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Travis Higo
Went here with my boyfriend to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. This had to be one of the best dinners we have ever had. We would put it on par with a Michelin star dinner we had earlier this year. The dishes were unique and surprised us in the most pleasant way. The service was excellent and they really made us feel special for our occasion.
Bern Shen
Outstanding meal - delicious, beautifully plated & nicely paired with wines! Service was attentive but not intrusive, & it was a treat to watch the calm, purposive kitchen ballet from a counter seat. Hope to be back on a future visit!
Pamela Slonaker
Wow, wow and wow..our server knew the menu, made recommendations and was just pleasant. Everything we ordered was amazing. The flavors are so complex. The smoke ahi as a snack to start was sheer bliss in your mouth. Then the venison tartare, scallops melts in your mouth. The bone marrow to round out our meals along with the mushrooms. This has been the best I've ever had! Everyone was very attentive to your needs! The peach dessert to end the evening with a bang, not too sweet, just perfect!
We weren’t able to book the tasting menu as it books out very early, but the à la cart was very delicious and worth trying. The smoked ahi cigars are must try and were the the star. We also tried the bone marrow and the sea scallops and the hamachi with a side of maitaki mushroom and blackened cauliflower. It was a fun and creative experience. Everything was tasty.
Jim Scheibel
Easy Five stars all around. Beautifully executed food, with truly outstanding plating. Solid cocktails with attentive service was a total highlight and truly elevates the food scene in HNL. Influences of Per Se and French Laundry can be felt, but what makes this restaurant glow is the Hawaiian aloha. The wait staff was professional and helpful but also relaxed and approachable. We were expecting some pretentiousness but were surprised and happy how inviting and relaxed it was. Thoughtful interior design with repetitions of soft curves and monochromatic tones accentuates a open concept kitchen which sets up nicely for a Chefs Table. Finally after spending a month here on multiple islands it was nice to see a truly international menu. Many restaurants we’ve gone to have strong Pan Asian flavors and have become one dimensional. Senia still brings Island sensibility and flavors to the menu but expands nicely into French and Italian influences. We will be back!
Garry Devine
This was the best meal we've done in Honolulu. Every course was well thought out for flavor, presentation, and the pairing with wine. We sat at the chef's counter, and the interaction was worth every penny. The kitchen staff was friendly and fun. Chef explained everything and answered many questions my son (16) had for him.
Rodrigo Arb de Castro
5-star food and service 15 minutes away from Waikiki beach. I chose Senia for my birthday dinner with my wife and my 6-year-old son and couldn't be more happy about it. I was welcomed with a birthday card signed by all employees, everyone that interacted with us was super helpful, polite and professional and we had amazing food accompanied by the best service at Senia. I also appreciate that everyone was very nice and accommodating to my son (which is not a given in fine dining restaurants).
Ryan Kellett
Only a few tables here! But the experience is great and service is warm. Didn't order the larger format stuff but the regulars were right on taste wise and plating inventive. Only complaint might be the pacing... They seem to have a clear way they pace the courses and didn't ask if we wanted any other way.
Jimmy Pyne
I’m being critical but no doubt the best meal I had in Hawaii. It was also the most expensive meal of my life, quite easily. So in that way slightly disappointing that my hunger had only lapsed after dessert despite ordering and finishing 2 starters and a main by myself. The lamb ragu was a little small and very al dente. The experience as a whole certainly not one I regret, it’s hard to imagine fine dining counter seating being any better. Walking in I was blown away by that alone. The main dining area looks awesome as well if you’re in a group. There are also so many little details that have clearly been given a lot of thought, and time fine tuning. The presentation of the cutlery, elegant blue of the water glasses to match the coasters. The entire layout of the kitchen must have been designed with the counter seating in mind, you can watch almost every step of the process unfold before you. The service was seriously busy but patient, knowledgable, and never felt rushed. Presentation very creative - the smoke unveiling on the cigars pretty much hit the full 5 sensory experience. The honeycomb presentation of the honey butter that pair with the Madelines - eye catching. The parfait was different, personally I don’t know if that combination of textures worked or if I liked the presentation, especially the plate. I’d return for the tasting menu if I’m ever back on the island, but it was meal more memorable for the experience and the price than the quality of the food.
Dylan Smith
Senia is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to in the entire world. The food presentation makes it look like you are eating art. The ravioli made with breadfruit is easily the best ravioli I have ever had, the crunch of the fried breadfruit mixed with the rich sauce was to die for, we ended up ordering two of them. The braised beef cheeks melted in my mouth and it was just fantastic. The atmosphere is trendy with an open kitchen and a limited seating. The service was fanatic our waitress was so nice and friendly. Overall this is truly one of the best restaurants not only on Oahu but in the world, it is deserving of a Michelin Star.
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