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Chris Shaul
Great Middle Eastern restaurant. We had the Gyros Plate and I would have finished it all, but the generous portion of Rice was more than I could finish. I loved the grape leaves. Adding it to my favorites list.
WhatscookinginLA - food blog
I am reviewing this after trying this place for 3 times or so . I ordered chicken shawarma plate , lemon chicken plate and falafels . Chicken is super dry and chewy , as much as a i love a good shawarma , i didn't find the zing in here . Lemon chicken is good , not so great though. I loved the hummus. Falafels are great and taste great with pita and hummus.
Nathan Torian
Love this local spot, the gyro laffa is my favorite. Get it with either rice or fries, they're both great options. The family that runs this has supported the local Csun community too
Steven Seed
Some items are decent like the hummus and lemon sauce, but the chicken is as dry as saw dust and don't bother ordering the falafel salad. For some reason that makes no sense at all, they chop it all up into little bits and soak it in some dressing with shredded salad so it's just a big soggy mess.
Breanna Gonzales
Grabbed lunch with a family member today, and we both loved it. Would comeback in a heartbeat. Recommend this place to anyone. You won’t be disappointed. Great food, and great customer service! Whenever, in Northridge, and your craving mediterranean food this is the spot to eat at.
Jeff Pook
I always get the gyro plate with a side of laffa and I’m always happy I did. Take a little laffa, grab a piece of gyro, dip it in some hummus and next thing you know it’s all gone lol. The rice is flavorful and the salad is refreshing. The laffa is made to order and it is so so good. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
ana Anna
Their customer service is not good. Their food is good but after a long day at work I want to go where people are treated good. No reason why you can’t have both.
Joe Rose
This place is awesome! The owners are really nice and the swarma is so good.i got the chicken swarma Laffa like always, and never disappointed. They also have a garlic sauce that is great. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!
Shiri Gutman
Pita Pockets is THE BEST! I've been eating there for 19 years and I never intend to stop! In fact I've been there twice in the last three days! Their food is SO GOOD: fresh and delicious! The grilled meats, the wide assortments of delicious salads cut daily, the freshly baked amazing laffa (giant flat-bread of deliciousness)!!! It can't be beat! Fast friendly service and reasonable pricing are just the cherry on top!
Michael Kevin Emerson
Great food and friendly staff. Good authentic and well presented fare.
Gaganjot K. Sidhu
Best food ever!!!! chicken shawerma in laffa is to die for :)
Naomi Markand
Delicious food - love the falafel and gyros... and the homemade laffa is to die for!!!
Martin Joseph
Overheard a middle eastern looking guy telling someone about this place. He said since it has been there the longest there must be something to it, and he was right. Tasty and reasonably priced
Ibraham Alzubaidy
I � this food � it’s just like Iraqi � . Everyone should try it.
Edmon E Hayek
Great place to eat at service is one of the best u can ask for and the food is yasaaassssms
Elias Najar
The best Mediterranean food ever. I love the hand made Lafa with shawarma
Yuval Ariav
Really good Middle Easern food very fresh and friendly employee love to have there lunch or dinner 🙏
Alyssa Amalfitano
Best Mediterranean food I've ever had. So bummed it's so far! Will be back soon!
Eddie Baghdassarian
Great food I just love it, with 5 star service they are the best in town. The owners are very nice amazing people!!! The best Israeli restaurant ( with the wonderful Israeli hospitality )
Alex Vasquez
Very Delicious. Customer Service is excellent. Great Location.
Shenouda Mikhail
Great service & great restaurant and delicious food . Love it
Sirc Garcia Santiago Ogaitnas
First time yesterday, will definitely come back..awesome service
Acuario García Garcia
Muy buena comida lo recomiendo 100% Que la prueben muy rica de verdad
Armine Karabekyan
The Best food in town. I love their food and mostly I love the owners.
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