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Review Karai Crab - Honolulu

We wanted to order Dungeness crab but they only had the legs. So we ordered snow crab combo with Karai special sauce. Taste was great and good amount of food for 2 people if you are not big eater. Service was really good too! If you are craving for seafood, I highly recommend 😊
Emily Ramsey
I enjoyed my meal here!! I got the 1.25 lbs of snow crab legs with a side of french bread and a blue Hawaii, and my husband got the prime rib with mashed potatoes and a pineapple mana beer. Everything was super yummy! Our waiter was very kind, as well as the other employees who checked in with us. The restaurant was also clean (note: I watched the employees sweep out under the tables after each party had left before cleaning the tables and resetting them! +1 point 😊). My "normal" crab experience is snow crab leg clusters that I have to crack myself, with a side of melted butter. This experience was pretty close to that! These crab legs came with a sauce and seasoning choice. I ordered a garlic butter "sauce" with mild seasoning on it (mild = no seasoning basically). They were a little slippery to open, but not too hard. The crab legs came in a metal bowl which made it easy to dip the crab meat into the sauce at the bottom 😁 They also give you gloves and bibs, as well as scissors with a cracker on it, and a crab pick knife. Plus the table had one of those napkin dispensers, so you always have napkins! The prime rib was a newer special item that they were testing to put on the menu. My husband really enjoyed it - we think it should stay!! It was nice having a non-seafood option 😊 Overall I enjoyed my experience at Karai Crab and would definitely come back!
Tim Ethridge
The food was fantastic and the service was very friendly and helpful. Great value for what you pay for, especially during happy hour (reservations through Yelp.) We had the kraken and it was definitely more than enough for our party of 4, could've used 2 more people with us honestly.
Wow this place was seriously amazing. You wouldn’t really think to eat crabs in Hawaii, but the stellar reviews and the amazing pictures had me sold. And oh boy, it did not disappoint. I got the Dungeness crab, garlic, honey wings, and the combo. If you’re getting the karai sauce, I suggest habanero spice as it’s not too spicy but super flavorful. The honey garlic sauce was generous and unlike any honey garlic I ever had. They are also extremely crispy and crunchy. The karai combo was also very good and a good selection of other seafood besides crabs. The sausage was particularly very tasty. Next time maybe I’ll try the king crabs! Chicken wing 5/5 Crab 4.5/5 Karai combo 5/5
David Lau
Sweet stuff, super fast serving speed, and delicious food make it worthy of 5 star. Recommend the catfish, any shellfish with the spicy Cajun flavor. The snow crab is either not fresh or overcooked, that’s what I would not recommend.
Lina Nguyen
Crab is a 10. Expensive as is crab so go ready. We got the crab for 2 , fried calamari and sweet potato fries. Crab was perfect? Portion. Big enought for 2 ppl, fried calamari the best I had in my life no lie and I did travel around the world. It was perfect not burn dry or overcooked just amazing. Sweet potato portion was crazy. Only thing we went around 2000 and they close the kitchen 2030 so Sunday night you feel the frustration of the staff trying to close all and go home so idk if that's OK or they just should literally not take nobody else after 2000 or just don't go that late. If they not getting paid overtime bc some customer like us show up late I don't blame it but it was weird. I definitely will go back another time. Cons: no parking lot, good luck parking on the street!
The One MVP
Karai Crab was awesome. The Karai wings were crunchy and seasoned perfectly. The fries were cooked just right with a crunch. My wife loved the shrimp and chicken. Food came out 7 minutes after ordering and my drink never went empty and I got 8 refills. Amazing service and food.
Tabitha Morris
Was craving seafood and this hit the spot. Ordered the garlic noodles, snow crab legs, clams & garlic shrimp. Top win was the shrimps. The sauce definitely be killer on wings too. We could have ordered 4 of those & be happy. Not to knock any of the other dishes because they were just as delicious. Shrimp was on another level. To make it even better, the service was on point. Friendly & attentative.
Black&White Photography
No mess shrimp with garlic bread and clam linguine 😋 Good food Quick service Friendly staff
T Mack
This is our last night in Hawaii and this dinner did not disappoint! The food was well seasoned and was provided in generous portions. The calamari steak was so tender and crispy - if you like calamari, do not skip this! The honey garlic shrimp.was flavorful and crispy. We literally were licking our fingers!! Everything was sooooo delicious!
Dilu Namaratne
We were looking for a place that offered seafood and found this place. When we managed to get there, it was almost closing time , so we had some quick dishes on the menu. We had the Shrimp and garlic fried rice, kim chee and Shrimp fried rice and the Calamari appetizer. We absolutely loved the food and would have liked the try the entrees of Crab legs and combos if we had more time. The person who served us was very pleasant and gave a good service to make sure that we get our food before the kitchen was closed.
Justyn Toyama
This place is nice and the service was good when I went a few weeks ago. The problem was I had a hard time finding their parking area. Overall the food is good and the No Mess Shrimp comes with different options as to the flavor you want for you shrimp from lemongrass flavor to I think it was a Cajun flavor. It also comes with different sides to choose from like salad, French fries and rice. Very tasty place!
Jenifer Hansen
If you are on the island of Oahu you have to go to this restaurant! Had such an amazing meal! The best calamari we have ever eaten… the sauce is incredible too! The seafood roast… divine and the Karai combo with lobster tail was fantastic! If you like a great LCB this place is next level!
Laurent Yanai
Good garlic noodles, tasty seafood combo (level 3 is real challenging spicy), local IPA was smooth to match and cool you down. Don’t forget the pecan pie is very nice. ——> Tip: check with your waiter which one is live seafood before you order. Thomas was my waiter today. He was super helpful and very attentive.
Rachel Drake
For starters our servers was amazing, I’ve never had someone be so quick or helpful. She was more then happy to explain the menu options and flavor differences, make recommendations, and she never let our classes empty. The food was fabulous some of them best crab boil we’ve had and my husband have been to loads of these places at home.
Will Trahan
I've been wanting to eat king crab since the first time I saw an episode of deadliest catch. The manager said I was the cleanest person he's ever seen eating crab legs lol. I didn't want to make a big mess so I was slow and careful cracking my shells and digging out the well seasoned crab meat. I went with the karai special seasoning with some habanero on the side. Mix of the two I felt was perfect but I like some kick to my seasoning. The cheesy bread appetizer was delicious as well. I got a mango flavored iced tea to wash it all down. All in all it was well worth the half mile walk from work along with the walk back. They did say that there is parking on their block I can use next time I go by. A little pricey but I've spent more on a meal by myself and this one definitely met my expectations for what I paid.
Yung Zhang
We came during happy hours (4-6:00), the snow crab legs and some cocktails were on special, it was very quiet. Quick and attentive service, I would recommend the Karai sauce, and the mild level of spicy.
Karen Scott
Delicious dinner at Karai Crab, the waitstaff were kind, informative and prompt. We had a party of 10 people, 3 of which were picky kids. We had appetizers of cheesy bread, edamame, cioppino, calamari and miso clams. The flavors were off the chain. Everything was light, seasoned well, and came out piping hot. Our mains were snow combo (snow crab clusters, clams and shrimp) in a butter garlic sauce. Snow crab clusters with Cajun seasoning and garlic butter, sautéed noodles were amazing as well. Everything we had was delicious, fresh, hot and cooked perfectly. They had a robust drink menu as well and the drinks were tasty. The outside was unassuming, but super cute decor and cheerful. If you are in Honolulu and decide to go off the beaten path Karai Crab is worth the visit.
Joe Nguyen
The food was DELICIOUS! The service was great and I recommend sitting outside. The patio dining scene really helped make a perfect dining experience......and I didn't even get a chance to check out the bar. I also recommend to order the entire crab if you're going to eat here; the steamed it perfectly.
My favorite place to get crab on the island! My family goes at least once a month. Their seasonings are amazing and the portions are generous. Their garlic noodles used to be so good but they recently changed the noodle to angel hair pasta and their not as great. I still enjoy them though so no biggie. I take all visiting friends and family members to this restaurant whenever I get the opportunity and highly recommend it to any and everyone.
Very impressive garden seats outside and only plain interior design. Honestly, I expected much more. Menu is quite simple - you choose your favourite kind of meat, topping, spices. Additionally we ordered sweet potatoes fries and bacon corn bread. Crab legs at the end were expensive and on the bill meant about 40 usd, while clams were only 14 usd. Bread is heavy and surprisingly came quarter before seafood. What I liked the most was free of charge deserved, served ourselves in the kitchen, where chef at the end of dinner invites every guest one by one. Nice ending, but besides it was a very plain evening. I don't understand why is it so difficult to get a table here, while menu is limited and service just ok.
Ask to be seated outside! This place was recommended to us as a great place to bring our out-of-town guests, so we were surprised to see the cramped and plain dining room. The hostess said she had a spot for us outside, and it was the most beautiful setting! There's a pretty lagoon surrounded by gardens and shady trees, and the big dining area for the adjoining restaurant The Willows is over the water. Bottom line: if you care about atmosphere, ask to be seated outside.<br/>We all thought the food was great. I'm from Louisiana and lemme tell ya dawlin dem skrimps was gooo-ood! Ooo-wee! ;)<br/>I got the half order of spicy shrimp with garlic butter and Cajun mixed, plus cornbread. It was so good and plenty food. The kids liked the kids meals, and I'd say that was a successful dinner. Would go again. <br/>Oh, we were confused by parking, but I think you can park in the lot that says "Parking for the Willows".
Great King Crab. We arrived without reservations and saw a bunch of empty tables. We were told it would be a 20 min wait. At first we thought we were in a Seinfeld episode because we waited for over 20 minutes and the tables in front were empty. We were then pleasantly seated at a table that adjoins The Willows. It was much better atmosphere than the eating area you see from the entrance. Waitress from Jersey was great. The King Crab was good, but in hindsight I would get it with just garlic butter mild. I got caught up in the Cajun experience and ordered the Karai flavor. It overwhelmed the natural taste of the King Crab. The Karai flavor was good on the shrimp. Everything was cooked well and tastes fresh. Key lime dessert was great. It's a nice place to eat and relax without feeling rushed or pushed out the door.
