Smokin' Dave's Bbq & Brew, Denver

Smokin' Dave's Bbq & Brew

Smokin' Dave's Bbq & Brew, Denver 1551 Cortez St., - Denver

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Menu Smokin' Dave's Bbq & Brew

  • Appetizers
    • Smokin' Rings
    • Bubba-Que Wings
    • Southern Catfish Tenders
    • Stuffed Potato Skins
    • Hoggin' Combo
  • Salads and Things
    • Smokin' Dave's Red
    • Pork Green Chili
    • Ale & Cheese Soup
    • Fresh Garden Salad or Caesar Salad
    • Cup of Soup or Chili and Garden or Caesar Salad
  • Favorites
    • Southern Catfish
    • Fish 'n' Chips
    • Chicken Marsala
    • Smokin' Meatloaf
    • Ma's Macaroni & Cheese
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  • Monday: 11.00–19.00
  • Tuesday: 11.00–19.00
  • Wednesday: 11.00–19.00
  • Thursday: 11.00–19.00
  • Friday: 11.00–19.00
  • Saturday: 11.00–19.00
  • Sunday: 11.00–19.00

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Mariah Wilson
Food is awesome! Probably the best BBQ I've had in Colorado and the service and friendliness of staff is just as great. I got the St. Louis ribs with the southern corn bake and mac n' cheese with cornbread. The ribs were about a 3/5, but the sides were amazing. I would highly recommend the southern corn bake. I also shared the fried pickles. They were good but heads up- they are full spears, not slices. Will be back here again hopefully sooner rather than later!
Armando Provencio
Had the rib platter with one giant rib with more meat than I could finish. I also ordered collard greens n red beans n rice. Really good! My wife had the catfish tenders, delish! Their BBQ sauces are the bomb. It could use some entertainment ideally blues or at least turn up the music. I will be back.

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