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Wow and they Mess my order up once again for the umptenth1000th time the one time I go in and make them honor it they tell me to get out of their store and they won't serve me because I'm getting frustrated frustrated and they will Make me pay for everything that wasn't there because it wasn't on t
This location sucks. No other way to put it. Employees are extremely rude and argumentative. Customer service and order accuracy are definitely not good descriptive words to use here. Insight. Ordered a large orange juice with my meal, screen wasn't working mind you, got to the window they handed m
I obviously ordered my Big Macs without lettuce and onions and they couldn't get that right, also ordered chicken nuggets with bbq sauce and got ranch are they even trying anymore?
I really find the staff here endearing and hard working people, this is to more vent my frustration about how this place shouldn’t be advertised as 24 hr. I got off work and got in line at 11:35 and got to order at 12, which is fine they have a small crew so I’m used to waits but they just hard clos
Food and service was fine but the neighborhood seems sketchy. I feel bad for the people who have to work here. When we arrived at this McDonald’s, they were a bunch of people loitering out in the in the parking lot and some McDonald’s employees asking them to leave. One of their “associates“ was al
Took my kids here to play on a rainy day. 2 boys were playing unsupervised, one pulling the other's pants down. I was watching to see who their parent was because no one sitting around seemed to be with them. As we ordered one last fry on our way out. The younger boy was sitting at a table alone. I
Updated review This location has shown improvements since my last review. The lobby is open again, but it does not seem as it says on doors, remains locked til 7am. (Assuming due to short staff) Employees are being nicer and friendly. The only thing I'm still ekkk about, is their fries. Still is
I love the #1 big Mac meal.
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