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Brownies Coffee Jello Drink Coffee Jelly Dessert Coffee Latte Coffee Milk Tea Coffee Shop Coffee Smoothie cold brew Cold Brew With Cold Brewed Iced Coffee Cold Noodles with Soy Sauce Cold Side Taegu Kimchee Cold Tofu Cơm Tấm Combination Duck and Salmon Belly Plate Combination Pho Combination Pho DAC Biet Combination Saimin Won Ton Min and Udon Noodles Combo 1 Any Kind of Sandwich and 1 Thai Tea or Coffee Combo a with Soup Combo Plate Combo Set a B and D Combo Steak and Shrimp Plate Combo Sushi and Your Choice of Soup Combo with Beef Curry a Stew Macaroni Salad and Rice Complimentary Bread Composed Desserts and Verrines Condiment Confit Congee Continental Breakfast Cookie Cookies & Cream Sundae Cookies and Cream Frosty Cookies and Creame Corn Corn Chowder Corn dogs Corn Salsa Corned Beef Corned Beef Eggs Benedict Corned Beef Hash Breakfast Plate corona Cosmopolitan Cotton Candy Country Breakfast Country Fried Steak Country Fried Steak & Eggs Crab Crab & Cheese Wontons Crab Benedict Crab Cake Crab Cake Crab Cake Benedict Crab Cake Burger Crab Cake Lettuce Wrap Crab cakes Crab Fried Rice Crab Legs Crab Legs Crab Meat crab meat & fish maw soup 蟹肉鱼肚羹 Crab Pasta Crab Ramen Crab Stuffed Shrimp Crabber Fries Craft Beer Cranberry Juice 32oz Cranberry Mimosa Crawfish Crawfish Combo Cream Cheese Frosting Cream Cheese Meringue Tarte Cream Cheese Rolls Cream Puffs Creamy Ahi Poke Bowl Creamy Italian Sausage Pasta Creamy Risotto Bites Creme Brulee Crème Brûlée Creme Brulee' Crepes Crepes Crispy Brie Crispy Cheese and Chicken Quesadilla Crispy Chicken Beef Broccoli Pork Chop Suey Crispy Chicken Sandwich Crispy Chicken Wings Crispy Egg Rolls Crispy Fish Sandwich Crispy Flat Bread Pizza Crispy Fried Chicken Crispy Fried Noodle MÌ Xào Giòn with Tofu Seafood or Chicken Crispy Gau Gee Noodle Crispy Pata Crispy Salmon Skin Crispy Taco Crispy Whole Fresh Fish with Chili Ginger Sauce Crispy Won Tons croissant Croissant Donut w Custard Croissant Sandwich Croissant Toast Loaf croissants Croque Monsieur Croquettes Crostini Crown N Coke Crunch Don Crunchwrap Supreme Crunchy Taco Cuban Sandwich Cubano Sandwich Cucumber Roll Cucumber Salad Cucumber Salad w Ume Dressing Cucumber Shrub Prosecco Cucumbers Cuocere Di Vongole Cupcake Cupcake Pancake Breakfast Cupcakes Curried Chicken Salad Curry Curry BBQ Meat Hamburger Steak Curry Burger Mondays Curry Chicken Sandwich Curry Rice Bowl Curry Udon Curry Udon with Chicken Katsu Daikon Daiquiri Daiquiri Bar Dakota Smashed Pea Barley Soup with Barley Carrots Onions Savory Herbs and Scallions Danish Cake Dashimaki Tamago dbl Cheeseburger Decaf Coffee Deconstructed Mai Tai Deep Dish Pizza Deep Fried Chicken deep fried oyster 酥炸生蚝 Deep Fried Shrimp Deep Fried Shrimp Dim Sum Deep Fried Wonton Deep Green Smoothie Rainbow Tacos Deftones Phantom Bride IPA from Belching Beaver Brewery Delux Maki Set Deluxe Breakfast 2 Eggs Ham & Link Sausages Deluxe Breakfast Fried Rice Ham 2 Eggs & Corned Beef Hash Deluxe Green Tea Shave Ice w Heavy Ice Cream Top Deluxe Okonomiyaki Deluxe Sashimi Bowl Deluxe-Nigiri Set Denver Omelet Desert Premium Course Meal Dessert Dessert Pizza Sucuk Dessert Strawberry Banana Cheescake Dglazed Maple and Chocolate Twist Donuts Diamond Head Cove Veggie Wrap Dim Sum Dimsum Dinner Plate with Fried Rice Dole Whip Dolmades Donburi Donburi (Rice Bowl) Döner Pita Plate Döner Rice Plate Doner Wrap Donut Flaky Donuts Donuts Dorito Taco Doritos° Locos Tacos Dosa and Soup Double Cheeseburger Double Cheeseburger Truffle Fries Sliders Double Kona Mocha Double Pepperoni Pizza Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Double Salad 1 Plate Double Scoop of Ice Cream Doufu Takoyaki Style Doughnut Downtown Wrap Dr Pepper Drink Dragon Fruit Sorbet Dragon Lady Soup Dragón MAKI Dragon Roll Draught Beer Dressed Egg Taco Dried Scallops Dumplings Drip Coffee Drunken Noodle Drunken Noodles Drunkrn Clams Clams Marinated with Wine 醉蚬 Duck Duck Duck breast Duck Confit Duck Liver Duck Ramen Dulce De Leche French Toast Dumplings Dungeness Crab Legs dungeness crab 金尼斯大海蟹 Durham Ranchi Ribeye Dynamite Maki Dynamite T N T Roll Dyno Nuggets De Pollo E3 Fresh Spicy Ahi Bowl E4 Fresh Seared Salmon Bowl EBI Fry Bento EBI King Salmon Maguro and Chutoro Nigiri Edamame Edamame - Local Style Eel Kamameshi Eel Octopus Tuna Nigiri Eel Rice egg benedict Egg Custard Tarts Egg Drop Soup Egg for Breakfast Egg Nog Cheesecake Egg Noodle with Seafood Egg Roll Egg salad Egg Salad Sandwich Egg Sandwich Egg Souffle with Sausage and Fruits Egg Spam Musubi Egg Tart Egg White Pesto Sandwich Eggnog Frappuccino Eggplant Eggplant Eggplant Fry Eggplant Parmesan Eggs and Style Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict with Fried Rice Eggs Benni Ekiben Elote Emin Mushrooms Noodles Empanada Empanadas with Vegetables Fried Rice Enchanting French Toast english breakfast English Muffin Enpanadas De Carne Asada Y Calentao Ensalada César Ensalada Mixta Ensymada Epic Breakfast Burrito with Portuguese Sausage Erdinger Hefeweizen Escargot Escargot Escargots a La Chablisienne Espresso Espresso Con Panna Espresso Martini Espresso Shot Espresso Tonic Everyday Breakfast 11 00 2 Eggs Any Style Choice of One Meat Choice of One Starch or One Pancake Expresso Parfait Extras Corn on the Cob Potatoes and Sausage Fajitas Falafel Falafel Banh MI Family Platter Assorted Sushi 45 Pieces Famous Coconut Shrimp Fanta Blue Raspberry Drink Fat Boy Fatty Tuna Fatty Tuna Local Fermented Pineapple Filet and Lobster Tail Filet Di Manzo Filet Mignon Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail Filet Mignon Flatbread Filet Mignon w a Side of Jumbo Shrimp Filet O Fish Sandwich Filipino Lemonade Fines Herbes Roasted Jidori Chicken Pasta Finger Short Rib Finger Shrimp Fire Grilled Salmon Fire-Grilled Ribeye Firecracker Roll First Plates Fish Fish Fish & Chips Fish & Chips Fish and Chips Fish and Grits Fish Cake Soups Fish Ceviche Fish Dumplings Fish Fillet with Steamed Vegetables Fish Jook Fish Jun Plate Fish n’ Chips Fish Patties Fish Sandwich Fish Sandwich Fish Sandwich Combo Fish Sauce Fish Sauce Thai Chili Fish Soup Fish Taco Fish Tacos Fish with Celery Fish&Tips Flaming Filet Mignon Wontons 6 Count Flan Flat White Flavored Soup Flavors of Empanadas Focaccia Focaccia Foie gras Foie Gras Burger Foie Gras Daikon Fondue Fotos Otoro Nigiri cipex3 Four Piece Chicken Dinner Frappuccino Frappuccino Coffee French Dip French Fries French Fries French Fries & Onion french fries 炸薯条 French onion soup French Onion Soup French Onion Soup En Croute French Paterssie French Toast French Toast French Toast Breakfast French Toast Combo French Toast Trio French Toast White Bread French Toast with Fruit Fresh Ahi Poke Fresh Ahi Tartar in Mini Waffle Cones Fresh Baked Cookie Fresh Caught Ahi Burger Fresh Caught Fish of the Day Plate Fresh Choco-Mint Latte and a Honey Lavender Latte Fresh Clams Scampi Fresh Fries Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Tea Fresh Govinda Juice Fresh Iced Oysters Fresh Juice Fresh Orange Juice Fresh Oyster Shooter on Ice with Lemongrass Garlic Mignonette Fresh Poke Fresh Salmon with Sweet Onion Fresh Shucked Oysters Fresh Strawberry Mango Cooler Fresh Uni Fresh Ahi Salmon Poke Fresh Hamachi Freshly Brewed Iced Tea Fried Ahi Belly with Hawaiian Style Poke Fried Apple Pie Fried Baby Octopus Fried calamari Fried Calamari Rings Fried Catfish Basket with Lemon Pepper Fries Cooked Perfectly & Fries Were so Ono Fried Cauliflower Fried chicken Fried Chicken 2 Fried Chicken and Fries Fried Chicken Bowl Drink Fried Chicken Covered in Cheese Fried Chicken Curry Fried Chicken Karaage Fried Chicken Rice Bowl Fried Chicken w Original Tar Tar Sauce Fried Deviled Eggs Fried Dumpling Fried Egg Fried Gizzards Fried Gobo Fried Green Tomatoes Fried Ice Cream Fried Mandoo Plate Fried Noodle Fried Noodle with Egg fried noodles Fried Oyster Fried Oyster Ika Garage Salt and Pepper