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Daniel Rolon
Friendly little chicken shack. Ordered the dozen wings. Fresh chicken wings, not the black boned frozen ones I normally see at most places. They were larger than most, cooked well, and they were juicy. The sauces of house ranch and honey mustard were good. and a bottled water to wash it down. It all totalled up over $21, which I felt was a bit high for a simple lunch. Again the staff was very friendly and accommodating.
Paul Mejia
Delicious food, excellent service! I got the grilled chicken tenders and the BBQ fries. The chicken was fresh!! The fries were perfectly layered to get the food in every bite as well. I had two employees check up on me and they were extremely generous. Only downsides as the tables and chairs are a bit grungy and sticky.
Aaron Morano
Seriously Google... can we get a zero star review option here. Owner makes the excuse that GrubHub charges 30% more for their food prices. Grubhub does not set a price. The owner sets the price. So this owner is passing on his GrubHub account costs directly to the customers. Also makes of point that they do ordering by VOLUME not weight. What that means is if they say it is 32oz of chicken they are going to put the food in a 32oz container, not the about of food. That image is $45+ of food... ... drink it in. Oh, and our sauces are missing.
judith Orr
I enjoyed the popcorn chicken with their sauce a lot but they didn't honor their discount offer after I liked their Facebook page like it said directly on their website. The worker said they didn't know about it and didn't give it which I didn't like very much. Also he was watching me select the tip option after I put my card in which made me uncomfortable. This was for a pickup order. I wasn't about to leave a tip after they couldn't honor discount. They do however offer a very good product so I will be back to treat myself one day. In the meantime, learn how to make employees aware of promotions, weigh out portions (my order seemed skimpy compared to described menu weight) for your popcorn chicken or lower your prices.
Ann Marie Reynolds Irvine
First time going there and live locally. Was pleasantly surprised at the quality and taste of the chicken. I got 2 tenders and they were delish! Barely made it home without eating them in the car, smelled so good. Will be back for more!
Miranda Lorincz
Wonderful customer service. Very clean. Great food. We ordered bacon cheese fries and chicken tenders. Cheese on every fry with the sauce they used and tenders were juicy and had a great tasting light breading! Also homemade honey mustard sauce was very yummy 🙌🏻 only downfall I can say is the food can be too salty at times.
Ryan Davis
This place is amazing, been going for years. The chicken is delicious, the place is ALWAYS clean, the owner is friendly, meticulous and hands on in the day to day operation. If the world were fair, there would be one on every street corner, but I'm thankful the one and only is close to home :) Whether you want tenders, wings, house made fries, or a delicious grilled chicken sandwich for the more health conscience, it's all really yummy. This was the first place I ate out again at after a major surgery! Next time, skip Chic Fila, and hit JCS instead. PS - I recommend either the Merica sauce or the new house made honey mustard which is incredible.
Zackariah Bonsall
Food was delicious and the sauces were amazing. Only thing that bothered me is I order a 4 piece tender and regular fries for $17 which is quite pricey, but the real issue is that the employee didn't point out they have the same thing for sale as a platter for $5 less. It was my fault for missing it but I would have appreciated some good customer service to point out that I could get the platter instead of charging me $5 more for the same thing. Thankfully I didn't use doordash since they mark up orders by 35-45% when doordash charges 30%.
Lisa Hammaker
Really really good.... we will be definitely going back. There are a few family members in particular that we are anxious to take here. The owner Joe was super nice and couldn’t have been more accommodating. Our lunch consisted of the freshly made chicken strips, popcorn chicken and fresh cut French fries. There were several sauces to choose from and one of the ones we chose was the Thai chili sauce and it was so good. Again highly recommend. I love when we find these one of a kind non chain places. Joeys will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary in March(why didn’t I know of this place before now???) there is an ad and coupons in the West Shore coupon clipper. Again highly recommend!
Taj Williams
Joey's is a good place to stop and get some food from.... Food is great and the workers are nice and friendly.. Perfect combination! I recommended this place to a lot of people and still do when people ask for a good place to eat at/get food.... Keep up the good work you guys do!
Dani Dupree
Food is awesome! The staff is so friendly and accommodating. Justin is a real asset to this place. This is a must try place. I guarantee you will be back.
Rebecca Kyriakopolis Wagner
Great food and great service! Highly recommend. Double fried French fries were perfect. Wings, boneless wings and checked tenders were all delicious. I love supporting small businesses, especially when they are as good as this!
Kimberly Lynn Dean
My first visit... was a carry out 1:30... food was HOT N FRESH!! Wow, was it good. 2 - 12oz cups of chicken n fries have more than enough food for one person ! Now, if ur like me, you are reading reviews... and wanting someplace new for lunch... do it and try the fried pickles... one of the best o have had!
Chris Williams
Joey is the man! Great food, great service and draft beer Tuesday nights. My wife is going to have to go to rehab because she is addicted to this place Highly recommended!
Allison Markish
Very good food. The chicken has good flavor and we also got fried pickles which were also very flavorful. Try their homemade cheese sauce.. Delicious!! Also try the chicken cheesesteak. The service is great also! Can't wait to go back!
Mark Holst
Stopped by for a quick lunch the other day. Wasn't very hungry, but been wanting to try this place for awhile, and since I was in the area, I decided to stop and try it out. Only had a couple tender, fries, and bottled water. Price was fair considering that the tenders are fresh, and the small fries are a huge portion. Looking forward to trying out the wings on a future trip. Also, will use them for some trays of chicken during a future neighborhood gathering.
Beth Ellen Dibeler
I have never had better chicken in my life! Everything about this place is fantastic, and the employees are all great! My friend shared his love for Joeys, and now we all can’t stop! Also, a great secret - it’s BYOB! Try the Mac and cheese bites!
Logan Greer
Great place great food and great service!!! 100000/10 recommend!!!!
Jessica Lynn
Juicy chicken, to die for honey mustard, french fries from Heaven, and friendly POLITE staff. Joey is onsite working & interacting with customers! You don't get this kind of quality customer service at those other places! Oh and they are NOT stingy with the servings! You will be full when you're done! ����
Trevor James Sadler
Went in for lunch today and this place was the bomb! Try a special combo meal off the board and get some popcorn chicken too! Bringing a six pack next time! Thanks again man
Gabe Yingling
The food here was great! The wait staff and accommodations were great for our young child as well. All around great place to stop in with your family if you want some amazing chicken.
Chris Ross
Got an order of Fat Guy Fries with barbecue chicken today at the Colonial Park Mall from your truck. You can taste the difference with how fresh everything tasted. Definitely would recommend!
Sarah Allewelt
Fresh, simple and delicious! Joey and staff are on point with their chicken making skills!
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