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Daniel Lind
We passed by a few days earlier, and from the outside, it didn’t look inviting. But we decided to try it out, and we were surprised by the friendly staff, and how good the food was! Very tasty, and priced well.
D. H.
HIDDEN GEM🥰🎉 Excellent flavor, quality and quantity !🤙🏼🌺. Exceptional and prompt service !! We had charsiu chow fun and Vietnamese vermicelli noodle pork and fried roll dish.
Evan Moniz
This is a great spot for pho and Chinese food. I know it sounds bad when a restaurant does too many different things but this place really nails it. Egg fried rice and beef broccoli is my go to.
Mr. William Sherman Senior
Bingo! Hole in the wall Eatery! Outside dining or Take out! Ono grinds, as we say in Hawaii! "Good Food"! All-Kine-Stuff! Mostly Vietnamese and Chinese selections! Get there early or the best selections might be gone! I had Mussels in Black bean sauce, Ono, broke da' mout! Took home da Crispy Duck w/ rice! No forget the hot mustard/shoyu! Also, ask for some Hoisin sauce for a special additive to the choice of condiments! One lovely wahine at the window, very helpful and professional! Fair prices for modern times! They work hard! Tip accordingly! And smile!
Dawn Figueira
They make the BEST Fried Spring Rolls!! Light, balanced and flavorful😋 No one else (even through my travels) compares.
Paul Rzepka
Would never expect by pulling up but the food was amazing and all homemade. Lots of gluten free too!
ben song
We are from Toronto and would say that we eat Pho quite often. The broth here is very good, not fatty at all just enough fish sauce and sweetness. The spring rolls were also very good, try them with the lettuce together makes nice refreshing contrast. Highly recommend!
Jlove Jlove
Easy to find, huge menu selection, reasonable prices, quick preparation, generous portions, outdoor seating!! Photo: tofu chow mein
La Verne Lucero
First time ate the chicken curry with jasmine rice -- was absolute delish! Ordered dine-in and take-out...a definite recommend try and fave menu item!
aj Paz
Fast and quick order. Delicious food. Affordable prices. You can dine in too. We grab and go! I will recommend it.
Norrey Acasio
Food and service is great. Went to have a family-style dinner. Everything was good and came out on-time which was so important because we had kids with us! Ordering extra dishes was prompt and we left full. Staff was very attentive and gracious.
Sebastian R
This is my go-to place whenever I'm in Hilo. Their Vietnamese and Chinese food are both incredible and I have yet to have a dish here that I didn't love. In particular, their beef in spicy pepper salt and their bun dishes are divine. I cannot go to Hilo without visiting at least a half dozen times. Really wonderful wait staff - very friendly and even if I haven't been in over a year, they remember my order without any problems. The staff are so great and accommodating. This restaurant is a treasure. I can't recommend this place enough. If you get there in time for lunch, try their sesame balls. Utterly delicious!
John Gaddis
Good food, fast/ friendly service, solid prices. Would definitely return. 😁
Sebastian Raaphorst
This is my absolute go-to place in Hilo. Their service is so friendly, they learn your name soon after you start frequenting them, and they know your regular order if you're like me and usually order the same thing. I usually each lunch here every day, and their salt and pepper beef on rice with a generous portion of sriracha and a taro boba to finish it off is an absolute treat. I will forever be a fan and can't recommend them highly enough. My car would have half the mileage on the odometer if I had just bough a place next door. :D
Brenda Ioane
Caley is so friendly we enjoy coming here. Tried something new. The garlic eggplant and Deep fried tofu and vegetables was really delicious. And of course, our favorite salt and pepper shrimp. Best shrimp in town!
Daniel Alfredson
Food was great. Ambience leads you to believe this place is rundown but the chef makes up for it with great cooking. I will recommend this place.
Facebook User
Hilo Noodle No Ka Oi. First and foremost, they cook using no sodium glutamate. Secondly, there are two restaurants within one. You have a beautiful four folded menu highlighting two styles of cooking. Casual Vietnamese and Family Style Chinese. Both very delicious and we'll executed. There is also take out for those of you who are visiting. So call ahead of time and place your order and sit happily in your hotel room or take it to the summit for a sunset dinner. If you are a foodie and on a budget, this is only place that I go when every penny counts. Try everything once! It's all good here down to the sweet dim sums that tease you on the way out. Finally, have some noodles while your there.
Coming from the Kohala Coast, we were craving authentic Viet food. We got turned around and arrived rather close to their closing time. However, they happily seated us. Our food come out super fast and was piping hot. We ordered the Chicken Pho #17, BBQ Pork and Rice #42 and the Mongolian Chicken Rice Plate. (Yes, this is a mountain of food for 2 people.) The food was all delicious with the right seasonings and accompaniments. Both young men who waited on us were so friendly and sweet. Although we ate in a hurry, they did not rush us in any way. They have a huge selection of Viet and Chinese dishes on their menu and it will definitely take some time to decide what to eat. The prices are very reasonable. Dinner was under $35, our least expensive meal on the island. We will definitely come back!!
Web Wahine
No sign outside but still packed inside. This place serves Vietnamese and Chinese food. We had a bit of both and everything was good, including the service. The vermicelli noodles with chicken were particularly yummy. The chicken was tender and flavorful and cooked just right.<br/>There is an outside window that serves take out/to go orders but I didn't see a sign for the restaurant anywhere outside. I asked the waiter to make sure I was in the right place. :)
#28! lettuce, cucumbers, somen noodles, wonderful spring rolls, and fish sauce!! When my office orders from here for luncheons, Hilo Rice Noodle gets an order for 11 #28's! Their bubble tea is also really good. I've tried other places around Hilo, but so far HRN has the best honeydew and Thai iced tea bubble tea! I love this place! Also, you should definitely try their black bean squid! Sooo good!!
I can't shake the addiction!!! Minced chicken w lettuce cups, salted fish fried rice, beef wrapped onion--oh my! Wish they were open on weekends. Love the house sauce, they should sell it by the bottle to take home.
I checked Urbanspoon to see what was a good place for Vietnamese and this was one of the choices that came up.
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