Shrimp Fried Oysters Fried pickles Fried Pickles Fried Pork Chop Fried Pork Gyoza Dumplings Fried Potato Fried Rice Fried Rice and Orange Chicken Fried Rice Corn Beef Hash Fried Rice Loco Moco Fried Saimin Fried Selection Fried shrimp Fried Shrimp Fried Soft-Shell Crab Basket Fried Spring Rolls Fried Taro Roll Fried Tofu Bun Fried Tofu Wichives Fried Tofu with Tempura Sauce Fried Won Ton Fried Zucchini Frose Sangria Frozen Beer Frozen Margarita Frozen Yogurt Fruit Fruit Cup Fruit Plate Fruit Punch Fruit salad Frying Dragon Roll Full Plates Furikake Miso Salmon Katsu Plate Furikake Pan Seared Ahi Furikake Salmon Combo Plate Furikake Spicy Fried Chicken Bowl Furikake-Crusted Ahi Fuyu Persimmon Salad GA Xa Ot Lemongrass Chicken Gai Lan with Garlic Games Jenga Garden Pizza Garden Salad Garlic and Spicy Fried Chicken Garlic bread Garlic Butter Fries Garlic Cheesy Bread Garlic Chicken & Panang Yellow Curry Combo with a Side Order if Pad Thai Noodles Garlic Chicken Bento Garlic Chicken Bowl Garlic Chicken Curry Combo Garlic Chicken Panang Curry Garlic Chicken Pork Chop Combo Garlic Chicken with Pad Thai Noodles Garlic Crab Garlic Cream Cheese Toast Garlic Cream Fettuccine Garlic Edamame ガリック枝豆 Garlic Fish Garlic Fried Chicken and Fried Chicken Combo Garlic Fried Rice Garlic Fries Garlic Knots Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks Garlic Pesto Shrimp Garlic Prawns Garlic Rice Garlic Salmon with Salad Garlic Sea Bass Garlic Seafood Garlic Shrimp Garlic Shrimp Plate Garlic Shrimp Salad Garlic Steak & Shrimp Garlic Tan Tan Ramen garlic tan tan ramen 蒜蓉担担面 garuic shrimp ガーリックシュリンプ Gazpacho Gelato Gelato Gen Korean BBQ Gen Signature Pork Chop Giant Pretzel Gift Basket Gimbap gin Gin Doi Gindara Misoyaki Gindara Misoyaki & Agedashi Tofu Ginger Beerbtl 9 3 Oz Ginger Chicken Ginger Fantastic Ginger Lemonade Ginger Lemonade & Ice Tea Ginger Lobsters & Salts Pepper Lobsters Gingerbread House Glad Ramen Glazed Yeast Donut Glazed Yeast Donut with Chocolate Center Gluten Free Pizza Hawaii Goat Cheese Salad Gobo Tempura Godzilla Roll Golden Calamari Golden Duck Special Golden Sushi Gomoku Ramen Gong Bao Chicken Gordito Goulash Gourmet Burgers Grab and Go Soba Salad Granola Grass Fed Beef Loco Moco Grateful Cheeseburgers Fries with Hummus Grateful Hummus with Pita Bread Gravlax Salmon Roulade Gravlox Bagel Great Beer Great Burger Great Coffee Great Mai Tai Greek Fries Greek salad Green Bean Tofu Green Cheese Tea Green Cobb Salad Green Curry Green Curry Chicken Green Curry with Chicken and Garlic Chicken Green Papaya Salad green papaya salad som tum 青木瓜沙拉 Green salad Green Tea Green Tea Cake Green Tea Ice Cream Green Tea Mochi UCE Cream and Tiara Masu Green Tea Pudding Green Tea Puff Green Tea Waffle Grilled Ahi Belly Grilled Ahi Sandwich Grilled Ahi with Garlic Butter Sauce Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Foie Gras Puff Grilled Beef Tongue Grilled Beef Tongue ギュタン塩焼 Grilled cheese Grilled Cheese Grilled Cornbread Grilled Mackerel Set Grilled Peppercorn Swordfish Grilled Pork and Rice Noodles Grilled Portobello Mushroom Grilled Salmon Grilled Salmon Belly Grilled Salmon Bento Grilled Salmon with Furikake Mayo and Tossed Salad Grilled Sawara Grilled Shishamo Grilled Shrimp Grilled Smoked Scallops Grilled Squid Grilled Steak Salad Grilled Tako with Chimichurri Grilled Whole Yari Ika Grilled Yellowtail Collar with Herbs Ground Beef Burrito Growler Mac & Cheese Guacamole Guava Guava Bars Guava Lava Mochi Waffle Guava Margarita Guava Napple Guava Passion Fruit Cake Guava Plantation Iced Tea Guava Waffle Gulab jamun Gyoza Gyoza 6 Pieces Gyoza Curry Rice Gyoza Pizza Gyro Meat Gyro Sandwich Special Gyro Sliders Gyros Gyu-Family Meal for All Gyu-Kaku Salad Dressing Gyu-Kaku Style Beer Gyudon Habitat Burger Hakuto White Peach Mochi Half Pound Boneless Wings Half Steak & Shrimp Halibut Halloumi halo-halo Ham & Cheese Crossaint Ham and Cheese and Egg Croissant Ham and cheese croissant Ham and Egg Sandwich with Diet Soda Ham Broccoli Lettuce Ham Egg Sandwich Hamachi Hamachi Carpaccio Hamachi Collar Hamachi Kama Hamachi Kama Plate Hamachi Loin Sashimi Hamachi Maki Hamachi Poke Hamachi Salad Plate Lunch Hamachi Sashimi Hamachi Yellowtail Hamakua Mushroom Black Truffle Risotto Cakes Hamburger Hamburger - Happy Meal Hamburger and Saimin Hamburger Original Hamburger Patty Hamburger Steak Hamburger Steak Curry Combo Hamburger Steak Gravy All Over Hamburger Steak Plate Hamburger with Teriyaki Sauce and Pineapple Hamburgers Hand Breaded Shrimp Hand-Shaken Agave Mojito Handmade Dumplings Handmade Hamburg Steak handroll Hanger steak Hanger Steak Happy Hour 9 Skewers Happy Hour Beer Harbor Misoyaki Chilean Seabass Hard Shell Beef Taco Harmachi Sashimi Hash Brown Hash browns Haupia Acai Bowl Haupia Cheesecake Haupia Moana Bowl Haupia Pie Hawaii Ranchers New York Strip Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Plate Hawaiian BBQ Plate Hawaiian Bowl Hawaiian Burger Hawaiian Chop Steak Hawaiian Fruit Acai Bowl Hawaiian Omelette Hawaiian Papaya Hawaiian Pizza Hawaiian Plate Hawaiian Special Hawaiian Style Poke Hazelnut Chocolate with Fruits Hazelnut Latte Head on Fish Healthier Garlic Ahi Belly Healthy Vegan Crispy Spring Rolls Healthy Vegan Lemongrass Tofu Vermicelli Healthy Vegan Stir Fried Eggplant and Tofu with Rice Healthy Vegan Wonton Heavenly's Organic Veggie & Beans Loco Moco heineken Helix Escargots Bourgogne Herbed French Fries Hibachi Fried Rice Hibachi Grilled Atlantic Salmon Hibachi Grilled Organic King Salmon Hibachi Steak Hibiscus Martini Hiblend Acai Bowl Hiroshima Okonomiyaki HK Crab Cakes Hojicha Cream Hojicha Frappe Hojicha Latte Float Hokkaido Cream Bread Hokkaido Milk Tea Home Beer Home Fries Home Made Gyoza Homemade Jams Homemade Margaritas Homemade Tiramisu Homemade Tofu Salad Honey Honey BBQ Ribs Honey Butter Chicken Waffles Honey Green Tea Honey Latte Honey Walnut Prawns Honey Walnut Shrimp honey walnut shrimp 核桃虾球 Honeydew Smoothie Honeydew Smoothie with Bubble Tea Hoong Tu Mein Hot and sour soup Hot Cakes with Sausage and Hash Browns Hot Carpaccio hot chocolate Hot Cocoa Hot Cup of Coffee & Cold Brew Milk Shake Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Dog Roll Hot dogs Hot Fudge Hot Fudge Sundae Hot Iced Chai Latte Hot Mustard w Shoyu Hot Pastrami Sandwich Hot Pot Hot Pot Hot Sauce Options Hot Tea House Crispy Noodles Chicken House Fried Chips House Fried Potato Chips House Made Japanese Style Pudding House Made Kim Chi House Made Kona Coffee Tiramisu House Red Pour House Roasted Turkey Sandwich House Salad House Special Cake Noodle House Special Calamari House Special Gravy House Special Vietnamese Sandwich Hudson Valley Duck Breast & Confit Leg Huihui Cobb Salad Hummus Hummus and Pita Bread Hurricane Ice coffee Ice Cream Ice Cream Ice Cream Cones Ice Cream Scoop Ice Cream Waffle Icecream Iced Americano Iced Black Tea Iced Café Americano Iced Latte Iced Milk Coffee Jello Iced Mocha Iced Peach Citrus White Tea Iced Regular Coffee Iced tea Idli Ika Nigiri Impossible Whopper with Cheese Individual Pepperoni Stromboli Individual Spinach Stromboli with Creamy Ricotta Asiago and Mozz Insalata Alla Caesar IPA IPA Brined Chicken Wings IPA Fish & Chips Irish coffee Island Latte Island Taro Rolls It Was Supposed to Be a Shrimp Taco Italian Beef Italian Cobb Salad Italian Cream Soda Italian Deluxe Italian Meatball Fix Italian Sausage Mushroom Pizza Italian Soda J's Cutlet Jalapeno Poppers Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza Jambalaya Jambalaya Linguini Fini Jap Chae Japanese Cucumbers Japanese Curry Japanese Curry Japanese Pork Sandwich Japanese Soba Japanese Style Cheese Cake Japanese Uni Ikura Don Japchae Jarrito's Jasmine Rice Saffron Rice or Aromatic Red Rice Jasmine Rice White Rice Java Chip Jerry Berry Cocktail Jian Dui Jiaozi Jin Dui Jinroku Teppanyaki Combination JJA Jung Myun Black Bean Noodles Jjajangmyeon Jo Sushi Jolly Crispy Fries Jolly Spaghetti