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Loved this little restaurant! I got the red curry with chicken/shrimp served with rice & the fried spring rolls. The food was great & prepared/served so quick! The waitress was very sweet. Their table presentation & the restaurant in general was nice & very clean! The music was very nice too. Would def recommend, will visit again soon.
michael Anderson
I had a recent similar experience. The food use to be awesome but I would stay away from this place now. Here is a recent picture of one of my items chicken with shrimp red curry. As you can see no sauce and no shrimp. I would stay away from this place. I had Bitsquad deliver this item and neither would help me with the issue :(
LaQuesha Mungin
Small intimate dining with great food. I enjoyed the Yum Basa, with the coconut soup and some sake. Food was hot, service was great and the ambience was classy. I will return.
Karen Meadows-Rogers
The food was delicious! Quiet atmosphere, nice music in the background, and excellent customer service! I highly recommend it!
Charles L “BITTAVisualMedia” Stokes
Their food is light and delicious yet very fulfilling. I highly recommend especially if you want to dine where the food has natural flavoring instead of the usual greasy spoon at most other places. Go, try them out...I guarantee your taste buds and your waist line will both love you.
Gerald Haston
This food was better than any Japanese steak house that I've ever been to. And the Thai tea was awesome. If I wasn't going back to va Friday I would eat here again. Ms chef is awesome 👌
sophie hazan
My family and i love this place. It has probably the best thai food i’ve ever had and i truly love it. The workers are sweet and nice, and the service is great. You should try it if you haven’t before
Patrice Hazan
We love Bangkok!! The food is absolutely best!!! Very Authentic Thai food. The service is amazing! Very very clean. This is our favorite restaurant in greenville! I give it my strongest recommendation!!
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