Matcha in a chocolate lined cone with chocolate powder was perfect for me. Not as sweet as the other flavors with a very slight matcha savory..."
Grace Song
"We happened upon this place during a recent trip . Everything we tried was amazing, and the staff was great! They provided some really good "1st..."
Andrew Hill
"Love the true milk w the fruity pebbles! It’s not too sweet and it’s creamy and yummy! It’s a little overpriced for the amount..."
Sarah Liu