w Soda jr バーガー Juice Juice & Smoothies Juicy Burger Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail Jumbo Shrimp with Tortellini and Cream Sauce Jun and Chicken Bento Just a Display K-Town Chicken & Waffle Kabobs kabocha nimonoがボチャの煮物 Kadhai Paneer Kahlua Cheesecake Kaiseki Kakaako Salad Kakigōri Kakuni Bao Kal Bi Bar-B-Q Kalakoa Sunset Martini Kalbi Kalbi and BBQ Chicken Kalbi and BBQ Chicken Combination Plate Kalbi and BBQ Chicken Combination Plate with Vegetables Kalbi Barbecue Chicken Barbecue Beef Chicken Wing Mon Dieu Rice and Four Choices of Vegetables Kalbi Bowl with Egg Kalbi Cheese Sandwich Kalbi Fried Rice Kalbi Loco Moco Kalbi Onion Bowl of Rice Kalbi Plate with Egg Kalbi Ribs Kalbi Short Rib Kale Avocado Tacos Kale Salad Kale Salad Kalua Pig Kalua Pig and Rice Kalua Pig Eggs Benedict Kalua Pig Quesadilla Kalua Pork & Cabbage Plate Kalua Pork Eggs Benedict with Herb-Roasted Potatoes Kalua Pork Flatbread Kalua Pork Nachos Kalua Pork Sandwich Kalua Pork with Rice Kamameshi Rice Kampachi Carpaccio Kampachi Crudo Kamuela Cobb Salad Kaneohe Burger Karaage Karaage chicken Karamiso Ramen Kare kare Kataifi Macadamia Nut Crusted Jumbo Black Tigers Prawns Katsu Chicken Katsu Curry Moco Katsu Curry Rice Katsu Curry Special Katsu don Katsu Plate Curry Breaded Crispy Tofu and the Avo Veggie Katsudon Katsumadori Ice Cream Sunday Kau Yuk with Taro Kaze Omakase Kee Mao Drunken Noodles Keeaumoku Special Pokè Keiki Breakfast Plate Keiki Grilled Cheese Keiki Grilled Cheese Sandwich Key lime pie Key Lime Pie Kid's Keiki Acai Bowl Kids Hawaiian Pizza Kilauea Fire Burger Kim Chee Fried Rice Kim Chee Pork Roll Kimbap Kimchee Fried Rice Kimchi Kimchi 1 lb Kimchi fried rice Kimchi Omelette Kimchi Udon Kimuchi Ramen Kinako Azuki Blondie Sundae Kinako Latte King Arthur Supreme Maui Zaui Montague's All Meat Marvel Kalua Pig Supreme King Arthur Supreme Pizza King Crab & Dungeness Crab King Crab Legs Combo King McArthur Special Pizza King of Chili Kings Burger and Truffle Fries Kirin Ichiban Kirin Light Kitchen Cocktail Koa Moco Kobe Beef Kobe Beef Chanko Kobe Kalbi Beef Kobore Ikura Uni & Negitoro Kona Coffee Kona Coffee and Latte Kona Coffee Gelato Kona Coffee Ice Cream Kona Coffee Jelly Kona Kampachi Teishoku Kona Kanpachi Carpaccio Kona Lobster and Kahuku Shrimp Gyoza Konos Biscuits & Country Sausage Gravy Kopelani Blend Coffee Korean BBQ Korean Chicken Salad with Choice of Dressing Korean Fish Jun Korean Fried Chicken Korean Fried Chicken Korean Fried Chicken and Chili Mixed Plate Korean Fried Chicken Breakfast Korean Fried Chicken Plate Korean Fried Chicken Plate with Rice and Macaroni Salad Korean Fried Tofu Plate Korean Hamburger Steak Korean Meat Jun and Add on Fried Mondoo Korean Seasoned Chicken Korma Kouign Ammans Kula Strawberry Mojito Kung Pao Chicken Kung Pao Chicken Kung Pao Shrimp Kurobuta 2 Rolls Kurobuta Burger Kyoto Matcha Ipa La Croix Grapefruit Lady Bo and Night on the Town Cocktails Laksa Laksa Lamb and Shrimp with Grits Lamb Biryani Lamb Chop 'Luca Pecorimi Lamb chops Lamb Chops Lamb Kabob Lamb Kebab Lamb Rogan Josh Lamb Skewers Lamb Vindaloo larb 泰式凉拌辣肉 Large French Fries Large Pizza Large Saimin Large Saimin Bowl Large Soda Iced Tea Large Won Ton Min with BBQ Sticks Large Wonton Min w 2 BBQ Sticks Lasagna Lasagna Thursday Special Lasagne Lasagne Latte Latte and Cookie Latte Maple Lau Lau and Hamburger Steak Plate Lau Lau Shoyu Chicken Plate Lau Lau with Teri Hamburger Steak Laulau Beef Stew Combo Laulau Shoyu Chicken Combo Lava Flow Lava Flow Cocktail Lava Mocha Layers of Lasagna LC Fiesta Burrito Leahi Salad Lean-Mean Breakfast Burrito Lechon Lechon Kawali with Adobo Fried Rice Left Goma Tei Sausage Souffle Cheese Egg Center Strawberry Waffle Right Popcorn Chicken Waffle Lemon & Chocolate Lemon Beef Salad Lemon chicken Lemon Grass Chicken Rice Lemon Passion Icy Bubble Lemon Pepper Lemon Tart Lemonade Lemonade Guava Lemongrass Chicken with Rice Lettuce lettuce wrap Lettuce Wraps Liempo Pork Belly Lilikoi Cheese Cake Lilikoi Chocolate Mousse Lilikoi Cream and Pineapple Pancakes Lilikoi Margarita Lilikoi Moana Bowl Lilikoi Souffle with Bacon and Egg Lime Limu Poke Linguine with Portobello Mushroom Liquor Live Giant Lobster Live Oysters 1 2 Dozen Llegant Waffles Loaded Hawaiian Acai Bowl Loaded Pulled Pork Fries Lobster Lobster Lobster and Sirloin Lobster Bisque Lobster Bisquea a La Michel's lobster dynamite 炸龙虾 Lobster Fried Rice Lobster Garlic Noodles Lobster in Black Bean Sauce Lobster Newburg & Beef Oscar Lobster Roll Lobster Roll Lobster Sashimi lobster tail Lobster Tails Lobster Waikiki Local Avocado Guacamole Local Beer Super Refreshing Local Eggs Flat Omelette Loco Moco Loco Moco & Lau Lau Loco Moco Bowl Drink Loco Moco Breakfast Special Fried Rice Extra Gravy 9 Loco Moco Burger Loco Moco Curry Loco Moco Hot Dog Loco Moco Plate Loco Moco Plate Lunch Loco Moco with Fried Rice Loco Moco with Poi Canned Unsweetened Green Tea Loco Moco with White Rice Lomita Salmon Bowl London Fog Long Island Iced Tea Long Rice Noodles and Seaweed Lox Lox Bagel with Cream Cheese Lucille Ball Burger Lump Blue Crab Cakes Lumpia Lumpia Lunch Sashimi Combo Lunch Special Tonkotsu Ramen Tempura Lup Cheong Fried Rice Lychee Lychee Martini Lychee Soda Lychee Sorbet ma po tofu 麻婆豆腐 Mac and cheese Mac and Cheese Mac N Cheese Poutine Mac Nut Pancake Macadamia Nut Crusted Fish Macadamia Nut Crusted Fresh Catch Macadamia Nut Ice Cream Macadamia Nut Sundae Macadamia Pancakes Macarons Macaroons Mackerel Mafatofu Ramen Magoo's Famous Combo Pizza Maguro Maguro Nigiri Maguro Saba and Shrimp Nigiri Maguro Snapper & Tamago Nigiri Maguro Tartar Maguro Unagi & EBI Nigiri Mah Mahi Tacos Mahi Benedict Mahi Mahi Fish & Chips Mai Tai Mai Tai Wings Maithai Tini Major Make Your Own Yakitori Bento Maki Special Fried Rice Malai Kofta Malasada with Guava Malasadas Malesada and Other Pastries Malted Chocolate Pie Man Doo Kooksoo Man Doo Soup Mandarin Duck Mandoo Plate Mandu Kooksoo mango Mango & Mixed Berry Shave Ice Mango and Coconut Combo Large Mango and Mixed Berries Shaved Ice Mango and Strawberry Shaved Ice with Condensed Milk Mango Cake Mango Cheese Tea Mango Cream Soda Drink Mango Ice Cream Mango Lassi Mango Margarita Mango Mochi Dessert Mango Pudding Mango Smoothie Mango Strawberry Shortcake mango with coconut milk and sticky rice 芒果配椰浆和糯米饭 Mango&Coconut Mango-A-Go-Go Mangosteen Manoa Bento Maple Syrup Mapo Doufu Mapo Rice Cakes Mapo Tofu Mapo Tofu Ramen Mapo Tofu Rice Margarita Margarita pizza Marinara Sauce Martini Mash Potatoes & Gravy & Coleslaw Massaman Curry matcha Matcha and Vanilla Ice Cream Matcha Cheese Cake Matcha Frappe Matcha Ice Cream matcha latte Matcha Lavender Latte with Oat Milk Matcha Maiko Matcha Mellow Matcha Pink Drink Matcha Tea Latte & Haupia Latte Matcha Tiramisu Cake Maui Pineapple Creme Brulee Mauna Kea Iced Coffee Mazemen Cold Ramen Mccafé Apple Fritter Mccafé Coffee Mcflurry with Oreo Cookies Mcmuffin Mcnuggets & 2 L Fries Mcteri Combo Mcteri Deluxe Combo Meal Mcteri Deluxe Meal Meat Jhun Meat Jun Meat Jun and BBQ Chicken Combo Meat Jun and Bul Gogi Combo Meat Jun and Chicken Katsu Meat Jun and Mandoo Meat Jun Fish Jun Combo Meat Lover Cauliflower Meat Lovers Lasagna Meat Lovers Pizza Meat Pizza Meat Toppings Meatball Combo Meatball Marinara Meatball Sliders Meatball Sub Meatballs Meatballs in Polenta Meatjun and Chicken Katsu Mix Plate Meatjun Plate Meatloaf Meatloaf Loco Moco with Fried Rice Meatloafs Medium Cajun Fries Medium Kaede Sushi Platter Medium Pho Menchi Katsu Balls Mentaiko Pasta Mentaiko Spaghetti Menudo Meringue Mermaid Mai Tai Mexican Slaw Mexican Street Corn Mexican Tres Leches Pancakes Mexico City Style Tacos Mexico City Style Tacos Fish Carnitas and Carne Asada Michel's Caesar Salad Michiko Chicken Microwavabowls Mild Mild Chicken Sandwiches Milk Pudding milk tea Mimosa Mimosa Flight Minato Box Minato Dinner Plate with Sashimi & Butterfish Minced Meat Salad Laab Minestrone