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Cici's Cafe

Cici's Cafe, Los Angeles 18912 Ventura Blvd - Los Angeles

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  • Pancakes
    • My Pancakes
    • Blueberry Smurf
    • Monkey Business
    • Nutty Buddy
    • Pink Lady
  • Waffles
    • My Waffle
    • Wacky Waffle
    • Drama Queen
    • Strawberry Sunrise
    • Forget Me Not Waffle
  • French Toast
    • My French Toast
    • CiCi French Toast
    • Forget Me Not French Toast
    • Blue Moon
    • Red White & Blue
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  • Monday: 7.30–15.00
  • Tuesday: 6.00–15.00
  • Wednesday: 6.00–15.00
  • Thursday: 6.00–15.00
  • Friday: 6.00–15.00
  • Saturday: 6.00–16.00
  • Sunday: 6.00–16.00

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Nikita Shah
This place has one of the most extensive menus I’ve seen. The eggs and sausages and chicken n rice were excellent but they specialise in pancakes. The portions are so huge that it’s impossible for one person to polish them off! A MUST DO FOR ALL PANCAKE LOVERS!
Aug 08, 2018
Get In My Belly
If you are looking for a pancake heaven - Cici is the place. Every time I visit LA I make sure I have my last day breakfast at Cici's! The savory breakfast stuff is good but their pancakes - to die for! I ordered a red velvet pancake with mascarpone cheese and chocolate frosting/syrup. My first bite, I died and went to heaven. The pancake was the fluffiest and softest pancake ever made with delicious smooth creamy sweet syrup topped with dallop of cream. As Janice would say 'I gotta buy a vowel for that. OMG'

We also ordered green tea pancake and to my surprise it was delicious. You get a great taste of green tea but not too strong to ruin the sweetness of the topping and pancake.

I would highly recommend this place for their pancakes. Get there early as the place is very busy!

Feb 07, 2016

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Welcome to Cici's Cafe. The activity is the sort of restaurant.
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this place is notable for its incredible assistance and cordial staff, that is consistently prepared to help you. Costs at this spot are worth consideration as they're reasonable. The lovely stylistic layout and charming air let visitors feel loose here.
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