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Review Bostons North End Pizza Bakery - 3506 Waialae Ave. - Honolulu

Beau Blacklaw
This pizza was so huge they had to tape the box shut for delivery. It was delicious too!
Hernan “Go Hernan Go”
This is my new favorite pizza restaurant. The pizza is huge, nice taste and reasonable price. The sauce is not too heavy, not too sour or salty, just perfect flavor and the dough was light, crispy at bottom too. The only warning for this place is that inside of the restaurant is like a sauna... so, it's up to you if you wanna eat-in :)
Patrick Dunlop
Fantastic pizza, one of the best, however I would highly recommend ordering for take out. Their dining area is nothing to work home about, hot, cheap tables and folding chairs, and lots of stuff stacked everywhere. Had the potential of they can invest in their dining area to be something amazing. A huge local following and their pizza is pretty delicious!
Rene Suarez
Small pizza place with a homey college town restaurant ambience. Love the arcade game and punch strength tester on one corner as well as the eclectic decor rooting for the home team. We always make it a point to visit each time we're in Hawaii. Pizzas are gigantic (don't worry -- you can order per slice) with very delicious and generous toppings. Crust is crunchy, just the way I like it. And you can have your way with the condiments, from crushed oregano and basil to powdered garlic and chili flakes. Tabasco, too (very important). Will definitely come back again and again.
Best pizza on the island! Super generous portions for the price. Crust was perfectly crisp, tasty sauce, and great toppings. Service was A+!
Michelle Meyers
Definitely nothing to look at but it is clean and well kept and the pies are huge!!! They come either by the slice or by the pie and trust me get the whole pie!!We were just a few stores down getting my DD hair cut and were hungry so....this was a pleasant surprise!
Brett Botbyl
I've lived in Hawaii since 1999. As an expat Jersey boy, I've missed "real" pizza forever! And then by accident a neighbor gave me a few slices of his pie from Boston Pizza 🍕. HALLELUJAH!! There is a God! Take that, Covid. There is a lot of good still left to live.
We ordered Porkchetta and the pizza was huge and yummy. Unfortunately, they used the regular peppers, not the fired roasted one that is stated on the menu description 😂 and the crust got hard quickly.
Zoltan Varga
We've pre-ordered our Super Hawaiian and Cheese Pizza. They've got it done in less then 20 minutes. Their pizza is very large! Our family of four had to ask for a box and take home half of it. The place has a washroom as well. However, time is got still at the place, the decoration is about 10 years old, but the pizza is good anyway!
Aime Nagel
I have been eating here since hanabata days and it is still just as good as then. Hands down, the best pizza is spinach and garlic. That has been the best pizza for so long that if you haven't tried it, I'm not sure what you've been doing. Close behind spinach and garlic is the porkchetta. Make sure that you call and check if they have any left because there are limited ingredients for the porkchetta. In case you're still doubting me about the excellence of the spinach and garlic, see accompanying picture to make you instantly hungry.
Dustin Morse
While my family and I were visiting from the mainland, we happened to find Boston Pizza, and let me tell you, the pies here are amazing. While I will admit I'm not a Red Sox (Dodgers and White Sox here), I could really appreciate the decor and atmosphere. The staff were amazing both of the times we visited during our week long trip. This place is something special. They appreciate our military, and my family definitely recommends that you give it a try.
Hilear Dance
Omg!!!! I just finished my pizza! The biggest slice I’ve ever had in one setting! I had the garlic Spinach pizza amazing! 6/25/2023
Scott Allred
AMAZING!! If you're craving classic pizza in Waikiki. This is the place. Delicious!!!
Benjamin Wilcox
The best pizza place in Hawaii, by far! Reasonably priced pizzas, and the quality is amazing! Byob and friendly staff make this a must stop of pizza!
Vale MP
Good big pizza. Price is higher than what I usually pay at other places, but we liked the pizza.
Amanda Mateer
It’s a $50 pizza... but they make it a $50 pizza. Best pizza I’ve ever had!
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