Mini Chicken Cutlet Mini Chicken Katsu Mini Chicken Katsu Plenty and Onolicious Mini Chirashi Mini Fried Chicken Mini Kal Bi Combo Plate Mini Kalbi Plate Mini Pig Moon Cake Mini Ramen Mini Squid Luau Mini Teri Pork Mini Udon Minibon Mint Water Minute Chicken Cake Noodle Minute Chicken with Cake Noodle minute chicken 美味雞 Minute Maid Pink Lemonade 20 Oz Bottle Miso Beef Tongue Miso Butter Fish Miso Butterfish Miso Eggplant Miso Ramen Miso Ramen L Miso Ramen R Miso Soup Miso-Butterscotch Rice Pudding Misoyaki Butterfish Misoyaki Butterfish & Tonkatsu Lunch Special Misoyaki Salmon & Tenpura Misoyaki Salmon Tenpura Pack Mix of Empanadas Mix Vegetables Tempura Mixed Combo BBQ Chicken Mixed Fruit Pancakes Mixed Nuts Mixed Plate Combo Mixed Plate Hamburger Steak & Garlic Shrimp Mixed Plate with Beef Stew Mixed Seafood Plate Mixed Tempura Platter Moana Sunset Mai Tai Moana Surfrider Burger Mocha Mocha Cheesecake Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino Mochalatta Chill Mochi Mochi Ball Mochi Cheese Mochi Chicken Rice Chickeen Sausage & Egg Mochi Donuts Mochi Ice Cream Mochi Negi and Seafood Okonomiyaki Mochi w Ice Cream Topped w Kuromitsu & Kinako Powder Mochi Waffle Mochiko Chicken Mochiko Chicken Mini Mochiko Chicken Plate Modern Irish Nachos Mojito Mole Enchiladas Monaka Ice Cream - Sakura Style Mongolian beef mongolian beef 蒙古牛肉 Monkfish Liver Monte Cristo Sandwich Montreal Poutine mooncake Moroccan Stew Mortadella and Manchego Arancini moscow mule Mousse Cappuccino Mozuku Seaweed in Vinegar Sauce Mucho Loco Moco Mud Pie Muffin Muffins and Scones Multi Grain Sourdough Mung Bean Sprout Mushroom Chicken Mushroom Medley Mushroom Ravioli Mushroom Stout Burger Mushroom Swiss Burger Mushroom Swiss Omelets Mussels Musubi Nabe Sauces Nabeya Maido House Shoyu with Ramen Nabeyaki Udon Nacho Fries Nacho Fries Bell Grande Nacho Fries Box Nacho Rangoon Nachos Nachos Nachos Bellgrande Naked Chicken Chalupa Naked Mai Tai Runner Nam Khoa Todd Napa Kimchi Nashinoka Pear Sherbet Lemon Sherbet Watermelon Sherbet White Peach Sherbet Nashville Hot Chicken & Pancakes Natto Bowl Natural Teas Negihama Negitoro Ikura Don Neiman Marcus Margarita Never Frozen Local Sashimi Grade Ahi New York Steak Plate with All Salad New York Style Cheesecake new york ステーキ&コメコチキン Night on the Town Cocktail Nigiri & Roll Nigiri Combo Party Plate Nihari Nitro Cold Brew Noodle Noodles and Sauce Mixed Noodles and Seafood Blackbean Sauce Noodles for Chow Mein North Shore Garlic Shrimp Nutty Hawaiian Latte NY Steak and Garlic Shrimp Oat Milk Cappuccino Oatmea Bowl Oatmeal Breakfast Ocean Salad Gunkan Octopus Octopus Okinawa Soba Okinawan Brown Sugar Bread Okinawan Donuts Okinawan Soba Okinawan Style Yakisoba Stir Fried Noodle Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie Okinawan Tempura Plate Okonomiyaki Okonomiyaki & Takoyaki (Flour Dish) Okonomiyaki Chicken Skewers Okonomiyaki Fries Okra Old Fashion at 8am Old Fashioned Oleato Golden Foam Iced Shaken Espresso with Toffeenut Ōlena Burger with Truffle Fries Omakase Omakase Chirashi Chef Choice Omelet Omelet with Fried Rice Omelet with Salsa Omelet with Toast Omelette Omelette Omelette Sándwich Omelette w Fried Rice Omurice On Ciabatta On Dong Za Jang Mein One Entree Combo Hamburger Steak Dinner One Pancake Oney Walnut Chickenh Ong Choy Garlic onigiri Onion Onion Ring Tower Onion rings Onion Soup Ono Beef Curry Ono French Toast Ono Roast Duck Onodera Tokusei Chu-Maki Opah Fish Steak Opah Steak Ora King Salmon Sashimi Orange chicken Orange Chicken Chow Mein and Fried Rice Oreo Oreo Smoothie Organic Hainanese Chicken Rice Organic Soft Ice Cream Original Acai Bowl Original Fried Chicken Wings with Kale & Celery Sticks original honey toast 原味蜂蜜吐司 Original Yeast Donuts Old Fashioned Donut Chocolate Cronut Maple Bacon Donut Osechi Osso Buco Otto's Chocolate Fudge Our Cafe Our Ice Cream Sundae Outstanding Pizza Salad Oven Grilled Berkshire Pork with Yuzu Kosho Oven Roasted Chicken Wings Oxtail Pho Oxtail Soup Oxtail Soup Mini Oxtail Soup with Cilantro Oyako Udon Oyakodon Oyster Oyster Oyster Sauce Chicken Chow Mein Oyster Shooter oyster with black bean sauce 豉汁生蠔 Oysters Oysters on the Half Shell Oysters Rockefeller 4pc Pad Kra Pao Pad See Ew Pad Thai Pad Thai Paella Paitan Ramen Pajeon Palabok Fiesta Party Pack Paloma Pan Fried Turnip Cake Pan Pizza Super Supreme Pan Roasted Duckbreast Pan Roasted Salmon Pan Seared Fresh Jumbo Hokkaido Scallop with Lobster Reduction Creamy Truffle Risotto Pan Seared Kampachi Pan Seared Kona Kampachi Panang Curry with Garlic Chicken on Sticky Rice Pancake Pancake Breakfast Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes & Fresh Fruit Pancakes with Lechera and Syrup Pancit Malabon Pandan Matcha Latte Pandan Toast Paneer Karahi Panko Crusted Ahi Sashimi Roll Panna Cotta Pantan Ramen Papa John Pizza Papadums Papaya Papaya Boat Papaya Bowl Papaya Mango Flavored Papaya Salad Papaya Salad Som Tum Parmesan Chicken Passion Fruit Ice Tea Passion Fruit Margarita on the Rocks Passion Fruit Mojito Passion Orange Guava Ice Cream Pasta Pastelillo Pastrami Sandwich Pastrami Sandwich Pastries Pastry Pastry Chef's Dessert Trio pâtisserie Patron Top Shelf Margarita Patty Hamburger Steak Plate pavlova Peace Plate Peach Mango Pie Peanut Butter and Jelly Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Peanutbutter Red Bean and Coconut Mochi Pear Tart Pecan pie Peel & Eat Shrimp Peking Duck Peking Duck Peking Duck Spring Rolls 2 Count Peking Duck w 8 Buns Peking Duck w Bun Peking Duck with 6 Buns Scallions Plum Sauce Pencil Cake Peppa Duck Pepperoni Pepperoni Flatbread Pepperoni Mushroom Spinach Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza Peppers Persimmon Personal Pan Pizza Meat Lovers Pizza Personalized Vegetarian Pizza Peruvian Chicken Pesto blt Sandwich Petite Loco Moco Philly Cheese Steak Philly Cheesesteak Philly Cheesesteak with Bacon Pho Pho Pho Chicken Pho DAC Biet Pho Ggie Pho Sides Picada Con Frutos de Mar Pickled Daikon Pico de Gallo Pier 38 Fish Burger Pig Ear Beef Shank Roast Pork Pigs Feet Soup Piña colada Pina Colada Cake Pineapple Pineapple Boat Pineapple Creme Brulee Pineapple Drink Pineapple Glazed Chicken Pineapple Mai Tai Pineapple Mimosa Pineapple Paradisio Pineapple Roasted Chicken Pineapple Upside Down Cake Pineapple Upside Down Squares Pineapple Upside-Down Pineapple with Mango Sorbet Pink Pancakes Pinke Palace Pancakes Pisco Sour Pita Bread Pizza Pizza by the Slice Pizza Hawaiian Pizza Margherita Pizza Quattro Formaggi Pizza Tre Porcellini Plain Croissant Plain Kasutera Plant Based Coffee Macaron Plantation Iced Tea Plates Poached Pear Tart POG Mimosa Poi Banana Bread Poi Boy Smoothie & King Green Smoothie Poi Donut Poi Donuts Poi Doughnuts Poi Glazed Donut Poi Mochi Donut Poke Poke Bowl Poke Bowl Sold in the Fish Market Only Poke Bowls Poke de Arun Rojo Poke Nachos Poke Nachos and Chicken Nachos Poke Salad Poke Sampler Poke Sampler Platter Polenta Pollo Para Tacos Pollock Roe Pop over and Strawberry Butter popcorn Popcorn Chicken Popcorn Chicken Tatsutage 鸡米花 Popcorn Shrimp Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Popover Porchetta Porchetta Salad Porcini Crusted Diver Scallops Porcini Risotto with Sautéed Foie Gris Pork Adobo Bento for 6 90 Pork and peas Pork Asado Manapua Pork Belly Pork Belly Don Pork Belly Fried Rice Pork Belly Kakuni Pork Bitter Melon Goya Champuru Pork Burrito Pork Cheeks Pork Cheeks Pork Cheese Rolls Pork Chop and Chicken Pork Chop Cotolette pork chops Pork Chops 20 Pork Fried Rice Mochiko Chicken Pork Gyoza Pork Hash Pork Kalbi Pork Kalbi Short Ribs Plate Pork Katsu Pork Kra Pao Pork Lau Lau Pork Loin Pork Luau and Shrimp Lau Lau Pork Quesadilla Pork Rolls Pork Saimin Pork Sandwich Pork Sisig Sizzling Pig Head Pork Tenderloin Pork with Apricot and Pancetta Pork with Bittermelon Pork Wrapped Flavored Quail Eggs Portabella Mushroom Sandwich Portabello Mushroom Sandwich Porterhouse