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Karai Crab was awesome. The Karai wings were crunchy and seasoned perfectly. The fries were cooked just right with a crunch. My wife loved the shrimp and chicken. Food came out 7 minutes after ordering and my drink never went empty and I got 8 refills. Amazing service and food.
Was craving seafood and this hit the spot. Ordered the garlic noodles, snow crab legs, clams & garlic shrimp. Top win was the shrimps. The sauce definitely be killer on wings too. We could have ordered 4 of those & be happy. Not to knock any of the other dishes because they were just as delicious. S
What we liked about Karai Crab are the options; you pick a seafood (good selection), a sauce and spiciness level. With that said, we found the sauces overpowering, masking the natural flavours of the seafood. Nonetheless, we would recommend this eatery, and ordering the shrimp chips and garlic noodl
We were looking for a place that offered seafood and found this place. When we managed to get there, it was almost closing time , so we had some quick dishes on the menu. We had the Shrimp and garlic fried rice, kim chee and Shrimp fried rice and the Calamari appetizer. We absolutely loved the food
This place is nice and the service was good when I went a few weeks ago. The problem was I had a hard time finding their parking area. Overall the food is good and the No Mess Shrimp comes with different options as to the flavor you want for you shrimp from lemongrass flavor to I think it was a Caju
Good garlic noodles, tasty seafood combo (level 3 is real challenging spicy), local IPA was smooth to match and cool you down. Don’t forget the pecan pie is very nice. ——> Tip: check with your waiter which one is live seafood before you order. Thomas was my waiter today. He was super helpful and ver
We’ve been here three years ago in 2018 and was so impressed with the wonderful flavors Karai Crab was able to offer. We couldn’t get the good taste out of our minds for three year long and here we are again! We ordered crab legs in Karai special flavor, ghost pepper hot 🥵it was so hot but so good i
I've been wanting to eat king crab since the first time I saw an episode of deadliest catch. The manager said I was the cleanest person he's ever seen eating crab legs lol. I didn't want to make a big mess so I was slow and careful cracking my shells and digging out the well seasoned crab meat. I
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