Steak Portobello Mushroom Burger Portuguese Sausage Portuguese Sausage Breakfast Burrito Portuguese Sausage Eggs and Rice Portuguese Sausage Eggs Wheat Toast Portuguese Sausage Link Sausage Portuguese Sausages Fried Eggs Short Stack Pancakes Pot Sticker Dumplings Potato Potato Masala Dosa Potato Moshi Soup Potato Salad Potato Salad with Wasabi Pour over Coffee Pourover Coffee Poutine Poutine Pozole Rojo Prawns Pretzel Pretzel Pretzel Dogs Pretzel Sticks Prime Beef Steak Prime Beef Steak Jyu Prime rib Prime Rib and BBQ Brisket Prime Rib Loco Moco Prime Rib Loco Moco Plate Prime Rib of Beef Prime Rib Sandwich Prince Bread Pudding Prosciutto Prosciutto Asparagus Prosciutto Toast Pu'er Tea Pub Burger Plate Pub Style Beer Battered Local Fish 'N Chips Plate Pulehu Kalbi & Eggs Pulled Pork Pulled Pork Jumbo Slider and Daily Special Banh MI Pulled Pork Quesadillas Pulled Pork Slider Pumpkin Pumpkin Tempura Purple Fantasy Milk Tea Taro Foam with Cashew Peanuts and Sesame Puto pw Special Omelette Quail Eggs Quails in XO Sauce Quarter Pound Eisenberg Hot Dog Quarter Pounder Deluxe Quarter Pounder with Cheese & French Fries Quesadilla Queso Quiche Quiche Quinoa Rack of Lamb Rack of Lamb Roasted Pork Loin and Roasted Duck Breast Raclette Rainbow Bowl and Surfer Bowl Rainbow Roll Rainbow Roll and Spider Roll Raita Ramen Ramen Ramen & Meat Ramen Soup Rare Steak Pho Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie Raspberry Heering Raw Oysters Raw Vegan Cheesecake Real Strawberries Ice Cream Red Carpet Red Velvet Waffle with Taro Cream Cheese Red Curry Red Curry Red velvet cake Red Velvet Cake Donut Red Velvet Full Stack Pancakes Red wine Reg Fried Chicken Regular Loco Moco Regular Mochiko Chicken Reuben sandwich Rib eye Ribeye Cheese Steak Sandwich Ribeye Katsu Ribeye steak Ribeye Steak with Grilled Vegetables & Truffle Sauce Ribeye with Cajun Shrimp Ribeye with Mushrooms and Onions Ribs Ribs Ribs and Mahi Mahi Ribs Crab Cake Noodles Garlic Oyster Rice Rice Cake Rice Macaroni Salad and Kimchi Rice Paper Radish Paper Rice Paper Wrapped Rolls 2 Rolls Rice pudding Rice Pudding Ricotta Pancakes Rigatoni Chicken Alfredo Risotto Risotto Balls Aka Arancini Risotto Funghi Risotto with Foie Gras rlコナコーヒーアイスクリーム rlパイナップルマンゴーシャーベット Roast Beef Roast Char Shoe Roast Chicken Roast Chicken Gravy Roast duck Roast Duck and Char Siu Roast Duck and Ginger Chicken Roast Duck Cake Noodles Roast Duck Ginger Chicken Sunday Special Roast Duck Lunch Plate Roast Duck on Rice Roast Duck Rice Roast Duck w Noodle in Soup roast duck 挂炉烧鸭 Roast pork Roast Pork Plate Roasted Garlic Aioli Avocado Aioli Roasted Lamb Chops Roasted Mahi Pasta Roasted Turkey Sandwich Roe Rolled Steak with Garlic Chips Root Beer Rose Cheese Tea with Half Boba Half Egg Pudding 25 Sweet Rosemary and Garlic Bread Round Three Roy's Mai Tai Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle Royal Garlic Steak Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai Royal Mai Tai Rum S'mores S-Nigiri Saba Saba Grilled with Salt Saimin Saimin Noodles Saimin Portuguese Sausage Saimin w a Beef Teriyaki on a Skewer Sake and Asahi Sake Harasu Sake Sangria Sakura Bento - Sushi Sala Thai Evil Jungle Salad Salad Salad and Daal Salad and Miso Soup Salad bar Salad bowl salad dressing Salad Meal Salad Station Salad with Shrimp Salads Salami Salmon Salmon 8 pcs Sushi Salmon Ahi Hamachi & Ikura salmon benedict Salmon Bento Salmon Chan Chan Roll Salmon Dynamite Salmon Ikura Don w Soup Salmon Lobster Tails Salmon Nigiri Salmon Poke and Udon Salmon Poke Bowl Salmon Roe Salmon Sashimi Salmon Skin Roll Salmon Skin Salad Salmon Toast Salsbury Steak Salt & Pepper Shrimp Salt and Pepper Lobsters Salt and Pepper Pork Chop Salt and Pepper Pork Chops Salt and Pepper Sashimi Salted Caramel Waffle Salted Pepper Garlic Lobster Saltimbocca Samba Soup Samosas Black Bean and Mozzarella Sandwich Sandwich Bacon Sandwich Lamb Beef Sandwiches Sangria Sangria Flight Sansei Sashimi Trio Sansei Special Roll Sapporo Draft Beer Sarde E Finochetti Sashimi Sashimi & Gindara Misoyaki Sashimi Combo Sashimi Combo Set Sashimi Plate Sashimi Platter Sashimi Platter 1 lb Sashimi Set Sashimi Special Satay Sate Meat Sauce Sauce to Dip Sauced Chicken Poppers Sausage Biscuit with Egg Sausage Breakfast Bowl Sausage Burrito Sausage Gravy Sausage Mcmuffin Sausage roll Sauteed Cabbage Sautéed Eggplant Sautéed Prawns Scallop Scallop Meat Scallop Okonomiyaki Scallop Pappardelle Scalloped Potatoes Scallops Scallops SCF Pork Osso Bucco Schnitzel Scramble Egg Scramble Eggs with Mushroom and Cheese and Comes with Fries Scrambled Egg Scrambled eggs Scrambled Eggs with Portuguese Sausage Sea Bass sea food Sea Salt Edamame Seabass and Tofu Casserole Seabura Ramen Seafood Seafood Bruschetta Seafood Cake Noodle Seafood Chow Fun Seafood Cioppino Seafood Combination Seafood Deluxe Seafood Okonomiyaki Seafood Pancake Instagram Riceandtravel Seafood pasta Seafood Platters Seafood Tempura Teishoku Seafood Trio Seared ahi tuna Seared Diver Scallops Seared Mahi Seared Miso Butter Lobster Seared Saba Seared Wagyu Beef Sush Seared Wagyu Uni Sushi Seaweed Salad Seaweed Soup Seaweed Soup Beef Bittermelon Jai Seaweed Soup That Comes Secret Sauce Serg's Nachos Serg’S Burrito Sesame Chicken Sesame Oil w Salt & Pepper Sha-Bang Bang Shrimp Shaka Tea Hawaii Pineapple Mint Shanghai Lumpia Shanghai Noodles Shark Creation Shave Ice Cream Cheese Shave Ice with Mango &Flav Mixed Berry F Shaved Ice Shawarma Shellfish Shimeji 3 5 Oz À la Carte Shinko Maki Shio Ramen Shio Ramen L Shishito Pepper Shogun Matcha Soft Serve Short Rib Chanko Lunch Short ribs Short Stack of Pancakes Short Stack Pancakes Short Stack Pancakes with a Side of Bacon Shoyu Chicken Shoyu Chicken & Hamburger Steak Shoyu Chicken and Laulau Plate Shoyu Chicken Combo Shoyu Chicken Plate Shoyu Pork Shoyu Pork Belly Shoyu Ramen Shoyu Ramen L Shoyu Udon Shredded Coconut Cheese Cake and Tahitian Vanilla Crème Anglaise Shredded Pork Tacos Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura Shrimp and Grits Shrimp and Grits Shrimp and Soba Salad Shrimp Cal Rolls Shrimp Ceviche Shrimp Cocktail Shrimp Curry with Rice Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo Shrimp Fried Rice Shrimp Fried Rice Chicken Shrimp Fried Rice Plate Shrimp Patty Shrimp Ramen Shrimp Roll Bento Shrimp Scampi Pasta Shrimp Scampi with Garlic Lemon Capers Olive Oil and Linguini Shrimp Scampi Zucchini Shrimp Special Shrimp Spring Roll Shrimp Taco Shrimp Tacos Shrimp Tempura Shrimp Tempura Donburi Shrimp Tempura with Tentsuyu Dipping Sauce Shrimp Vegetable Shrimp with Broccoli Shumai Sicilian Chicken with Potatoes Side Croissant Side Dish Daikin and Kimchi Side Fried Mandu Side of Fried Rice Side of Pho Noodles Side Order of Chicken Side Order Vegetables Shoyu Potato Seaweed Pickle Cucumber and Macaroni Salad Side Order Veggies Side Salad Sidewinder Fries Simply Pancake Singapore Mei Fun Singapore noodles Singapore Sling Singapore Street Noodles Singapore-Style Noodles Single Cheese Burger Patty Siu Mai siu mai 燒賣 Six Beignets Sizzling Basil Sizzling Garlic Steak and Shrimp sizzling rice soup 锅巴汤 Skewer Chicken with Veg Skewered Hatsumoto Skiyaki Slice of Pizza Slice of Red Velvet Cake Sliced Beef Tendon and Tripe Pho Slow Braised Honey Mustard Grilled Beef Short Ribs Sltiramisu Cake Lilikoi Cake & Japanese Cheesecake Slices Slushee Maragrita Small Cheese Pizza Small Party Pack Comes with Five Sides Small Pepperoni Small Ramen Small Wonton Min w BBQ Sticks Smashed California Avocado Toast Smoke Meat Carbonara Smoke on the Water Smoked Boneless Chicken Bowl Smoked Brisket Poutine Smoked Brisket Sandwich Smoked Butterfish Collars Smoked Duck Plate Smoked Duck Tacos Smoked Duck Wed Thurs Sat Only Smoked Fish Smoked Fish Dip and Taro Chips Smoked Loco Moco Spicy or Mild Smoked Meat and Smoked Chicken Plate Smoked Meat Hash Smoked Meat Omelet w Fried Rice Smoked Meat Pupu Bowl Smoked Mixed Plate - Pork and Kalbi Smoked Pork Belly & Eggs Smoked Pork Top and Smoked Duck Bottom Smoked Rosemary Mezcal Margarita Smoked Salmon Smoked Salmon & Bacon Sandwich and Farm Gone Wild Salad Smoked Salmon Bacon with Roasted Garlic Sauce Locally Organic Grown Salad and Side Sourdough Bread Smoked Salmon Belly Smoked Salmon Scramble Smoked Short Ribs Smoked Turkey Breast Smoking Pig Smore Smores Cookies Snapper Snow Crab Legs So Chicken Katsu So Loco Moco So Mochiko Chicken So Spicy Chicken Wings Sobá Soba with Vegetable Tempura Soda Sofrito Chicken Empanada Soft Corn Tacos Soft drink Soft Drinks Soft Gau Gee Mein Soft Shell Crab Roll Soft Taco Soft Tofu Seafood Soup Soicy Umakara and Asuka Tan Tan Broths Some Burger Some of the Side Dishes They Sell Here Some Vegetables Souffle Pancake Souffle Pancakes Soup of the Day Corn Chowder Sourdough Banana Pancakes Soursop Souvlaki Soy Sauce Chicken SP Eggs Benedict Spaghetti Spaghetti & Chicken Mix Plate Spaghetti & Meatballs Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia Spaghetti alla carbonara Spaghetti Alla Scoglio Spaghetti Plate Spaghetti with Meatballs Spam Spam and Bacon Musubi Spam Eggs Spam Eggs & Rice Spam Musubi Spam Nigiri Spam Vienna Sausage Spanish Rolls Hot Out of the Oven Special Fried Rice Noodles Special Miso Soup Special Rolls Specialty Cocktails Spice Spicy Addicting Cucumber Spicy Ahi and Salmon Mayo Onion Spicy Ahi Bowl Spicy Ahi Crunch Don Spicy Ahi Don Spicy Ahi Maki Spicy Ahi Poke Spicy Ahi Roll Spicy Ahi Tower Spicy Ahi Tuna Roll Spicy and Garlic Chicken Spicy Avocado Toast Spicy BBQ Chicken Spicy BBQ Pork Spicy Beef Noodle Soup Spicy Beef Soup Special Spicy Beef Stew Soup with Egg Noodles Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Spicy chicken Spicy Chicken Bowl Spicy Chicken Bowl Drink Spicy Chicken Sandwich Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Deluxe Spicy Chicken Sandwich Spicy Chicken Thigh Spicy Edamame Spicy Eggplant with Fried Tofu Spicy Fried Chicken Plate Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich Spicy Fried Kitchen Spicy Fries Spicy Garlic Edamame Spicy Hamachi Spicy Korean Fried Chicken Spicy Lemon Grass Vermicelli Noodles Soup spicy live lobster 辣的活龙虾 Spicy Miso Butter Tsukemen Spicy Miso Ramen Spicy Noodle Soup Spicy Poke Spicy Pork Spicy Pork Lunch Plate Spicy Ramen Spicy Rice Cakes Spicy Salmon Poke Spicy Salmón Roll Spicy Shrimp Half Spicy Shrimp Roll Spicy Shrimp Wontons Spicy Steak & Bacon Salad Spicy Steak Salad with Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms Spicy Tan-Tan Ramen Spicy Tuna Ahi Poke Bowl Spicy Tuna Bowl spicy tuna crispy rice 辣金枪鱼脆皮饭 Spicy Tuna Roll Spicy Tuna Stack Spicy Tuna Tartar Spicy Tuna Volcano Spider Roll Spiked Avocado Toast spinach Spinach & Artichoke Dip Spinach & Mushroom Omelette Spinach and Mushroom Spinach Artichoke Dip Spinach Dip Spinach Garlic and Wine Sauteed Spinach Turkey Caeser Wrap spring roll Spring Roll Porpia Tot spring rolls Spring Rolls 6 pcs Spring Rolls Vermicelli Spud Burger Spumoni Ice Cream Pie Squid Squid Karaage Squid Stir Fry Starbucks Hawaiian Tumblers Starter Salad Steak & Shrimp Plate Steak and Chicken Steak and Eggs Steak and Eggs Left Shakshouka Right Steak and Mashed Potatoes Steak and Teriyaki Chicken Steak Crostini Steak Fries Steak Frites Steak Frites Steak Picado Steak Roll & Pork Roll Steak special Steak Tartare Steak Tartare Steak Verde Fries Steam Ginger Fish Steamed Artichoke Steamed Chicken Feet 鳯爪 Steamed Clams Steamed Clams with Basil Steamed Crab Legs Steamed Fish Steamed Fish Fillet Steamed Fish Fillet with Ginger & Green Onion 姜葱蒸鱼片 Steamed Fish Fillet with Green and Onion Steamed Fish Fillet with Greens Onion Steamed Fish Green Onion Ginger Steamed rice Steamed Whole Fish Stella Artois Belgium Stew Chicken Sticky Ribs as Part of Momoson Set Sticky Rice Stir Fried Bean with Garlic Sauce 蒜蓉豆 Stir Fried Beef Broccoli Stir Fried Bitter Melon Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable w Garlic Stir Fried Scallop with Vegetables 时菜带子 Stir Fried Shrimp with Honey Walnut 合桃虾球 Stir Fry Chili and Beans Stir Fry Veggies and Tofu Stir-Fried Spicy Chicken Stone Pot Rice with Raw Beef Stop Voice Typing California Roll with Japanese Fried Chicken Strawberry Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Strawberry & Taro Strawberry and Chocolate Frost Strawberry and Yuzu Strawberry Banana Pancakes Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Boba Strawberry Cake Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake Strawberry Creamcheese Strawberry Donuts Strawberry Guava Sorbet Strawberry Malasada Strawberry Mango Strawberry Milk Tea Strawberry Shave Ice w Condensed Milk Strawberry Shortcake Tart Strawberry Slushies Strawberry Sundae Strawberry Waffle Strawberry Whirl Strawberry Yuzu Shave Ice Street Tacos String Bean Deluxe on Somen Stuffed Chicken Wing Stuffed Chicken Wings Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Churros Stuffed Jalapeño Stuffed Mushrooms Subway Club Subway Footlong Cookie Suckling Pig Sugarcane Juice Sui Gyoza Sukiyaki Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu Sukiyaki Bowl Sukiyaki Gozen Sukiyaki Pizza Summer Rolls 2 Summer Rolls Poh Piah Sod summer rolls 如夏卷 Sundae Hot Fudge Banana Royale Cookies and Cream Cup Sunny Side Waffle Sunset Roll Suntory Manhattan Suntory the Premium Malt's Super Delux Sashimi Salad Surf And Turf Surf and Turf Surf and Turf Combination Surf Tacos sushi Sushi 8 Piece Nigiri Sushi and 4 California Roll Sushi Bento Musubi Rice Ball Sushi Combo Sushi Deluxe Sushi Food Sushi Meal Sushi Noodle Soup and Tempura Sushi Pizza 寿司披萨 Sushi Platter for 4 People Sushi Platters Sushi Rolls Sushi Tempura Soba Sushi Zen Combo Sweet & Sour Cabbage Sweet and Sour Pork Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Fries Sweet Potato Pockets Sweet Potato Poi Mochi Swordfish Swordfish Swordfish Carpacio with Octopus Syrups Szechwan Tan Tan Noodle T-Bone Steak Tabbouleh and Hummus Taco Taco 12 Pack Taco Party Pack Taco Rice in a Hot Stone Pot Taco salad Taco Supreme Taco Supremo Taco Trio w Chips & Salsa Roja Taco Tues Taco Tuesday Tacos tacos al pastor Tacos Carne Asada Shrimp Chicken Tagliata Di Manzo Con Rucola Tagliatelle Taiwan Winter Melon Milk Tea and Thai Milk Tea Taj Mahal Beer Take Home Veggie Nabeyaki Udon Tako Tako Wasabi Tako-Wasabi Takoyaki Tamago Tamago Nigiri Tamago Soup Tamagoyaki Tamarind Chicken Wings Tan Tan Char Siu Ramen Tan Tan Ramen Gyoza Tonkatsu Tan Tan Ramen Tanaka Mai Tai Tandoori Chicken with Garlic Naan and Onion Salad Tang Su Yuk Sweet and Sour Pork Tangsuyuk Sweet and Sour Pork 咕噜肉 Tangyuan Tantan Ramen Tapas Tapioca Taquito Taquitos Taro Bagel with Ube Cream Cheese Vegan Haupia Cream Taro Ball Soup Taro Cake Taro Cream Puffs Taro Pie Taro Poi Tarte Au Pomme Almondine Tartufo Ice Cream Tataki Tater Tots Tater tots Tater Tots or French Fries Tea Tea King Cheese Tea Teas Teddie Burger Tee Time Tempe Tempeh Katsu Tempura Tempura Tempura Bread Pudding Tempura Calamari Tempura California Roll Tempura Dinner Tempura Pumpkin Tempura Udon Ten Don Teppan Beef Sukiyaki Teppan Fried Rice Teppanyaki Teppanyaki Salmon Teppanyaki Vegetables Tequila Teri Beef Plate Teri Beef Sliders Teriburger & Garlic Tater Tots Teriyaki Beef Bowl Teriyaki Beef Sticks Teriyaki Beef With Teriyaki Beer-Battered Fries Teriyaki Chicken Teriyaki Chicken and Steak Teriyaki Chicken Musubi Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl Teriyaki Salmon Senior Plate Teriyaki Steak Terre Nere Etna Rosso Tex Mex Burrito Thai Basil Thai Chicken Pizza Thai Fried Noodles Pad Thai thai green curry 泰式绿咖喱 Thai House Combination Platter Thai Ice Tea Thai Iced Coffee Thai Iced Tea Thai Loco Moco Thai Loco Moco Pad Kapau Medium Spice Thai Noodle Soup Thai Style Pho thai sausage 泰式香肠 Thai Shrimp & Scallop Thai Spicy Clams Thai Style Oxtail Soup Thai Tea Thai Tea Smoothie Thai-Style Fried Rice Kao Pad The Carnivore Pizza The Don's Pasta with Calamari Steak The Goods Veggies The Grove Burger and Fries The Local Mai Tai The Tanaka Sirloin The Works Pizza Thin Crust Pepperoni Thit Khia Banh MI Three Egg Omelette Tiger Roll Tiki's Surf Mai Tai Tikka Masala Tiramisu Tiramisú Tiramisu Cake Tito's and Sprite and a Mai Tai To-Go Chips & Salsa Toast Toasted Brioche with Foie Gras Mousse Toasted Poi Zucchini Bead and an Almond Milk Latte Toasted with Cream Cheese Toasts Tobiko Tobiko & California Roll Tobiko Spicy Tuna Hand Roll Tofu and Vegetable Pho Tofu and Vegetables Tofu in Chilli Oil Tofu Katsu Tofu Katsu Curry Tofu Skin Tofu Soup Tofu with Brown Rice Tokujo Nigiri with Ahi Avacodo Roll Tokyo Chicken Ramen Tom yum soup Tomahawk Steak Tomato Basil Soup and Ceaser Salad Tomato Lobster Bisque Tomato soup Tonkatsu Tonkatsu and Tempura Combo Tonkatsu Curry Tonkatsu Or Chicken Katsu Tonkatsu Plate Tonkatsu Ramen tonkatsu shoyu ramen 炸猪排酱油拉面 Tonkotsu Ramen Toothpick Lamb Top Shelf Long Island Iced Tea Torched Kimchee Salmon Bowl Toro Torotoro Tamago Omurice Torta Carne Asada & Flautas De Pollo Torte Tortilla Soup Tortillas Tossed Salad Side Tostado De Platano Trader Noa's Old Fashioned Traditional Eggs Benedict Traditional Mai Tai Traditional Waffle Traditional Wings Tripe Tripe Shoyu Ramen Tripe Stew Triple Chocolate Brownie Triple Whopper Tropical Lychee Smoothie Tropical Smoothie Tropicana Orange Juice Truffle Carbonara Tartufo Fresco Truffle Fries Truffle Ramen Truffle-Yaki Beef Braised Short Rib Truly Lemonade Watermelon Lemonade 12oz Can Hard Seltzer 5 ABV Tsingtao Tsukemen Tsukune Cheese Sandwich Tsuya Dorayaki Tuna Tuna Avocado Melt Tuna Burger Tuna Nachos Tuna Nigiri Tuna Sandwich Turkey and Roast Beef Turkey Avocado & Bacon Sandwich Turkey Avocado Bacon Sandwich with Provolone Cheese on Homemade White Bread Turkey Breast and Provolone Turkey Breast Sandwich Turkey Burger Turkey Burger Turkey Club Turkey Club Sandwich Turkey Noodle Soup Turkey Sandwich Turkey Veggie Panini Tuscan Hummus Tuscani Chicken Alfredo with Breadsticks Twenty Layer Haupia Crepe Cake Two Egg Breakfast Two Lemon Drop Shots L a Drink and Smoked Margarita Ube Cheese Pandesal Ube Ice Cream Ube Pancake Ube Smoothie Ube Waffle Ube-BAE Udon Udon & Soba (Wheat & Buckwheat Noodle) Udon Noodle Soup udon noodles 乌冬面 Udon Set Ujikintoki Shaved Ice Ultimate Berries and Nuts French Toast Ultimate Grilled Cheese Ultimate Hamburger Umeshu Unagi Unagi & Dojo (Eel & Soil) unagi 2 うなぎ Unagi Bowl Unagi Don Unagi Donburi Unagi Hako Unagi Snapper and Hamachi Nigiri Unagi Zen Unaju Uni and Scallops Uni and Shima Aji Uni Carbonara Us Wagyu 2 Rolls Us Wagyu Beef Tongue Ushikimu - Beef And Kimchee Vampire Tacos Vanilla Cake Donut Sprinkles Vanilla cone Vanilla Crème Brûlée Vanilla Frappe Vanilla Ice with Nuts and Sugar Caramel Vanilla Iced Coffee Vanilla Latte Vanilla Macadamia Nut Variety of Masubi Veal Chop Alla Taormina Veal Mars veg biryani Vegan & Vegetarian Vegan Aloha Mediterranean Vegan Bibimbap Vegan Custom Pizza Vegan Fried Rice Vegan Iced Coffee Vegan Malasadas Vegan Pad Siew Vegan Pad Thai Vegan Stir Fried Broccoli and Tofu with Rice Vegan Summer Roll with Peanut Sauce Vegan Summer Rolls Vegan Thai-Tea Vegetable Vegetable Bean Sprout Basil & Coriander Vegetable Bento Vegetable Chow Mein Vegetable Cold Noodle Vegetable Maki Vegetable Pakora and Vegetable Samosa Vegetable Pakoras Vegetable Ramen with Chicken Vegetable Salad Vegetable Selection Only Vegetable Terrine Vegetarian Chimichanga Vegetarian Fried Rice Hot Bean Curd Vegetarian Gau Gee Vegetarian Kung Pao Shrimp Vegetarian Pizza Vegetarian Plate Vegetarian Spring Rolls Vegetarian Summer Rolls Veggie Burger Veggie Burger Veggie Burger Combo Veggie Burrito Veggie Burrito Veggie Dish Veggie Nachos Veggie Omelet Veggie Omelette with Fried Rice Veggie Pho Veggie Plate Veggie PO Boy Veggie Samosa Veggie Set Veggie Supreme Veggie Toppings Veggies Vermicelli Vermicelli in Hot Spicy Beef Broth Vermicelli with Barbecue Pork and Spring Rolls Vermicelli with Duck Meat & Bamboo Shoot in Broth Vermicelli with Grilled Chicken & Egg Roll Vesper Vietnamese Beef Stew Vietnamese Coffee Iced Vietnamese Crêpe Vietnamese Curry CÀ RI Vietnamese Iced Coffee Vietnamese Coffee Vietnamese Pancake Bánh Xèo Vietnamese Seafood Noodle Soup Special Vietnamese Shrimp Salad Vietnamese Tuna Rolls Vindaloo Vinha D'Alhos Omlette with Fried Rice Virgin Pina Colada vodka Volcano Burger Combo Volcano Chicken Wings Volcano Roll Volcano Spare Rib Vegetarian Volcano Spare Ribs Waffle Waffle & Chicken Karaage Waffle Eggs Benedict Waffle with Berries Waffles Waffles & Crepes Waffles with Fresh Berries Wafu Steak Wagyu beef Wagyu Beef Loco Moco Wagyu Beef Sushi Wagyu Burger Wagyu Steak Wagyu Sushi Waialua Coffee Waialua Moana Acai Bowl Waikiki Brewing Company Aloha Spirit Blonde Alem Waikiki Croissant Waikiki Sashimi Platter Waikiki Sunset Punch Walnut Walnut Shrimp Warm Goat Cheese Wasabi Wasabi Ahi Poke Watercress Watercress Salad Watermelon Breeze Watermelon Frost Watermelon Sorbet We Have Run Out of Rice Wedding Cake Wedge Salad Wednesday Special Shoyu Chicken Wet Burrito White Bean White Bean Arugula Salad White Chocolate Amore Truffle with Raspberry Guava Puree White Mocha White Rice White Sugar Sponge Cake Whole Chicken Half Chicken Whole Chicken Half Korean and Garlic Flavors Came with Mozzarella Sticks 28 Whole Chicken with Garlic Sauce Whole North Shore Pineapple Smoothie Whole Soft Shell Crab Whopper Jr Sandwich Wild Mushroom Strozzapreti Wildberry Beignets Wine Wine Bar Wing's Wings Wings and Slider Winter Melon Chicken Soup Wisconsin Fried Cheese Curds With Azuki Ice Cream With Ong Choy Won Ton Min Won Ton Tan Tan Ramen Wonton Noodle Soup with Shrimp Wonton Wonton Noodle Tan Tan Wonton soup Wonton with Red Chili Sauce Wor Gau Gee Mein Wor Gau Gee Soup World Famous Coconut Shrimp World Famous Escargot World Famous Fries World Famous Garlic Shrimp Plate Wrap Wrapping Egg Rolls in Lettuce Wun Tun Min XO醬大蝦粉絲煲 XXL Quesadilla Kalua Pork Yaki O Pa'i 'Ai Yakiniku Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) yakisoba Yakisoba Stir Fried Pork Noodles Yakitori Yakitori (Grilled Skewers) Yakitori Donburi Yakitori-Don Yang Chow Fried Rice Yellow Curry Yellow Curry Kaeng Leung Gluten Free Yellow Lotus Mooncake Yellowfin Ahi Tartare Yellowtail Carpaccio Yeung Chow Fried Rice Yong Chow Fried Rice Yook Gae Jang Young Chow Fried Rice Yuba Bean Curd Yuzu Cheesecake Yuzu Mint Spritzer Yuzu Ramen Yuzu Shishito Peppers Zip Meal Beef Curry Zip Meal Chili Zip Pac Zucchini お寿司 げそ天 ししゃも しゃぶしゃぶ たこ焼き ねぎま ぽたぽた焼き アイランドスタイルナチョス アサイーボウル アサイーボール ラージ アンチョビポテト ウォーターメロンシャーベット ウニカルボナーラ ウニパスタ エビ オックステールスープ オレンジキャロットジュース オレンジマラサダ カット フルーツとブルーベリー カツカレー カフェラテ カレー ガーリック チャーハン も ガーリックシュリンプ ガーリックシュリンププレート ガーリックポテトフライ ガーリックライス キノコのリゾット クッキー グァバジュース グリルチキン グリルドベーコンエッグベネディクト コナコーヒー コーヒー ポットサービス コーラ591ml コーラとベル サラダ サラダ バー サンデー サーモンいくら丼 シェイク シナモンロール シーザーサラダ ジムビ ンハイボール ステーキ スパニッシュロール スプリングロール スモークベーコン&チェダーチーズ ソーセージマフィンセット チャンピオンステーキ チャンピオンズステーキ newyork チャーハン チョコレートパフェ テリヤキ ニューヨーク ステーキ ご飯 と サラダ ハワイ風マグロのタタキ ハンバーガー ハーフ ステーキ と シュリンプ バナナ パンケーキ バーガー パイナップル ココナッツ アイス クリーム パニーニ パン パンケーキ フルーツ ビーフシチュー ビール ピンクパレス パンケーキ フィッシュ & チップス フィッシュ&チップス フィリーズチーズステーキ フォー フライドライス ブル ハワイ ブルーハワイとマイタイ ブルーベリーベーグル プライムリブローストビーフ プランテーションアイスティー ホタテのカルパッチョ ポケ丼 ポークジンジャー マイタイ マカダミアナッツとキャラメルアイスクリーム マッシュルームバーガー マンゴーソルベ ミックス野菜 ミニロコモコ ミーバーベキュー弁当 モカ フラペチーノ モッツァレラ チーズ の オムレツ モーニング ベーグルサンド ユッケジャン ライチ ラーメン ラーメン屋のスペシャル特 リブロース ルッコラと生ハムサラダ レモンタルト ロコモコ ロコモコバーガー ロブスター ロブスターの裏ごしクリームスープ ローストポーク 卵のサンドイッチ 味噌 焼き サーモン 咸鱼鸡粒豆腐煲Salted Fish Chicken Tofu Pot 忘れた タイの味やったような 笑 春巻き 椒鹽排骨 水 水煮鱼 海鮮サラダ 炒飯 牛肉のステーキコース 特製らーめん 生春巻 空芯菜のガーリック炒め 米国産黒毛和牛シャトーブリアン 美味しいアイスコーヒー 肉がない 蒸魚 蟹カレー 鉄板焼き 高倉健スペシャル チャーハン 鹹魚雞粒炒飯 김치볶음밥 깐풍기 녹차 랍스타 짬뽕 맥주 맥플러리 몽블랑 mont blanc モンブラン 베이컨무스비 볶음밥 비스켓 빵 삼선짜장 삼선짬뽕 삼성 간짜장 샤부샤부 샤브샤브 스팸무수비 아사히볼 아이스크림 양념 ㅋ 양장피 에그베네딕트 육개장 된장찌게 잡채 짜장면 참치김밥 청국장 치킨 샌드위치 케잌 탕수육 Pork Chop Sweet and Sour Pork 피자 하와이안 피자 하와이에서
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